View Full Version : 1k Wood elves for 8th: No magic possible?

21-10-2010, 02:40
Good news: My group will try out 8th. :)
Bad news: We're starting at 1k, and I'm WE. :(

Here is the starting list:

* Noble; steed, spear, shield + light armour, Hail of Doom.
* 10 GG; musician.
* 10 GG; musician, standard.
* 5 GR.
* 4 Treekin.
* 5 Wardancers; musician, champ.
(I know the WD are meh in 8th, but they are my favourite unit so I want to see what they can do fighting alongside the Treekin.)

I have 120+ points left. Usually, in 7th, I would run a 'singer for magic protection. She'd have to be naked with level 2 magic to fit into % percentage requirements. I'll be facing VC, DE, O&G and Dwarfs.

Against all-comers (and in particular VC & DE) I think I really want that +2 to dispel, even if I never cast anything myself (Lore of Athel Loren is meh, so it's probably better not to even try casting anything in case she blows up).

However, I'd also like to upgrade the riders to Wild Riders and put the noble on an eagle, and I'd like an extra standard or two. Third option is to trim out the musicians and try and squeeze in an extra unit, such as 5 waywatchers.

So, the big question: Can WE survive at 1k with no magic? :eek: I'd have to rely on natural dispel dice. Maybe it's better to drop the fighting noble and tool up a level 2 mage properly (some protection and the stave to try and get something decent from treesinging?).

Fanks for your opinions. :D


The Grim
21-10-2010, 04:18
By experience, even as a dorf with a single Runesmith (+2 to dispell +1 DD) I still got pummeled by a single mage in 1k. Winds of magic are not designed for small size games...

22-10-2010, 00:52
By experience, even as a dorf with a single Runesmith (+2 to dispell +1 DD) I still got pummeled by a single mage in 1k. Winds of magic are not designed for small size games...

That's an interesting opinion. I've heard that 3k is the "new 2k", and take it to mean the game is designed with this "ideal" points value in mind - just about everything from a dragon to a steam tank can find its way into a game this size without totally wrecking the balance.

Does anyone else feel that 1k games are just too dominated by magic to be viable these days? Another cunning ploy by GW to make us buy more more models and only play big games...:shifty:


The Grim
22-10-2010, 01:23
Well from what I have seen, unless one is taking a significant anti magic force, thus crippling the rest of his force, a single mage can very esily wreak havoc unchallenged, were it only with the big size fireball. Since it is unlikely that there will be 2+ mages, the one mage has virtually all the dice to cast 1 or 2 spells which can most likely not be stopped by standard dispell.

I experience this as a dwarf especially since our anti magic has virtually 0 offensive power as we pay 70 points for a 2 Wounds hammerer champion.

22-10-2010, 02:43
That's kinda funny, as in 6th the problem was a couple of level-1 dispel scroll caddies could totally shut down an enemy magic phase with far more points spent on it.

Methinks the pendulum hath swung too far t'other way.

[Anyway, in discussion with my VC opponent, we have agreed to institute a gentleman's understanding for the first games: No Lord level characters under 2k. I think he is also afraid of Life magic :evilgrin:.]


22-10-2010, 18:24
Wood elf magic is rubbish until you hit lord level wizards, when you can take a not **** lore. I would either put a branchwraith with cluster and annoyance in for protection, and run her with the treekin for challenges. That will plug your points gap roughly aswel.


23-10-2010, 21:34
My regular opponent takes his only character as a Lvl4 spellweaver with the lore of life in our 1k games.

It's brutal. It is definitely an option in 1k!

23-10-2010, 23:28
at least 1/2 the lists ive played against at 1k has had a level 4 wizard (only reason some didnt was because thier wizards are to expensive), my only response was to do the same, turned into magic wars and was not all that fun, from then on we played 2250+