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19-10-2010, 15:06
So I'm playing around with idea of starting a Tomb King army. (Only models so far are 16 Skeles with bows). I'll wait until the new book before I buy more models, but I wanted to create my first list.

Tomb King, GW, Armor of Heros, Collar, Brooch = 261

LP (Hiero) on Steed w/ Gold Ankh = 168
LP w/ Casket and Enkhil's Kanopi = 300

20 Skeles w/ Bows and FC = 195
20 Skeles w/ Bows and FC = 195
9 Light Horseman w/ Mus = 133 <- Hiero here

24 Tomb Guard w/ FC and BotUL = 343 <-- TK here
Tomb Scorpion = 85

Bone Giant = 220
SSC w/ skull of foes = 110

I will proxy this army with my High elfs (using a Griffon model as the Bone giant) and I wanted to try out as many different as I could. Alas my Elf army hasn't gotten around to buying chariots yet.

The Hiero goes with the Light Horse bunker and stays behind the giant, next to the tomb guard on one flank. That way he can heal/move Big Bone as needed.

SSC goes within 12" of the Casket so I can double fire it.

Any thoughts?

19-10-2010, 15:48
Well if you're waiting for a new book before you buy the models, then what's the point of the list? The new book won't look anything like the old one, and points values will be different and I'm sure the magic will be changed in some way. Right now TK are just an ineffective magic gun-line army.

I would drop the bone giant and replace it with another SSC. I'd then use the extra points to upgrade one of the priests to a high liche priest.

19-10-2010, 20:33
The point is I can play the list with proxy models. If after a few games I think the TK don't fit my play style I no longer need to worry about buy models.

Won't I have to drop my Tomb King if I upgrade to a HLP? (Limited to 500 points in a 2K game.)

20-10-2010, 02:09
I'd do the following:

Combine both archer blocks into a 40 men (bone?) block. That way a Smiting urgency will be much more threatening. Also a 40 strong block will be able to tarpit that much longer once the lines close. You will save points on Command, and since you brought a TK, perhaps give the unit a fancy banner? Flaming perhaps?

I'll skip the light horsemen. If you really want to protect the Hiero, remember he still has a 4+ Look Out Sir for being near an infantry unit. I'd give him the Cloak and hide him behind infantry blocks. Sometimes mobility is better than a ward save.

I'll give the Priest on the Casket the Golden Ankhra, since the ward save benefits the Casket Guards as well. Skip the Kanopi unless you are playing Ogres; since you do not use power dice, you can always dispel RIPs during your turn without affecting your incantations

Tomb Guard is good, Scorpion is good. What's your game plan for this list?

Good luck with your games!

20-10-2010, 02:18
I'd probably give the hierophant the cloak of dunes and collar of shapesh. Then ditch the light horsemen. I'd give the golden ankhra to the casket. Take out skulls of the to fill out core id either use a 3 chariots or 20 more archers. For you general id give him armor of silvered steel. I'd take out all command from the archers as well. You can't do much else with tomb kings in 2000 pts. Once you scale up id either use some chariots or add in some ushabti.