View Full Version : Nurgle army 2000 pts need some pointers!!!

20-10-2010, 19:19
Ok so i decided to start my first fantasy army after playing 40k for 20 years, and decided it will be a nurgle army. but since its my first ever fantasy army i really could use some help. ill list the models i already have with no actual list :)

2 Beast of nurgle
1 chaos chariot
1 Daemon of nurgle
bunch of Nurglings
2 warriors of chaos

thx in advance :D

20-10-2010, 20:44
First of all you should choose if you are going to start Daemons or Warriors of chaos army. By looking your models you wont get army to either of those, but I could give some tips that might help with daemons.

I have themed armies to all chaos armies and so far Nurgle has been my favourite. If you want competitive army, Nurgle themed army might not be the best choise, as you have very limited choise of models that you could use compared to warriors of chaos nurgle army for exmple. Your choises on Daemon nurgle will be Great unclean one, nurgle heralds, plaguebearers, nurglings and plaguebeasts. You could add furies too as they are undivided. Of the choises you can take Plaguebeasts are really lousy because of their high points cost so you will likely take tons of plaguebearers and some nurglings to take out warmachines and harass flanks and rears of the opponent.

To make your list more variable and add some more personal touch to it I would suggest converting some other models to look more nurgle. Something like this (http://www.dakkadakka.com/s/i/at/at2/2010/8/4/cf7df4722c5f385fa183d70d05e90291_10339.jpg) might be intresting for conversions. I have seen some nice looking Khorne themed armies with flamers and even horrors in them all painted up as Khorne daemons and it looks quite nice indeed. But if you want to stick with full Nurgle list, go for it. It just might get you bored at some point as theres not many choises.

20-10-2010, 22:07
I'm quite new to fantasy as well (Well since the very early editions anyway) but from what I've seen a WoC would be fun to collect + apparently they're not too shabby to play with. I'm a sucker for themed armies and I'm currently planning a Khorne force but Nurgle would look awesome too... the only Demon you'd be able to have would be a Demon Prince but you'd get the option of Chaos Trolls, Ogres, Dragon Ogres as well as Chaos Warriors being as hard as nails anyway...

Personally I've always collected for the overall look of a force then tweaked it to make it suit the gaming table... but thats just me... find out what you want from it mate and go from there..