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18-10-2010, 18:43
I had a battle with my orcs and goblins against my friend’s Wood Elves.
Here are the lists (2400 points)

Lvl 4 Spell singer with Wand of the Wych Elm and some protection.
Alter Noble with 2 flaming weapons and a potion of strength.

12 dryads
20 Glade Guard with Full Command
18 Glade Guard with Full Command
10 Glade Riders, FC, Banner of Eternal Flame

8 Wardancers, champ and musician
6 Treekin

6 Waywatchers
1 treeman
1 Eagle

Orcs and Goblins
Black Orc Warboss: Martog’s Best Basha, Armour of 4+ ward, collar of Zorga,
Lvl 4 Orc shaman: 4+ Ward, Itty Ring

Black Orc BSB: Banner of Eternal Flame, heavy armour
Orc Shaman lvl 2: Horn of Urgok

2 NG Big Bosses with Great weapon
2 Goblin Big Bosses wit light armour and shield one Goblin has horn of Urgok

26 Orc Boyz with HW and shield, Full Command (general here)
22 Orc Big Uns with HW and shield, Full Command, Mork’s Spirit Totem (BSB and lvl2 here)

36 Night Goblins with nets (2 NG big bosses and 1 Goblin hero here), FC
31 Night Goblins with nets (other goblin hero here), FC
21 Night Goblins with bows, musician

1 squig herd (3 squigs, 2 gobbo’s)
1 squig herd (6 squigs, 4 gobbo’s)
1 Rock Lobba with bully
2 Orc Boar Chariots with extra orc

2 Doom Divers
2 Pump Wagons

Any predictions on who won?
Turn 1 coming up in an hour...

18-10-2010, 18:47
Looks like things are heavily in the greenskins favor...

Your herd units are pretty silly though... jast as good as a chance that they'll blow up in your lines...

18-10-2010, 18:56
Hehe, just wait and see...
I've seen a friend use 3 minimal herds with success against my DE (not very shooty DE though). They are very double edged: dangerous to one's own army and sometimes deadly for the opponent. I wouldn't advise to use them against shooty armies, even if that is what I tried. But that's me, suicidal gobbo's for the win.
BTW I forgot to mention 2 fanatics in the bowgobbo's

18-10-2010, 19:19
He had a forest (his own) in his left middle deployment zone and a hill in his right middle zone. In the middle of the board was another forest. To his left was a Haunted Mansion, To his right a large and a small swamp, all of these more or less halfway between us except for the mansion which was more towards his side. I had a ruin in my left middle zone and 2 wall sections perpendicular to one another on my right flank, about 12” from the side of the board.

Deployment: I started by putting down pump wagons and other chariots to get an idea of his deployment. He had from my left to right: Treeman and 18 GG behind swamp, 20 GG on Hill, In the middle he had his Wardancers with spellsinger behind his treekin, the dryads went behind his wood and on his far left (my right) he had his eagle and glade riders.
His waywatchers got a spot in the left hand corner of my deployment zone (another of my silly mistakes)

I had my 2 Or Blocks in the middle, the general’s unit right behind the wood in the centre of the table, the Big ‘Uns to their right. On the left I had my lobba and the biggest NG unit. On my far t, behind the wall and with the perpendicular wall to their right, I had the NG with bows, a Doom diver behind them and the other NG unit to their left (away from the WE shooting) Pump wagons and chariots went 1 each in support of the flanks and to help protect the warmachines. The last Doomdiver went into the ruins. The squig herds went on the right flank also, away from the main shooting. By having more units to deploy, I could keep most of my army away from his 2 shooting units. The right flank had only the Glade riders to worry about. But I also made a big mistake, more about that later.

