View Full Version : picking your spells + loremaster question

20-10-2010, 13:18
Is it possible to take a character like kairos faitweaver and select spells from the same lore as your herald of tzeench with master of sorcery? I don't see anything that would limit one from doing this. For example, I include Kairos and select 1 spell from life, 2 from heavens and 1 from say light. Does this mean that i cant take him with a herald with master of sorcery and choose lore of life? Hope this is clear. Thanks guys

20-10-2010, 13:22
Theirs are no limititations when choosing speels other than not picking the same spell twice ofcorse. the only time your limited to 1 copy of a spell per army is when randomising.

so short answer if your not rolling them u can have whatever spells u want

20-10-2010, 21:19
thats what i assumed. thanks!!!