View Full Version : Spell Generation - rolling duplicate = pick spell?

18-10-2010, 17:34
I don't have the BRB on me while I'm writing this but I wanted to see if others read a certain part of the spell generation the same way I do.

In the reference section on generating random spells, there is some language to the effect that if while randomly rolling for spells, if you were to roll the same spell twice, that you can simply select a spell from the list.

Is this fairly common knowledge?
How has everyone been playing this?
Is this the correct rule interpretation

When I get my hands on the rulebook later, I'll update with the rule to be clearer, but I wanted to at least get the topic up because I keep forgetting to start it up while I'm home.

18-10-2010, 17:42
yup its completly correct u also cannot randomly generate the same spell twice in a single army (altered from once per magic user as per 7th)

18-10-2010, 19:34
Yes this is correct, and is one of the added benefits of knowing alot of spells in one lore. The possibility of getting a double when rolling for 4 spells is about 72%. so you're that likely to be able to pick one spell you want whether you rolled it or not. add to this some of the items that give you an extra spell. and this becomes even better.

Bringing a lv.2 in the same lore would guarantee you knowing all the spells in the lore (unless you go for the signature on one of them).