View Full Version : 2500 tournament list: looking for comp judgement

19-10-2010, 02:27
Supreme Sorceress: lvl 4 shadow- dispel scroll, pendant- 320

sorceress:dark magic- tome of furion- 150

Death Hag: BSB, cauldron- 225

Assassin: rune of khaine, touch of death, black lotus- 171

50 warriors: shields, full command- 365

12 xbows: shields- 132

12 xbows: shields- 132

6 dark rider: xbows- 132

8 harpies- 88

24 witch elves: full command, rune of khaine, banner of murder- 315

8 shades: champ, extra weapons- 154

7 shades: champ, extra weapons- 137

hydra- 175

2496 total

19-10-2010, 02:57
Well the pendant is really good but it doesn't protect against spells while the BRB talisman does. the lvl 2 would be pretty cool on a pegasus throwing death magic with a power scroll and cheap pendant. but this isn't a sure fire thing unless both sorceress take the same lore(very tournament like). Another good idea is the give the lvl 2 the dispel scroll and give the lvl 4 the dagger. create a sacrificial unit for her and give the warriors the standard of discipline.

you have great war machine hunters but the Shades don't need champions.

Witch Elves are good in small units but a big one will attract a lot of fire and the have limited armor.

You also don't have anything to pop armor with. A metal sorceress would be nice and so would some Cold One Knights, Executioners are ok, especial against dwarfs, but generally don't cut it.

Chariots would be a nice addition because the work so well with a block of warriors.

The rest of the list looks pretty good though.

19-10-2010, 07:46
Assassins are not as good as they used to be, they will be killed with the step up rule. another thing u need to consider is the 50 man spearmen block. its too big for one block. never put your eggs in one basket.take two units of 35. get one or 2 chariots.

19-10-2010, 18:12
ok I made some changes...

2500 dark elves:

lvl 4 shadow mage- dispel scroll, talisman of preservation - 330

lvl 2 dark mage- pendant of khaeleth, tome of furion- 185

Death hag- cauldron of blood, battle standard- 225

Assassin- rune of khaine, touch of death, black lotus- 171

warriors- x40, shields, FC, standard of dicipline- 310

crossbows- x12, shields- 132

crossbows- x12, shields- 132

dark riders- x6, crossbows- 132

Harpies- x7- 77

witch elves- x20, banner of murder, rune of khaine, FC- 275

chariot- 100

shades- x8, extra weapons- 136

shades- x7, extra weapons- 119

hydra- 175

2499 total

20-10-2010, 02:24
In my opinion, I would drop the assassin. They're too easy to kill now. Also, you may consider adding a master/bsb instead of the bsb on the hag. Since the cauldron is a war machine, it's one pit or purple sun away from giving your opponent easy points. Your dark rider unit probably needs a musician. I would drop one unit of shades, bump the crossbow units down to 10 each, and try to add a second chariot with the points you gain.