Vanguard move by the Glade Riders

Turn 1 :
On my right flank he moves up the Gladeriders next to the perpendicular wall, threatening the Doomdiver. This is where I realise my deployment mistake, as the 2 fanatics that are released can only pass the wall on the left side, keeping his riders safe. They end up 4-5” in front of my squig herds, more a threat to myself than to my opponent.His Dryads advance to the edge of their abyssal wood. His eagle flies up next to his riders.
In the centre he moves up his treekin to the edge of the wood in the middle, staying just outside it. His wardancers shift a little to the right and the alter noble stays 3” in front of them. On the right flank, his 18 GG take up position just behind the bigger marsh and his treeman just behind the bigger marsh, his other GG stay on the hill. The Treeman starts to make his way towards the gap between the 2 marshes. His Waywatchers move up a little, ready to charge the rock lobba next turn.
Magic: roll 5/5:Dwellers on the general’s unit, but only kills 6 orcs. He also casts shield of Thorns on his 18 GG before, but I let that pass. I still couldn’t dispel the Dwellers.

Shooting: Waywatchers and 18GG kill 9 NG from the big unit on my left flank. His Glade Riders kill some NG with bows on my right flank
CC: /

Orcs and Goblins:
I call the Waagh. General’s unit moves up 6” towards the wood in the middle, almost all other units move up a bit or are unaffected except for the bigger NG unit on the left who also move up 6”. During movement, I move almost everything forward. The small squig herd kills a fanatic, explodes and kills the other fanatic and some nearby orcs from the BSB’s unit 11” away. I turn the rght NG unit to shoot at his Glade Riders and bring in the chariot to support them. The pump wagon comes a bit closer too. In the middle I move the BSB’s unit up so that it is almost next to the wood. The general’s unit moves into the wood to 5” from the treekin.
The left NG unit moves forward with the chariot and the pumpwagon to their right as support.

Magic: 5/5 (again!) I cast Warpath to bring out some dispel dice. Than I cast Waagh! but he dispels it on double 6 after a reroll on his Wych Elm on 3 dice. Bugger! Now the treekin will charge my general’s unit, while I could have charged him and with a bit of luck he would also have got my Big Uns in the flank.

Shooting is not much better: The NG need 7’s to hit the Glade Riders, so they don’t kill any.
One Doomdiver kills 3 Wardancers, the other misses the waywatchers and the lobba misses the GG behind the marsh.

Close combat: nothing, alas.

So things are looking bad after turn 1: His glade riders will take out my right doom diver, his scouts can charge the lobba and my general’s unit is in dire straits against the treekin. Lots of money for nothing for my opponent. Most of it due to my own mistakes. Oh, well, live and learn...

Turn 2: coming up later... any more predictions as to the outcome of this battle? (Let's get a bit of the old interactive here...)

Gormereth, the Fearmonger
18-10-2010, 21:51
It's not too dire for the Orcs yet;

the rock lobber is certainly lost but with the new warmachine rules only two of the Glade rides can fight and although you're Hand Weapon/shield Orcs are going to get stopped by the Treekin your Big Boss is powerful enough to eat through them...and they should end the combats being stubborn 9 (possibly with a re-roll from the BSB) so the treekin may not charge at all. Unless the Treeman is in a position to flank charge (and successfully makes the charge) the greenskins have a strong chance of holding out until their next turn where magic and supporting units can make a big difference.

Either way, if the treekin charge the Big Boss the game could end very quickly.

19-10-2010, 14:07
Turn 2:
WE: Lots of charging going on...
His Treekin charge my general’s unit in the wood. His Glade riders charge the doom diver and his eagle charges the pump wagon on the right. His alter noble gulps down his potion of strength and charges my chariot. His treeman moves up a bit between the two swamps on the left (he seems a bit afraid of my pump wagon hehe), his dryads stay put and strangely enough he just moves up the waywatchers to within 12” of the doom diver in the ruins.
In magic I can dispel everything (Gotta love the spirit totem).
In shooting he makes my big unit of goblins flee with a gazillion shots. The pump wagon takes 2 wounds.
CC: he kills the doomdiver and reforms, the eagle pursues the pumpwagon but doesn’t catch it, the alter destroys the chariot and overruns only 5”. This leaves him very vulnerable near my other pump wagon. The Treekin beat the orcs, and then I realize I’m not steadfast in a wood, grrr. I flee 7” and miraculously get away.

