View Full Version : 1000pts "tale of" list. Mono Tzeentch

18-10-2010, 14:55
I've been putting together lists for each stage of my tale of gamers army and I am looking for feedback on this 1000pt mono-tzeentch list that will hopefully be facing OnG next week when I finish my knights unit:

Sorcerer. Level 2. MoT. Spell Familiar. Charmed Shield. Talisman of Endurace[190]
25 Marauders. MoT. Light Armour. Shields. Std. Mus. [182]
12 Warriors. MoT. Full Command. Halberds. Shields. Rapturous Standard. (Sorc here) [274]
5 Warhounds [30]
5 Warhounds [30]
5 Knights. MoT. Std. Mus. Blasted Standard. [290]

Total 996pts

The equipment is as I've modelled them so its fully WYSIWYG.

Any comments?

19-10-2010, 07:46
Doesn't the 8th ed. rules prevent you from using both two handed weapons (halberds) and shields on the same unit? Or is it only when in melee?

19-10-2010, 08:02
when you're in melee, you *have* to use any special weapons you've purchased, but the shields are useful for when you're on your way to melee being shot at.