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21-10-2010, 00:25
Hey All:

After the thrashing I took against the Vampire Counts I was eager to "climb back on the horse" and scheduled another 2000 point battle. My opponent made a 2500 point Night Goblin List so we met in the middle at 2250.

Here is my List
200 Arch Lector General: Heavy Armor/Shield, Hammer of Judgement (25) and Jade Amulet (40).

280 Jade Wizard Lord: Dispel Scroll (25) and Holy Relic (45)

100 Battle Standard Bearer: Meteoric Armor (25)

65 Master Engineer

185 Halberdiers x28 with FC and War Banner (25) AL and BSB here.
96 Archer Detachment x12
148 Crossbow x16 with FC
148 Handgunner x16 with FC
184 Knightly Orders x8
184 White Wolves x8

220 Greatswords x19 with FC Wiz Lord here.
90 Pistoliers x5
90 Pistoliers x5

100 Cannon
150 Mortar x2

Night Goblin Army (as best I can remember)

2x Bolt Throwers
Doom Diver
3x Wolf Chariots
Squig Herd (guessing about 15-18 squigs and 7-8 herders)
2x Trolls 6/unit
3x Night Goblins 40/unit
Lvl 4 Shaman
Lvl 1 Shaman
General and BSB

We ended up rolling the Fatigue/Battle Standard scenerio. I had 7 points - 3 for a Fatigue of 4. He had only 3 (His Night Goblin Infantry Blocks)

There was a bunch of terrain on the backs and flanks, middle was wide open with a hill in his deployment zone (center) and a hill in mine (right of center). There was a hedgerow about 4" out of my deployment zone in an "L" shape with the long axis facing me and small side running toward the center.

We each deployed our Warmachines on the hill and I dropped my Crossbowmen on the 1st level, WM on 2nd tier.

One Unit of Pistoliers out East to weave around forest and buildings (he deployed a Bolt Thrower in a building out East). My Knights and White Wolves 4x2 just left of Center, Halberdiers Center with Detachment between Knights and them, Handguns next in line. The Greatswords deployed just at the edge of the "L" hoping to put some "killing" terrain between them and any fanatics. Deployement finished with WM/Xbows on Hill and unit of Pistoliers out West. Life Wiz got Throne of Vines, Shield of Thorns, Regrowth and Dwellers Below.

Night Goblins deployed the WM on the center hill. Two Wolf Chariouts to the East then 2 of the Night Goblin blocks, Level 1 shaman farthest east, BSB and Shaman Lord toward the center. Unit of Trolls directly across from Halberdiers. Night Goblin block with General next. Unit of Trolls across from Greatswords. (Both Unit of Trolls using General Leadership). Squigs way out west.

Turn 1:
Gobbos went first and moved his Trolls straight at the Greatswords and Halberdiers. All three Night Goblin Infantry blocks moved forward as did the Squigs. The Three Wolf Chariots stayed on the flanks.

Magic dice were low with the Shaman Lord casting Brain Bursta on my White Wolves, killing one. Both Bolt Throwers targeted the White Wolves, with another casualty. The Doom Diver and Catapult fired at the General, killing a few Halberdiers.

Pistoliers moved up, Knights moved up with the Wolves cresting a small hill in front of them with the Lancers slightly behind to the east preparing for charges on Gobbos. Both Halberdiers and Handguns moved to the Hedgerow 4" in front of them. Greatswords moved all the way up to the edge of the "L".

Magic Dice was 12, nice start. Lector cast Armor of Contempt (4+ ward) and Hammer of Sigmar on himself (re-roll tohit/wound) both RIP. No attempt to dispel (8 dice left). Wizard cast RIP Throne using 3 dice, no dispel attempt. Cast the Extended Range Dwellers with Irresistable Force on Night Gobbos with General, killing 17..makes the Leadership test. Nothing too bad on Miscast.

Pistoliers out west fired at the Wolf Chariot inflicting 2 wounds, Xbows fire at Trolls doing 4 wound after regen. Cannon fires at Unit of Trolls accross from Lector, misfire on bounce. Mortars drop one direct hit and one near miss on the side by side Night Gobbos with the Shamans killing about 10-12 or so.

Turn 2:

Animosity failed on Squigs and General's Unit. Both Trolls charged at the Halberdiers and Greatswords respectively. The wounded chariot turned around rather than support the Trolls. The Shaman led units of Gobbos moved within 8" of the White Wolves releasing 4 Fanatics, all of which failed to hit.

