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18-10-2010, 16:13
Thats my first battle report, so please bear with me. Comments are welcome. Also, sorry for the broken english, it is not my native langauge.

So... instead of my expected HE oponent i faced a Skaven one. So much for the "Shiny armor" speech.

My HE dumped me at the last minute, and another player was also dumped by his opponent and had brought a 2k skaven army. So, a bit of change on his setup and we had a 1500 game. Well, his army was probably a few points off, but oh well. Better than wasting a sunday waiting for a game that wont happen.

My list can be found here:

WoC 1.5k Khorne (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=279246)

His army was something like this:

Plague Priest
Chieftain (BSB). Both on the Stormvermin unit

30 Stormvermin. Full Command, Banner that does S3 hits withouth armor saves
Ratling Gun
2 blocks of 50 skavenslaves

4 Rat ogres with 2 masters

6 Warplock snipers ( jezzails? jez something.)

2 units of 10 wind globe rats


We rolled up battleline. For terrain we had a small forest set up nearly the middle of the table, a couple of buildings on the left side and a tower on the right.

Deplyment was as follow:

Hellcanon, Marauders, Marauders, Warriors, Horseman

Objective of my deployment was to bring the large units toward the hellcanon. I wanted to use the cannon and marauders to hold down my left flank while warriors and horseman wiped out right and then turned to flank whatever was left of him I deployed everything on the forward limit of my deployment zone.

Skaven Deployment:

Slaves, Wind Globes, Rat Ogres, Stormvermin, Hellpit, Jezzails, Wind Globes, Slaves

Yeah, from the get go his many choices of units screwed my deployment plans. Oh well. Also, he deployed midway his deplyment, leaving between us some 30ish " of distance.

Anyway, first turn was mine

WoC Turn 1

On my movement phase i moved everything but the cannon forward. My horseman ended up with the right sided tower between them and the jezzals, and the 2nd block of marauders had the forest almost in front of them.

On my magic phase i yelled at my oponent that his general was the son of a fat rat. Had no apparent effect on the game whatsoever.

My hellcannon shot at the stormvermin, managed to scatter all the way to nick the rightmost Wind Globes, taking one out.

Skaven Turn 1

He shifted his units a bit, moved some forward. His gun went forward, having a clear and unimpeded arc of fire for a lot of the field.

Magic was uneventful. He rolled 3 power dice, Got to cast 1 spell that was dispelled.

Shooting saw 2 of my warriors dead from rat snipers.

WoC Turn 2

Again, everything forward. Cannon shot again, and having vision to the hellpit i tried to put some wounds on it. Result: Scatter again, 10 dead stormvermin. Looks like my cannon is lagging, hitting the unit it has aimed at on the last round.

Because of his careful movement, everything was still out of charge range.

I will try to summarize how was position by the end of WoC 2 so you can understand how screwed i got at his turn:

My leftmost group of marauders ( the bigger one ) was almost in front of hit group of rat ogres. I did not expect them to survive - they were going to get flanked by slaves or ogres, and most likely triple teamed by the stormvermin. But if they lasted this round it was all i needed to break his right flank.

My 2nd group of marauders was just outside the forest, between his stormvermin and his hellpit. It was some 12ish inches away from both of them. Plan was to make a charge at the hellpit to hold it down instead of it going to eat warriors.

My warriors were going straight between his slaves and jezzails. Plan was to get close, get charget by slaves, use the horseman to break them down and proceed to the left, helping the stuck groups of marauders.

Skaven Turn 2

Oh god.

Charges are declared. Left slaves fail to hit the marauders, ogres hit them from the front.

Hellpit Abomination charges 17" across the table and hit my warriors from the front.

Once the hellpit pulled that off, Stormvermin move up. They dont charge anything, but get in between my marauders and the hellpit now stuck with the warriors.

Right slaves pull off a 14" charge against my horseman marauders.

Left wind globes fire at the marauders, doing some casualities, right wind globes move up until they are besides the horseman.

Magic sees the use of a warp scroll on my unengaged marauders, as well as a Pestilent Breath and a Plague cast on those same marauders. Plague gets spread out to my warriors, killing a couple. Ratling gun shoots at the remaining marauders as they are the only valid target, and wipe them out.

CC sees my leftmost marauders wiping the rat ogres, the abomination rolling 12 attacks on my warriors, killing 8 while taking 2 wounds back. Warriors lost combat by a fair margin there, having frenzy beat out of them.

Horseman kill slaves.

WoC Turn 3

Hellcanon shoots at the Stormvermin, killing the BSB and leaving the plague priest plus 5 others on the unit, who promptly run away.

Leftmost marauders charge at the wind globes, murdering them.

Hellpit get taken down by the leftover warriors.

Horseman kill slaves, slaves kill horseman.

At the end of the turn, hellpit rolls a IT'S ALIVE! and comes back with 5 wounds.

