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The bearded one
22-10-2010, 00:42
Hey all, another battlereport. I will post the other half tomorrow.
I don't have my ogre opponent's list ( again ). It's a regular battleline fight.
He had:
A tyrant ( great weapon, heavy armour and something that gave him 2 impact hits, ironcurse icon )
A slaughtermaster ( 4+ ward? )
A butcher ( at the start of the game, he has a 5+ ward on a 2+ )
A bruiser ( BSB, additional handweapon, frenzy item )

5 bulls, full command

5 bulls full command

6 ironguts, full command

3 leadbelchers

30 gnoblars


2 giants

And here is my list. It's my standard all-comers list:
King Ferrun Ironhand
Dwarf lord
Great weapon
Master rune of spite
Rune of Stone
Master rune of steel
Rune of resistance
301 pts

Godri Thunderhammer
Battle standard
Master rune of gromril
Rune of cleaving
Rune of might
160 pts

Skalf Swiftaxe
Rune of fury
Rune of snorri spangelhelm
Rune of cleaving
Rune of Stone
147 pts

Thorrin Dragonforge
Rune of spellbreaking
Master rune of balance
147 pts

24 Dwarf warriors
Full command 241 pts

20 Longbeards
Full command
Rune of determination
Rune of battle 310 pts

10 thunderers
Shields 150 pts

10 quarrelers
Shields 120 pts

Bolt thrower
Brace of pistols 65 pts

Rune of forging
Rune of burning
Engineer 145 pts

23 Hammerers
Full command
Master rune of grungni 379 pts

15 Miners
Full command
Steam drill 215 pts

Organ gun
120 pts

2500 pts

Overview. I'm sorry if I am a bit short here and there, but it's late ;)

Ogre deployment

my deployment

Dwarfs turn 1 Don't worry, they're far away.
I win first round, and start peppering them with missilefire. It's not all that succesfull though, but I manage to do 3 wounds on the left giant, and 2 on an irongut.

Ogres turn 1 They move HOW much?
He moves forward as though the great maw is chasing him, and his ironguts move 14 inch because of their special banner from the BRB, through the stupidity forest.

All ogres and giants advance to the midline, and suddenly the threat is far more real than a turn before. You don't want to have a gunline against ogres, they're upon you in turn 2.

The gnoblars aren't in the mood so decide to check how the ogres fare before moving in and start to bicker.
The magic phase starts with the winds of magic waxing strong, rolling 11, but with my powerfull magic defende only 1 spell comes through ( +1 toughness ). I'm not worried however, as I will have another chance to dispell.

The scraplauncher hits a fair number of warriors after scattering off the hammerers, but kills only 3 because of great high resilience, namely high toughness, armoursave and the master rune of grungni.

Dwarfs turn 2 Fire everything!
The miners arrive. I am in doubt wether to place them on the left boardedge to flank charge the leadbelchers that are moving up over there, or to come up on my own boardedge to support my longbeards. It will turn out I made the right decision.

The thunderers, organ gun and cannon together manage to take down 3 ironguts

Ogres turn 2 We is bigger than da stunties! Smash em!
I shuffled the longbeards back a little ( I am brave, not stupid ), but the ironguts roll a staggering 12 and charge the longbeards, bellowing enthousiasm.


This charge is really the highpoint of the ogre movement phase, as all other ogres are less keen to follow the ironguts' example and make a series of miserable charges. The bull units and left giant fail to make it to the thunderers in the building, and the other giant fails to charge the quarrelers, tripping over an obstacle. In doing so, he may have managed to evade all the crossbowbolts headed towards his face! Win some, lose some.


Magic is uneventfull, with my 5 dispelldice against his 4 powerdice.

The gnoblars on the scraplauncher make some fatal errors, and fire their ammunition straight up into the air, only for it to land right on the scraplauncher. The scraplauncher misfires but does not wound itself.

The ironguts kill a devastating 11 longbeards and my longbeards kill one in return, my thane also kills an irongut. As I hoped, the ironguts do not go over my "threshhold" and I remain steadfast. My survival hinged on that, but I could lose a fair number of models before I'd lose steadfast. My longbeards manage to hold.

What's the rest of my line doing? Well, nothing:

Dwarf turn 3 Drive this iron into their guts!

