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20-10-2010, 20:45
Right, so it's a 2500 pt all-comers list themed around Tzeentch and Slaanesh (so there's no point in suggesting Khorne or Nurgle ;)). If you have any suggestions for improvements, please post them. :)

Lord (15%)
Sorcerer Lord, lvl 4 (Heavens)
- Armour of Destiny
- Favour of the Gods
- Infernal Puppet
- Necrotic Phylactery

Heroes (16%)
Exalted BSB of Tzeentch
- Halberd
- Charmed Shield
- Talisman of Preservation
- Disc

Exalted of Tzeentch
- Halberd
- Shield
- Talisman of Endurance
- Disc

Core (36%)
18 Warriors of Slaanesh
- Halberd
- Shield
- Full command
- War Banner

17 Warriors of Tzeentch (Lord goes here)
- Shield
- Full command
- Razor Standard

5 Horsemen of Slaanesh
- Flail
- Light armour
- Musician

2x 5 Warhounds

Special (20%)
2x 5 Knights (one Slaanesh, one Tzeentch)
- Standards and musicians

Rare (14%)

Warshrine of Slaanesh

2497 pts in total

20-10-2010, 22:11
Looks very Elite! Why Lore of Heavens though?? With 8th edition wouldn't a Mark of Tzeencth be better value?

21-10-2010, 06:26
I like Heavens for the augment and hex spells it's got and the 'urty spells don't rely on Initiative like Shadow spells do. Plus I've been using nothing but Tzeentch magic for the last two years and feel like a change. :)

21-10-2010, 06:59
I don't see the point in Tzeentch magic to be honest. Sure, Flickering fire is neat. Gateway could be great. Pandemonium is a bit situational. Treason is sort of situational but useful. The rest is "Meh!"

I think Tzeentch magic is good in combination with other lores though. :)

Heavens is excellent.

Why not have the Warshrine Tzeentch? Because of that lovely model you converted?

Other than that, i can't come up with much. Maybe a few marauders in there, shields and MoT to act as a bit of a second anvil?

Consider Slaanesh magic, i think it could be good in this list. As i said though, Heavens is good.


21-10-2010, 07:02
If I were you I would drop 1 of the units of knigts and make the other about 8 strong with banner of rage. Personally, I prefer shadow to heavens but thats your call. Other than that, I would consider swapping 1 of the units of warriors to 40 marauders with great weapons, musucian,standard and dropping the horsemen and squeezing in another hellcannon. Not sure if thats possible though.

21-10-2010, 16:30
I'd try to include the Stream of Corruption gift. It can be useful for one of your exalteds to boost their burst damage potential when they attack something stronger in close combat or simply to fly next to a block of infantry and fire away.


21-10-2010, 21:26
I'd try to include the Stream of Corruption gift. It can be useful for one of your exalteds to boost their burst damage potential when they attack something stronger in close combat or simply to fly next to a block of infantry and fire away.

Thats a very cool idea now it can be used to do 2d6 hits in combat, I hadn't thought of it but might try it in my game tomorrow! Thanks, and sorry to steal...

23-10-2010, 04:10
I like it. Although hm, I've found warriors with halberds do disgusting well. Although the 3+ 5+ is really tempting. Knights don't really need marks, but if you want to stick to the theme then its cool. Disc dudes just harass? BSB probably stays near warriors.
I haven't really found a use for marauder horsemen, so I haven't been using them at all lately. They dont pack a punch and hounds are just as good for screens and the like.

And for all WoC players heavens does wonders. ESPECIALLY the re-roll all 1 to hit to wound spell. When warriors have halberds its like only the 1's fail anyways against t3 opponents so it gives you a second chance to wipe more out. Super killy.

Comet is always fun (once killed a level 4 skaven lord with it), and chain lightning is entertaining.

Good list, wanna see it in action!

23-10-2010, 10:22
I had a go against greenskins and though I had a great first turn (his general and shaman lord's unit paniced and would have run off the table with a slightly better flee roll), in the end it didn't do so well. It could easily have gone a lot better with just a few small differences, though, and I did have some bad luck, so I'm not blaming the list (at least not yet).

I did feel the need for a large block of great weapon Marauders, but to be honest I don't think I'll have time to convert and paint them until the new O&G book is out and after that I don't see myself being all that interested in Chaos for a while. I already have a medium-sized unit of Slaaneshi maraduers with hw/sh/la, which I might end up using instead.

Against the O&G with their +3 Dispel dice, though, magic did next to nothing so next time against them I think I'll try out the Chaos Lord route instead.

I've been thinking about the BSB on foot, though at the tournament I went to he did quite well as he is, so I'm not sure. In my last battle, the Disc riders got used for taking out war machines, which probably was not very effective and more Horsemen would have been better. Bah!

I'm interested in a Warhshrine of Tzeentch and a second Hellcannon, but I think I'll wait until they come out in plastic (whenever that may be).

I'm considering bigger Knight units, but I'm skeptical about the amount of terrain in this edition. Last battle we had 10 pieces and it was really crowded.

23-10-2010, 18:46
The list seems really sound there Avian, although as you say the bsb on foot instead sounds like a plan, just to give him more survivability.
Don't really have any comments to add other than the bsb one, I think having him on foot would be much better in my opinion :)