Skaven Turn 3

Left slaves charge the marauders, fail again by 2 inches. Hellpit charge the warriors again. Ratling gun explodes, Jezzails kill a couple of the unengaged marauders.

Stormvermin flee until they are a couple inches away from the table edge.

On combat, Hellpit is left with 2 wounds looking at my BSB.

Marauderer horseman kill slaves, slaves kill horseman, globadiers kill some of both. Slaves loose combat, fail morale and run off. The general and the 4 horseman left fail to pursue.

WoC Turn 4

Hellcannon goes Rhaargh!

Marauders charge the hellpit from the side

Warriors ( well, the single BSB ) is still heroicaly engaged to it from the front.

Horseman charge the rightmost globadiers.

On the big mess on the right flank: BSB puts a wound onto the hellpit, hellpit kills it. Marauders kill the hellpit and reform looking at the slaves.

Horseman kill some globadiers, are left still engaged.

Hellpit roll it's alive, comes back with 2 wounds. Wtf?

Skaven Turn 4

Stormvermin reform 2 freaking inches away from the table edge

Rightmost slaves run off the table.

Slaves charge leftmost marauders.

Hellpit proceeds to roll a fluid injected when charging marauders horseman.

Jezzails put 1 wound on the hellcannon

Magic phase is useless - the priest is too far away to do anything.

Slaves kill marauders, marauders kill slaves

After the charge, my general is suddenly looking at 3 wind globadiers and a 2 wound hellpit abomination. Oh boy.

WoC Turn 5

Hellcannon goes Tzzzzch. 5 stormvermin dead, and 1 wound on the priest as a result. Sadly, he does not flee.

Slaves kill marauders, marauders kill slaves

General puts 2 wounds on the hellpit, putting it down again. Takes 1 from the globadiers.

Hellpit rolls The rats Emerge. 2 bases of rats.

Skaven Turn 5

Priest closes range, but keeps to himself.

Rats charge the my general.

Jezzails put a couple wounds on the hellcannon

Slaves kill marauders, marauders kill slaves

General finishes off globadiers, left engaged with 2 rats. Juggernaught is incredible.

WoC Turn 6

Hellcannon target the priest, misses, hit the jezzails. Kill all 6. Oops.

Slaves kill marauders, marauders kill slaves. Marauders finally beaten in combat due to the ranks, i think there are 8 marauders left and about 20 slaves.

General hurt some rats, rats do nothin in return.

Skaven Turn 6

We roll combats just to see if anything changes - Marauders x slaves and up with 3 marauders and 18 slaves, general kills one base of rats and keeps his 1 wound.

So, what we have left?
Slaves engaged with the marauders

Exalted Hero on juggernaught engaged with 1 base of rats


Plague Priest

That *barely* gives me the victory. Game was very brutal - we had less than 800 points total left at the table after turn 6.

Suggestions on how to improve my gameplay? Besides crewing the hellcannon with non drunk dwarves i mean.

18-10-2010, 17:30
Sounds like a good game. Maybe some flaming attacks for the Hellpit? On the other hand I think it is the first time I have seen anyone kill it that many times. Usually it just goes through anything the opponent puts in front of it.

18-10-2010, 21:39
Yeah, negating regenerate would have been awesome.

Truth be told, i did not expect to kill it. Especially not 3 times. But then, at the first 2 turns it took 15ish S5 attacks before it attacked back, its the sort of thing that chews through units. But yes, i was fairly lucky on taking it down with its favored target even - elite units.

Like i said, my objective was to charge the abomination with marauders and leave it there as long as it had taken for it to eat the marauders.

My plan was also to not have the abomination charing 17". Or having my horseman charged by slaves. or having my hellcannon not hit its target a single time during the game.

Actually, it did hit once, straight shoot on the head of the skaven BSB. And honestly, even with the drunk crew my hellcannon won me the game.

18-10-2010, 21:55
That sounds like a great game, really fun. I always enjoy the close games a lot more than the crushing victories/defeats.

How to improve your game? Well, honestly it sounds like you did pretty good.

I could say to bring something with flaming attacks, but that's also something you can't rely on being useful every game. For as many times as you see a Hellpit, you're just as likely to run into a character that has one of the cheap 2+ wards vs. flaming attacks. More often than not though, flaming attacks are useful, even if it's just causing fear in someone's cavalry.

19-10-2010, 03:04
"On my magic phase i yelled at my oponent that his general was the son of a fat rat. Had no apparent effect on the game whatsoever."

Hehe Nice report. Good victory- that was a nasty skaven list.

19-10-2010, 21:03
I agree with Feefait, thats one nice magic phase :)

nice rep, and quite the battle, your drunken hellcannon seemed to rack up quite a tally, and a hellpit coming back twice? tough.

20-10-2010, 16:08
Nice battle report :)

"Hellcannon target the priest, misses, hit the jezzails. Kill all 6. Oops."

I love it when scatters turn out for the best :D