The miners get off a flank charge, huzzah.

My hammerers charge the ogre bulls with BSB but, unsuprisingly, they flee. I know I would!

The giant, being a big foul mouthed target, eats a volley of thunderer bullets and has 1 wound remaining. Then the quarrelers, mimicking their succes of last battle, manage to do a single hit, which wounds, and the giant goes down.

My cannon and bolt thrower pick off 2 ogres from the BSB's unit

And my organ gun? Well, let's just say you shouldn't use too much gunpowder..

in combat my decision to deploy the miners on my board edge pays off, and they kill an irongut. My thane does an unexpected 3 wounds on the tyrant! Confronted with so many little 'uns the ogres flee, but are overrun by a dual pursuit.

An overview from my opponents side.

Ogre turn 3 Get them stunties!
My remaining longbeards are charged by ogre bulls with a butcher. Deciding they've had enough I let them flee through the miners, who don't panic. The miners are then hit by the ogres.

Now if I recall correctly you can only rally on double 1 if you are below 25%, even with a character in the unit. So my thane was stuck to fleeing. Luckily the ogre player took care of that little snag for me, by blowing them to kingdom come, and so my thane could rally on his own ld :)

Those bulls actually hit rather hard, and 10 miners lose their lives ( the stomp casualties aren't on the picture ). I do manage to kill 2 ogres, so with my lord in range, and losing by 4, I have a decent chance of holding. If the miners do not hold, then apart from possibly being overrun themselves, the thane, who is fleeing already, could be caught and killed as well.

Do I hold?

Find out tomorrow, when I post the rest :)

22-10-2010, 12:33
How do you get the pictures to show up in your report?

The bearded one
22-10-2010, 13:12
via attachments, which can be uploaded while writing.

The links seem to be broken when reorganising my photobucket, I will fix it.

The bearded one
23-10-2010, 13:32
Still Ogre turn 3, cliffhanger!
Now, with your bets placed.. it's time to resolve my cliffhanger! The ogres killed 10, charged and have a banner, while the miners did 6 wounds and have a banner. Losing by 5 and with the lord narrowly in range, but the BSB not, I have one shot at making a ld 5 breaktest. Grungni smiles upon the dice and I roll 4, holding the ogres at bay for a turn. Blessed be these miners by Valaya, they bought the thane precious moments, and by killing 2 ogres maybe even a chance to survive the coming attack.

The other notable events this turn are that a direct hit from the scraplauncher managed to kill 6 hammerers, and the ogre bulls and BSB rally.

Dwarf turn 4, shooting stuff, and buying time

My hammerers charge the ogre BSB's unit, but fail to make it.

In my turn, my bolt thrower nearly earns back it's cost in a single shot ( yeah, I'm finding bolt throwers to still be worth it, and especially when everyone keeps sending stuff after it that's twice as expensive, so I keep deploying it in the far corner and laugh ) , and it chucks a leadbelcher. It fails to instill panic however.

On the right side of the board, the giant who just got back on his feet takes a cannonball to the face and expires. His body crashes into the building.

The last miners are killed, but the thane has rallied, so he still has a shot!

Ogre turn 4, not going down without a fight!

Having gathered their nerve, the ogre bulls and bruiser BSB decide their luck and charge into da little stunties with bigga hammers. They make a succesfull charge, so let the battle commence!

On the left flank the ogre bulls charge the thane, but the leadbelchers also charge into the fray!

The gnoblars also decide to show up after bickering the first turns and they are getting close to the building filled with quarrelers.

3 ogres and bruiser against 17 hammerers, my lord and BSB, On the left flank 6 ogres against my lone thane, Odds? 3:1, place your bets!

The hammerers appear to find combat rather refreshing after standing around and letting others have the fun. My lord does 2 wounds to the BSB, and my own BSB ( who issued a challenge ) hacks 2 wounds off the ogre champion and gets no in return. The hammerers fell an ogre bull, and wound the last one twice. In return 5 hammerers are killed. The ogres lose, but they hold their ground.

The notable thing is that in his magic phase the ogre player actually got a spell through, and buffed the ogre bulls accompanying his butcher and fighting my thane, giving them toughness 5.

