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20-10-2010, 20:27
So I'm a beginner setting up an O&G list, to play some of my first battles against a Beastmen player.
He will be fielding 6 minotaurs, 40 gors, 20 bestigors and 2 small groups of 10 ungor raiders each. Led by a doombull, a lvl 2 bray shaman and a beastlord BSB with the +1S Beast banner.

I came up with a list focused on minimalizing the threat of his hard hitting mino's with poisoned ranged attacks from the spider banner with the NG archer group, flanked by 2 large NG spear groups, and harder hitting orc groups on the sides.

But being the newbie I am, I was wondering if this set up would work against a High T low Arm enemy

322 |50 Night goblins + Spears + Netters + 3 Fanatics + Musician + STB (50x3+50+35+75+4+8)
322 |50 Night goblins + Spears + Netters + 3 Fanatics + Musician + STB (50x3+50+35+75+4+8)
280 |50 Night goblins + Bows + Netters + 3 Fanatics + Boss + Musician + STB (50x3+35+75+8+4+8)
285 |20 Orc Big Uns + AHW + Musician + STB + Wailing Banner (20x5+80+5+10+50)
323 |20 Black Orcs + Boss + Musician + STB + Nogg's Banner of Butchery (20x13+20+6+12+25)


235 |Orc Great Shaman lvl 4 + Power stone (180+35+20)
125 |Orc Shaman lvl 2+ Dispell scroll (65+35+25)
107 |Night Goblin Big Boss + Light armor + BSB + Spider Banner (30+2+25+50)



Please criticize, help or give tips. Would be much appreciated to have some of the more seasoned players have a look at this list
Thanks ;)

20-10-2010, 20:32
The fanatics are overdone, and they really don't need spears.

I don't know what you plan to do with the big'un unit, especially with a terror banner, so I'd drop them for more black orcs.

You're going to be fighting a lot of combat, so a warboss would help you out a lot.

And I really think you are expecting too much from those poisoned short bows. You'll get 1 round of shooting and then they will be all over you.

20-10-2010, 20:56
His Bsb is a Wargor.

The Doombull is going to have a fantastic time carving up 'da boyz' so you need to shoot that horror before it carves a huge hole in your army.

Listen to Malorian-he's the Orc guy around here.

Powerscroll is much better than a stone for irresistable Waaagh! spell in t2 or 3.