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19-10-2010, 21:16
Hey again everyone. I've been looking over the Beastmen army list, and have become pretty fond of Minotaurs lately. I was wondering if a Minotaur tribe themed list would be workable?

It could have Taurox, of course, along with some Gorebulls and some Bray-Shamans. For Core I'm thinking Ungor Raiders and Tuskgor Chariots(converted to be big Minotaurs on chariot bases, with Ungor servants and warhounds...basically Minotaur 'Hunters', with giant spear...to represent chariot). Special would obviously be Minotaurs, and a Ghorgon or two could round out the Rares.

The thing about this list is that it would lack big solid units, and depend almost entirely on causing damage. Fortunately, I think it would be very good at dealing said damage.

Let me know what you think of this idea, and if it's something that could work.


19-10-2010, 21:41
You could just use the Ogre Kingdoms army book, then you could have all sorts of minotaurs!

As for using the Beastman book, I wouldn't use tuskgor chariots, only Razorgor chariots, and convert them to be large chaos bulls. Your minotaur hunter is interesting, but I don't think the profile of a standard tuskgor fits it well, the enhanced stats of a razorgor definitely do though.

19-10-2010, 21:51
Awesome, thanks minionboy. So really, I'll just need to find a way to fill my Core points requirements out...most likely with Ungor Raiders and Ungor blocks. I like it.

I'm glad you like the chariot/Minotaur "Hunter" conversion idea as well. I like to do something a little different in whatever army I do. Thanks again, minionboy.