The heavily overwhelmed thane issues a challenge, which is of course declined. He strikes first though ( who would've thought ) and manages to fell the ogre champion. He suffers 3 wounds in return, and due to their armourpiercing nature only manages to save 1. The noble thane is felled, but dies a heroes death at the hands of the vile ogres! So far the left flank has seen most death in the entire game.

Dwarf turn 5, moving forward, and making them flee

On the far right, my warriors make a succesfull charge on the gnoblars, who are suddenly less happy to have come closer.

My bolt thrower stares at the flank of the leadbelchers, the perfect oppertunity.
Well duh, of course I failed to hit them..

My thunderers, quarrelers and cannon did better however, and the 2 remaining bulls accompanying the butcher are slain for full victory points, and the butcher suffers a wound.

The sudden disappearence of his unit makes him feel uneasy, so he wisely flees away from the sound of the roaring cannon, and passing through the leadbelchers they decide to follow suit.

In the battle in the middle, the BSB and ogre champion are killed. The remaining ogre with a single wound takes 3 hits to the head and the entire unit appears to be destroyed, but fast as lightning the banner bearer passes 3 parry saves! 4 hammerers are killed this round. The ogre banner bearer's luck is shortlived as he is overwhelmed and trampled by the hammerers.

The gnoblars suffer 5 or 6 casualties and break, but the warriors fail to overrun.

Ogre turn 5, a bit of rallying, and a lot of not-rallying
The final turns are relatively uneventfull, and it's time to clean up a bit. The leadbelchers rally, the butcher decides to run a little bit more, as do the gnoblars.

Dwarf turn 6, cleaning up

The warriors charge the gnoblars again and only manage to get far enough to touch to gnoblars, who run further from there on, resulting in a failed charge.

The bolt thrower and thunderers take down a leadbelcher, and the other one has a single wound remaining.

Ogre turn 6, last chance, final charges

The final half of the final turn. The butcher rallies on the edge of the forest, the gnoblars might've rallied but who remembers such an insignificant detail :) . The remaining leadbelcher tries his luck and charges the bolt thrower, unperturbed by the pistols fired at him. The scraplauncher races forward, thundering through the woods, into the hammerers.

A low roll on impact hits, and unlucky with 'to hit' rolls, the only hammerer slain is the one killed by impact hits. In return, remembering they hate this vaguely green thing, the BSB brandishes his rune of might and smothers the rhinox while the hatefull hammerers bash the construction on it's back apart, destroying it in a single round

The leadbelcher manages to do kill a crewmember, and they fail to wound him in return. The crew, refusing to abandon their warmachine, hold their ground however.

An ending overview. Spot the ogres & dwarfs! We've drifted apart.

Quite a fun battle. When the ogres reach the middleline it was terrifying, especially when the tyrant and ironguts charged in and killed nearly a dozen longbeards. But then the battle seemed decided after I managed to break the ironguts and the BSB was fleeing. My opponent made a nice comback on the left flank and earned himself a fair amount of victory points with that bull unit. The miners, longbeards and thane, that's 672 pts, and 50 points for the banners. My shooting took quite a toll on those poor ogre bulls on that flank though. My opponent is finding his leadbelchers to not be worth it because they can only move, and then fire 12". It's still a decent range though so they can fire in turn 2 if deployed as far forward as possible, 12" from the boardedge, but I can see what he means, they're quite expensive and his units could use some more bulls.

With only a butcher, leadbelcher and gnoblars remaining versus my lord, bsb, runesmith, hammerers, warriors, thunderers, quarrelers and cannon and having killed his lord and BSB, I think it is fair to assume I have managed to gain a victory, if not a crushing victory.

Dwarven victory

25-10-2010, 20:42
via attachments, which can be uploaded while writing.

The links seem to be broken when reorganising my photobucket, I will fix it.

As far as I understood it warseer doesn't allow any photobucket links in battle reports...

Anyway good battle, and love the pictures with captions :D

The bearded one
25-10-2010, 21:25
Yeah, it doesn't allow me to post up the images using [img] tags, but I can still post the links. I just broke them when I reorganised my photobucket account, which caused them to take on different URL's.

27-10-2010, 05:54
Those pictures are awesome. I must learn how to do that.

And congrats on the win. :)