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21-10-2010, 18:28
hey guys I'm just wonder what you all think of this list, coming back to the hobby after years of hiatus so would love some advice, thanks.


Spellweaver - 215
Glamourweave kindred - 20
Callingor's Stave - 25
Cluster of Radients - 25


Noble - 75
Alter kindred - 35
Hail of Doom - 30
Helm of the Hunt - 20
Great Weapon - 4

Noble - 75
Wardancer kindred - 30
Blades of Loec - 35

Branchwraith - 65
Lvl 1 mage - 50
Murder of Spites - 25
A Befuddlement of Mischeifs - 25


10 Glade Guard - 120

10 Glade Guard - 120

11 Dryads - 96
Branch Nymph - 12
(spellweaver goes here)

10 Dryads - 96
Branch Nymph - 12
(Branchwraith goes here)


3 Treekin - 195
Treekin Eldar - 20

8 Wardancers - 144
Blade Singer - 14
Musician - 7
(Wardancer noble goes here)

3 Warhawk Riders - 120
Wind rider - 20


Great Eagle - 50

5 Waywatchers - 120

Total Points - 1998pts

21-10-2010, 18:40
Its a decent list for 7th edition. It's awful for 8th. Really WE are limited to a level 4 spellweaver with lore of life, a bsb, glade guard with mus and banner, dryads, treekin, treeman and great eagles.

Honestly nothing else is really worth running.

21-10-2010, 20:59
Firstly, remove individual points costs, its against forum rules.

Ilegalitys with your list;
*You cant put cluster on anything other than a treeman ancient or a branchwraith.
*Glamourweave mages have to have a mount of either a unicorn or steed.
*Alter kindred is 25, not 35pts
*You have costed 11 Dryads the same as 10 Dryads. Alos, 10 dryads costs 120pts, not 96.
*You have to have 500pts of core (25%). You would need to put in the acurate amounts for the units you have included.

Apart from the illegalitys, you have a pretty abismal list. You have too little of too many things. Wardancers, warhawk riders, waywatchers, and there coresponding nobles are all pretty bad. They could be dropped for eagles, treekin, more core, a bsb, and loads of Treemen.

Mull that over, and re-write. Its better you buy a bit more of the wright stuff, than waste money on the rubbish stuff.


Fox Of 9
21-10-2010, 21:06
@thesheriff harsh, blunt but true

the gribbly
22-10-2010, 02:30
If this list is meant for fun then you actually have a nice mix of units to try out, as you say you've been absent from whf for quite awhile. However, thesheriff is correct on all accounts and you will probably find some of your choices to be found wanting in this edition. Anyway here is what I would suggest to make your list legal and slightly better without changing it too much:


Spellweaver lvl 4
lore of beasts or life
Stone of rebirth


Noble, BsB, asyendis bane, HoDA, dragonhelm, LA

Wardancer noble, Blades of Loec


10 Glade Guard, std, banner of eternal flame

10 Glade Guard, std

10 Dryads

10 Dryads


5 Treekin

7 Wardancers, Blade Singer


Great Eagle

5 Waywatchers


Total Points - 1998pts

So these changes make your list legal and reflect a few of the differences in 8th edition.
check out the latest errata at GWs website and definately read the new rules front to cover a couple times. You will find, as was so warmly suggested, that forest spirits perform better this edition, particularly treekin and treemen, while skirmishers and fast cavalry have become worse overall due to true line of sight, step up and many other factors. Also magic has improved greatly for us with access to one of the best lores aka lore of life. Great weapons on elf characters is usually bad unless the wielder is very survivable. Skirmishers with bows did get a slight boost with march and shoot. Warhawks beat out glade riders but all fast cavalry have taken such a hit in 8th that their applications are very few and narrow. Great eagles are still great.
Try the nobles out and see how they do. Personally I now prefer scout nobles to alters and waywatchers for character bunkers over wardancers.
While far from the most competitive list this should at least give you a variety of units to test out. Cheers.

22-10-2010, 07:24
ok thanks guys sorry i was in breach of rules ill have to plead ignorance but apologies all the same. can't believe things have changed so much. thanks for all you postings. plus thanks for that army list post much appreciated.

22-10-2010, 08:12
@thegribbly good list - I'm playing around the 1500 point mark at the moment but that list is roughly where I'm headed. Not really sure about the waywatchers though - I'd rather have another ten glade guard and some more treekin?

@guardofathelloren: it's sadly true - WE have been savaged in 8th and what was a good army a few months ago now needs a serious overhaul - bluemage has got it right above as to what's really worth playing.

That said if you're playing for fun with a group that's not too competitive there's nothing wrong with trying out some of the other special units. The minis are great, the fluff is great, they just get chewed up and spat out, especially by anyone with armour. Don't have my book to hand but I'm a few models short of the following:

L4 Lifeweaver
3 x 10 Glade Guard w/ banner and mus
2 x 10 dryads
6 treekin
Great Eagle

Which is about 1750 when you throw some spites and items. The most competitive army possible would probably be that with another 6 treekin, but I'll probaly throw some wardancers and/or wild riders in there since I don't want to spend over 100 on ugly treekin miniatures!