View Full Version : Spell generation with Count Mannfred

18-10-2010, 22:51
Hi, I am looking for some confirmation regarding spell generation and wizards who can take all the spells of a list. For example Count Manfred takes all of the Vampire lore spells. Is he now my only vampire lore spell caster other than Invocation on Nehek? If I take other vampires do they get any other spells besides IoN?

18-10-2010, 22:52
He is loremaster for both, he doesn't count as having rolled for the spells.

18-10-2010, 22:57
No in any case where a model automaticly knows a set of spells (i.e doesnt roll for them) then they dont count towards the limit of one of each spell per army as this rule ONLY applys spells which are randomly generated and he does not roll