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21-10-2010, 21:49
Hey there folks, sorry that I haven't gotten any reports up lately (my local Northern group has gone dry...) but I have a tournament coming up plus a bunch of games when I go on a trip to Vancouver, so they're coming :)

Anyway, about that tournament, the TO wanted some help with making missions and since I love that kind of thing I jumped all over it.

Don't know if he'll end up using them but here they are if you want to try them :D


Two armies march on each other to do battle, only to find… The land is infested with zombies! Mindless walking dead who want nothing more than to eat your brain!

Soldiers are brave and will fight as they are told, but they will have to be on their guard and avoid the undead touch of the evil zombies…

Players roll off and the player who rolls highest picks their side and deploys first, deploying within 12 inches of their long board edge. The other player then deploys in the same manner. Once both armies are deployed, but before scouts, the zombies are placed.

Taking turns, and starting with the player that deployed second, a zombie is placed so that they are within 12 inches of the center. Once 6 zombies are placed then scouts are deployed.

The player that deployed first gets first turn, however at the start of every player turn each zombie moves 2d6 in a random direction (if a hit is rolled on the scatter dice then reroll or use the small arrow). If the zombie hits a unit they will pop to the other side of the unit while causing D6 str 2 attacks. Any model that takes a wound will become a zombie too (you may want to mark with a dice or token) and will be placed the smallest distance away such that it is 1 inch away from other units. They will randomly move next player turn.

Zombies will stop if they bump into the board edge, impassible terrain, or each other. They can not be destroyed or charged. If you move into them they will simply pop to the other side of your unit and cause the damage as detailed above.

The game will go 6 turns and the winner is decided by victory points (models turned into zombies count as casualties).

Trick or Treat!

Halloween is a great time to go door to door and collect candy and other tasty goodies. Just be careful, some times you get a trick instead…

Players roll off and the player who rolls highest picks the table quarter they wish to deploy in. Starting with the player that picked their side, players alternate placing their units such that they are in their table quarter but more than 10 inches of the center of the board. Once all models are played then scouts are placed.

Players then roll off to see who gets first turn.

Each piece of terrain can be checked once per player for Trick or Treat, to do so simply move/deploy the unit into that terrain and declare you are going for Trick or Treat. Roll 2D6 and consult the table below:

2 :the unit it removed and treated as a casualty
3-4 :the unit’s armor save decreases by 1
5-6 :the unit is subject to stupidity for the remainder of the game
7-8 :the unit gains hatred
9-10 :the unit gains frenzy and can’t lose it for the remainder of the game
11 :the unit’s armor save is increased by 1
12 :the unit is ethereal

The game goes for 6 turns and the winner is decided by victory points.

Catch the Vampire!

There is a vampire on the lose and two enemy general know that if they can catch the vampire that they can use its blood kiss to transform their army into an unstoppable horde of vampiric killing machines.

Players roll off and the player who rolls highest picks their deployment zone (the board is divided diagonally from bottom left corner to top right corner) and places up to one hero or lord, and up to two core units. These can be placed anywhere in their deployment zone, and everything else goes into reserve. The other player then does the same.

All units in reserve will come in on turn two from their long board edge, except for scouts (which can not be placed normally) for they can come on from any board edge. These units coming in from reserve can march, but they can not charge.

A vampire model is then placed in the very center of the board, and then scattered 4D6 in a random direction (if a hit is rolled on the scatter dice then reroll or use the small arrow).

The player that picked their side first goes first.

At the start of each game turn, as long as it hasn’t been captured, the vampire moves 4D6 in a random direction (if a hit is rolled on the scatter dice then reroll or use the small arrow). If this brings the vampire into a unit the vampire will attack the unit doing D6 str 5 hits and then backing 1 inch away. The vampire will stop if this movement takes it into a board edge or impassible terrain. The vampire can’t be killed (it’s needed alive!).

If the vampire starts the game turn as controlled it will make D6 str 5 attacks against the unit.

The vampire can be captured by a unit that moves into it. That unit will take d6 str 5 hits and then, if it’s still alive, the vampire will count as captured (going to the back of the unit). A unit with a captured vampire can only move at half rate.

Enemy units may attempt to steal the captured vampire by charging the unit that had it captured and beating it in combat. The vampire simply moves to the back of the victorious unit and then combat resolution is continued as normal (LD test, break, crumble, etc)

The game lasts 6 turns and whoever has the vampire captured at the end wins. If neither side has it captured a turn 7 will be played, and if by the end of that turn it still isn’t captured then the game is a draw.

Any one who wants to give them a try and post the battle reports here are more than welcome :)

22-10-2010, 16:40
I like these scenarios, seems like a lot of fun, good job Mal :D

24-10-2010, 20:57
These scenarios kick bass!!

24-10-2010, 21:41
Definitely going to try the Trick or Treat scenario.