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21-10-2010, 12:19
Hi Warseer,

Hoping you can help un-muddle my brain.

This came up in a game last night and try as we might find a rule to point us the right we couldn't find one, so we ended up rolling it off how to play it.

My opponent had a unit of blood knights with only 1 left. Also in the unit he had his Vampire General. They were locked in combat with my last remaining Grail Knight (wasn't looking good for the poor chap :cries:).

In the magic phase my prophetess casts shield of thorns on the grail knight causing 2D6 wounds against any unit in close combat with him at the end of the magic phase. I rolled 9 hits…


As the Vampire has a different toughness to the blood knight how are these hits allocated?

Do we..

a) split the hits as equally as possible rolling off the odd one.
b) Allocate the hits to the blood knight at T4 and no hits spill over to the Vampire.
c) Allocate the hits to the Vampire and no hits spill over to the Blood Knight
d) Roll off each hit to see if it hits the Vampire or the Blood Knight
e) Something else.

Nowhere in the BRB could we find anything about models with different toughness in units and allocating hits other than for chariots and mounts where the hits are randomised between the mount / chariot.

Any help anyone can shine on this would be most grateful.

21-10-2010, 12:28
a) is the solution.. There is less than five basic model in the unit, so u must allocate one hit to each before a allocating second one. In your example, one will be hit 5 times and the other 4 times.

21-10-2010, 12:48
See BRB pg. 99 "Shooting" (as the hits from Shield of Thorns are distributed as for Shooting) second paragraph. a) is correct by the way, except that you don't have to roll off the odd one, the controller (of the unit being hit) can choose who gets the extra hit.

21-10-2010, 13:05
thanks for the quick responses guys.