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19-10-2010, 13:35
Hey All:

Couple of questions regarding War Machine Tactics:

I've been running a Master Engineer with a Great Cannon and 2 Mortars with my Empire Army.

Cannon, target 8 inches short of target (Lords or other War Machines) that way 4 of 6 are short of model. Re-Roll on misfire only, if I roll 10 hope for guys behind. Can't re-roll the bounce anyway.

Mortars, target dead center of big blocks early, target models late when "Look out Sir" may no longer affect.



19-10-2010, 14:17
That's about right- two things to add

Against monsters or chariot based models, you can have your guess by closer say 6 inches since if you hit the back of the base you still hit the target-

Always place your cannons toward one side of the table or the other, the farther from center of the table you can place them the easier it becomes to fire into the flanks of units or into multiple units- this can be further helped by angling your own units to tempt your opponent to expose his flank-

19-10-2010, 15:08
Hot tip to maximize hits on a single Large Target (50 mm or larger base): Guess 10 inches toward you from the back of the base (not the front). At least 80% of non-misfires will hit (more like 90%+ for 100mm chariot bases you are firing at head-on).

(This is indeed very close to 8 inches from the front of the model.)

19-10-2010, 16:44
Shoot the big ones first ;)

19-10-2010, 21:43
Helpful stuff here. Anyone have any tips for maximizing hits with a Rocket Battery?

19-10-2010, 21:48
Start off at 6 inches infront of the center of the unit.

19-10-2010, 21:52
Hitting with cannons etc. seems reasonably well covered, but my main tip for war machines, and one that I commonly forget myself and that many new players don't think to do, is:
Always put something in front of your war machines! While shooting hits are resolved against a war machine's Toughness, the ability for anything to wound on 6's and the combining of stat lines means that war machines are actually more frail than they used to be. There's nothing worse than losing an expensive war machine to an opponent getting first turn and a bit of lucky shooting.

Simply plonk a unit in front to protect from enemy fire, then move them such that the war machine is able to see only the targets you want to fire at, hopefully continuing to screen against enemy shooting for another turn.

Also in general protecting war machines from combat is best handled with a cheap but competent character, as enemies will usually use relatively frail units to sneak round and hit them. Dragon Slayers are unbelievably awesome for this and only 50 points for the Dwarfs, or for 20 points more you can get the somewhat less competent Master Engineer who'll boost your war machine's effectiveness. Personally I go for the Dragon Slayer every-time, as if two turns in an enemy attack on your war machines seems unlikely they're great for wreaking havoc elsewhere.

20-10-2010, 18:45
Thoughts on protecting war machines from mass poisoned skink spam? This is an ongoing problem for me.

20-10-2010, 18:54
Thoughts on protecting war machines from mass poisoned skink spam? This is an ongoing problem for me.

Take a page from the dwarf playbook and castle.

20-10-2010, 20:26
Try two 10 man units of thunderers- the +1 to hit will make it so you can actually shoot those chamo skinks- plus you can form them into a wedge surrounding your warmachines- i.e. they make great castle walls-

Or take a ME and an organ gun- you entrench the organ gun and place it on the outside of your warmachines- this puts the chamo skinks at a -2 to hit, and when they don't kill the organ gun it blasts them to pieces.

21-10-2010, 07:26
Shoot the big ones first ;)

I will add to this and say shoot your opponents warmachines first.