Orcs and Goblins:
Animosity: the Big’Uns squabble.
Charges: The bowgobbo’s charge the glade riders who have to hold if they do not want to flee off table.
Random movement: The pump wagon goes into the alter, the other pump wagon continues to flee and stops 1” short of the ruins (middle left, on back edge of my deployment zone)
Everything else rallies. I leave the Night gobbo’s on the left facing backwards towards the waywatchers.
Movement: The NG unit on the right moves closer towards the dryads, with the squigs in support. The chariot on the left moves closer to the NG-Rider fight.

Magic: This time I get the Waagh off. This brings the general’s unit into the Treekin, the ng on the left into the flank of the scouts. All other units make marginal moves towards the enemy.
The Lobba kills 6 Glade Guard from the unit behind the march, but they don’t panic. The doom diver goes astray.

CC: The pump wagon destroys the alter noble and reforms to get back to the wussy Treeman.
The night goblins on the left destroy the scouts and overrun off the table. The general’s unit beats the treekin and catches them when they flee a measly 4”, they are now on the edge of the wood in the middle with a beady eye on the wardancers and the spellsinger.
The NG unit on the right are soundly beaten by the glade riders, flee and are caught.

Ok, this turn I got some points back and more importantly I got rid of the annoying scouts and altar. The right flank is a mess with his eagle and riders storming through my backyard, but most of my combat troops are already on the other half of the table, so that should count for something... I’ve given up on the warmachines and basically my whole deployment zone. I will try and use the chariot and the NG unit (when it comes on the board) to stall any threats to the rear of my main units. If that works I can clean house in his zone. My biggest problem is still the Treeman, although he hasn’t done anything yet.

More predictions, musings, jokes, comments or shouts of Waagh! and “Go Green Go” always welcome.

Turn 3 coming up in about an hour.

19-10-2010, 14:20
Alter noble ran down by a pump wagon... how fitting :D

19-10-2010, 14:44
Turn 3:
Charges: his eagle charges my pumpwagon again, who gets away through the ruins and survives again. He redirects into the doom diver. His glade riders charge the chariot who flees and gets away, just into the middle wood, but it survives the dangerous terrain test.
The dryads charge the NG unit, but can only bring 4 into contact, due to being too close to wheel.
He brings his treeman closer to be ready to charge the NG’s when they come back on. 5i realize now, they might have reformed earlier to face him and that he charges them now, but it doesn’t really matter as you will see)
His wardancers fail to march, but can still get out of the charge arc of my general’s unit. The spellsinger stays in the unit.
Magic: he kills some orcs and gives his wardancers T 5. (He had no Throne of Vines)
Shooting: He reduces the general’s unit to 5 orcs.

I think his happened here anyway. His treeman fights my night gobbo’s. The bosses wound him once and I think he does a wound to 1 NG big boss and thunderstomps some. The NG’s flee and get away, 2” from table edge. The eagle kills the doom diver and gets into the rock lobba.
The dryads kill some NG’s but the NG get a draw due to ranks.

Orcs and Goblins:
No animosity
The squigs charge the dryads and make it.
Ng on the left rally. Chariot doesn’t rally and fails dangerous terrain test, killing itself.
The pump wagon flees some more. And the NG rally and face the tree again.
The general’s unit moves into the face of the wardancers and the big’uns march towards the GG who came off their hill.

The waagh is succesfully cast again (still no IF). This brings the general + orcs into the wardancers. The Big ‘Uns don’t reach the GG.

Shooting: no shooting left.

Combat: The general kills the wardancer champion in the challenge and the orcs kill no wardancer. one orc dies. The last 2 wardancers + spellsinger flee and get away.
The squigs + NG win the combat from the dryads. The dryads hold.

Things are looking up. I’ve almost reached his GG units and the treeman is far away in my deployment zone, duking it out with my big bosses and the rest of their unit. But my Great shaman is under threat from the glade riders to the right of the wood and my general is facing a gazillion shots in the next WE shooting phase.

turn 4 will follow tomorrow afternoon.