Magic seemed ineffective, don't really remember much happening. He poured War Machine fire into the Bannerless White Wolves, go figure killing 2 more.

Close combat Trolls vs Greatswords, he only targeted Wiz Lord with 3 attacks doing one wound, resulted in a Greatsword win, killing another Troll and wounding enough to leave 4 Trolls, they used the Generals leadership and passed. Close combat Trolls vs Halberdiers behind the Hedgerow resulted in a Halberdier win, Trolls passing Leadership once again, down to 5 Trolls after Regen. Not sure the exact number of Empire casualties but it wasn't too bad.

No charges declared with 4 fanatics between my Knights and his gobbo blocks, so my Pistoliers swung around both flanks.

Magic was uneventful, I believe I regrew some Halberdiers is all. The Pistoliers out east destroyed a Wolf Chariot while the western unit fired into the Generals block of gobbos along with the Handgunners, I think they removed 6 or 7 at least. The Cannon fired a long diagnal shot through both Gobbo units out East, killing 7 or so. The two Mortars landed shots on the front of the units hoping to kill some Fanatics and managed to remove one opening up a lane for the Knights next turn. The Archer Detachment killed one fanatic as it stayed near the Lector's unit.

Close Combat saw the Greatswords demolish the Trolls who failed their rolls and ran, the Greatswords pursued and cut them down (he failed a bunch of regens), reforming for a flank charge on the Generals Gobbo Unit. The Hate filled Halberdiers won their combat, Trolls failed their Leadership and got run down. The Lector, BSB and remaining Halberdiers decided to remain facing the War Machines as they were out of charge arcs and could reach them with a good roll.

Turn 3: Not much happened, dancing around Fanatics, losing White Wolves to more War Machines, shooting up Squigs, a couple of close combat pushes and ineffective Magic.

Turn 4:

The Gobbo General declared a charge against the Handgunners but failed. The Shaman Lord's Gobbos declared a charge against the Archers who fled, leaving them in perfect charge range for my Knights. His remaining Gobbo unit remained in place and his Chariot turned to face the Eastern Pistoliers. His Squig Herders continued their plod out West.

Magic was uneventful even as his War Machines (who never misfired at all). He poured all his fire into my Generals unit, the Bolters killed 7 men (one shot along the flank killing 5), and his Doom Diver and Catapult killed everything except the Lector and BSB who each took a wound, left standing in the open, perfect targets for the Bolt Throwers next turn.

No close combat so his turn was over.

The Empire Knights Declared a Charge on his Shaman Lord unit who elected to flee (8 Lances vs about 30ish Gobbos) rather than take the hit. My Wizard Lord and the Great Swords charged into the General Gobbos Flank.

Magic saw some Greatsword regrown in an IF roll, causing a wound on the Wizard who had healed back to full strength on the successful Regrowth, go figure. He also cast the Shield of Thorns on himself which went through because his Shaman Lord was paniced. The Eastern Pistolier shot down the Wolf Chariot while the Pistoliers out west finished the remaining wound of the final Chariot. Cannon destroyed the Doom Diver (should have done that 1st turn) while the Mortars missed and one misfired again, my Master Engineer was re-rolling every turn.

My Greatswords cut downs the Goblins, taking few wounds back causing the General to flee without a re-roll as the BSB was paniced behind him. My Greatswords ran down his unit, gaining the 3 Fatigue points needed to win killing his General for 2 and a Standard for 1.

Overall the Greatswords and Warrior Priest Halberds performed magnificently. Loving the Pistoliers and the 10 shots at 5+ ST4 -2 save. As much as I enjoyed the Life Wizard, I think Light still might be best for Empire though I have been toying with the idea of a Bright Wizard.

I might be able to post pics but not sure yet.


21-10-2010, 17:38
Those large troll units are cool, but they have trouble in an army led by a low leadership general.

Nice fight and glad to see you back on the winning side of things :)

25-10-2010, 22:47
Good report, I noticed that you took a miscast while throne of vines was in play and another later on in the game, is it because you failed the 2+?

26-10-2010, 12:38
Good report, I noticed that you took a miscast while throne of vines was in play and another later on in the game, is it because you failed the 2+?

Let me guess, Throne protects from Miscast....sigh...only cost me 5 Greatswords on a miscast, though I grew them back...durn it.


26-10-2010, 14:36
Yup, the throne protects you from miscasts, and it one of the many reasons why it should be the first spell you cast :)

Golden Lion
26-10-2010, 15:56
Cool report, thanks Noght! Good to see the infantry performing nicely.