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Insane Psychopath
18-10-2010, 21:54
Hi everone

Though I'd start a log on a army I been struggle to finish recently which is the Blood Angels.

Basicly a lot has happen in real life & also been getting a fair few commissions which alway come first. So since April this army been push back a little, also my main army this year, the Space Wolves have taken a lot of my time due to being aim for a lot of tournaments from local to the Throne of Skulls :D

While my Space Wolves army is that a very good stage with a few things to finish off before a local tournament this Sat. I've mange to arrange time to that least one hour to two hours a day that least to try get my Blood Angels finish before Nov, when I take on the Dark Eldar as my next project.

So here what I have so far for my Blood Angels force

The Librarian


As you can see there still a lot of work to be done before the Librarian is fully finish. Model wise I just converted him useing bits left over from the Blood Angels kits from the Death Company, Baal Pred & Sanguinary Guards.

Death Company


I'll be adding some text to there armour, sort of oaths or pray's to the Emperor before there gloryiest death in battle.

Assault Marines

I have went for the White Helmets over the Yellow once. This is mainly due to really hateing bright colours & most of all yellow. I belive my local GW manger trying to get people to commission me to paint a Imperial Fist army, that & because I am a big fan of the Iron Warriors one of my main armies.

But went with White as it look more cool & background wise can be a mark of honour while my army on a campaign or along those lines, who care as end of the day it my army ha,ha

High Priest
High Priest

Well ever Blood Angel army will be having a fair few of these ha,ha. Like everthing else, still WIP.

So I'll be aim to get my 1500pts of Blood Angels fully painted before the end of Oct.
I have a tournament this Sat, so all my time right now is mainly on my Space Wolves, but will spare a hour to finish off a few models for my BA.

I'll try to shove fully painted models/finish models to save space on my photobucket.

On a finial note, if anyone has idea for Object Markers I am all ears. Was possible thinking convert some Blood Angels Assault Marine jump kick say a Chaos Marine, bit like my Conflict Scotland Golden Griffion entry which you can find here


You can also find a Librarian Dreadnought I done a while back by here


Unsure if I will use the Librarian Dreadnought in my army, as he was purely made for a few painting comps.

Well hope everone enjoy my army so far. I should hopeful update this by Sunday night with a photo of each unit & what still to be done.


19-10-2010, 10:07
I'm liking all of these I.P. The librarian is awesome really like his axe and the assault marines I prefer the colour of the helmets tbh. the sanguinary priests are a nice shade of red how did you achieve it as I need a good recipe ;)

19-10-2010, 10:16
this is some pretty fine work your doing here, and i agree do what you feel is right for your army
keep up the good work :)

Insane Psychopath
19-10-2010, 15:42
I'm liking all of these I.P. The librarian is awesome really like his axe and the assault marines I prefer the colour of the helmets tbh. the sanguinary priests are a nice shade of red how did you achieve it as I need a good recipe ;)

Could always commission me for the red paint work :D

The red painted armour was done

Mechrite Red, but leave the join in the armour black
Red Gore over the Mechrite red
Blood Red over this
Devlan Mud
Highlight with Blazing Orange
Gryphonne Sepia to help the red

Forgot to add in, the Black trim around the shoulder pads is more to do with the 2nd ed era of Blood Angels. When ever the subject of collecting a Blood Angels army came up with me & my friends, I've always said I'd keep to the old school 2nd ed era in term of things like the Black Trim. That & it what I grew up on the hobby with, like my Iron Warriors conversion & work is base around John Blanche work from WD 202/2nd Ed codex Chaos Marines.


19-10-2010, 15:44
The title typo is somewhat appropriate. They are quite decent in fact. :)

19-10-2010, 17:36
Not bad sanguinary priests are abit sloppy though

Insane Psychopath
19-10-2010, 18:17
Not bad sanguinary priests are abit sloppy though

Thanks, but like I said there still all WIP ;) Just not had the time to tide them up as of yet.


19-10-2010, 18:31
Looking good so far. I really like the librarian (oh, and the bases - simple but very effective!).

Keep it up!

22-10-2010, 23:11
oh mate i forgot to ask, how did you paint the bone so well on the death company? :)

Insane Psychopath
28-10-2010, 08:33
Sorry for the little dely, hope to get a update soon. Just been a little bit busy, last week I had my tournament which saw my Space Wolves fight it out on table five for all three rounds

My army on the display tray (can you find the Genestealer?)

Came 19th in the end, if I won my last game would have came 4th. Also came 2nd best painted which I'm happy with, after winning it last year with my Iron Warriors as well.

Then same week as the tournament, I had a commission to finish my friend Blood Angel army for the Throne of Skulls tournament

The army, just when I got it/before I started. I was to do the highlight, free hand painting & detail.


While this week I been busy painting up some High Elfs for another commission

oh mate i forgot to ask, how did you paint the bone so well on the death company? :)

Dheneb Stone, Ogre Wash, Bleach Bone, Skull white. Bones I'll dry brush the Bleach Bone & Skull white.
While the angels wings I'd paint these single/highlight each wing single

As to the army it self, should be update soon. Current trying to get my Baal Preds up to gaming top standard, then add some detail later. So hopeful have photos tomorrow.
Then Sat afternoon try to finish building my other tanks.

Then once that done, right now I have a 100pts spare in my army list (aim 1500pts & basicly can not be bother buy those Attack Bikes) so thinking of give my two Razorback twin linked Lascannon & then with the pts left over, give my High Priest some Lighting claws, so try model some brand new models.

But for the time being, going to try finish a few of the above unit

Also here another view on the Librarian, going to re-do the Force weapon a bit.



So got lots to do from now until the end of next week (aim deadline for myself) to get the Blood Angels force all done, before I start my Dark Eldar. Just tanks that need to be undercaoted/finish built & I am good to go.


28-10-2010, 12:33
The genestealer is at back of the wrecked rhino am I right?

Awesome, I see you've made some kitbashing :D

Keep 'em coming


Insane Psychopath
01-11-2010, 17:34
The genestealer is at back of the wrecked rhino am I right?

Yep, just wanted to wind up my friend who took Nids, so try to paint it near to his army colours.

That my tanks all made & now it the case of painting them. I should be getting some photos up by Thur hopeful.
Like wise all this week I will be aim on trying to get my Blood Angels force fully finish, before I start on the Dark Eldar.

Next update should be Wed or Sat the latess.