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22-10-2010, 09:34
Hi, i'm looking for the ultimate Empire Gunline of 2400 Points.
me and my friend made an early setup, please advise and criticise gently :angel:

Wizard lord

4 master engineers with pidgeon bombs

5x 10 handgunners with sniper

10 huntsman

3 cannons

3 mortars

2x 5 pistoliers

steam tank


Wizard lord: running around dispelling and a power stone powered spell once or twice

4 master engineers with pidgeon bombs: at the back sending the birds away

5x 10 handgunners with sniper

10 huntsman: move up front to catch the first charge.

3 cannons

3 mortars

2x 5 pistoliers: scout to harass enemy warmachines, and march block.

steam tank: fun

hellblaster: well, just looks cool, and is a last resort before enemy troops reach the line[/I]

Tell me what to change!


22-10-2010, 10:48
i wouldnt recommend a gunline in this edition, they will get to your lines, and you wont have anything to deal with them. your hand gunners are BS3 most your artillary are hit or miss, and now everyone has fast cav, scouts, fast units, ambushers etc. you need some sort of defense.

22-10-2010, 11:47
I think more balance is probably required. You need something to hold the line, maybe a Warrior Priest with a big Core (25 Halbreds cost 125, one engineer and mortar)

I created a gun line list but it's just too dicey. Stuff just gets there too fast. You are in HTH in turn 2 in some cases. You have to be able to win in combat in addition to you're Gun Line casualties.

Love the Idea though, Fire Mage adding to the damage maybe (what unit is he in?). Cut back on engineers and have them direct the War Machines, more effective than tossing Pigeon Bombs.

Pistoliers have been fantastic for me, I've been running 2 units of 5 and plan on fielding a third unit of 5. Shooting is 5+ to hit, ST4, -2 armor save at 12 inches. Volley fire can reduce War Machines with luck (6's to wound) or clear screening units.

Just some thoughts.


22-10-2010, 13:05
a 2nd steam tank? put them in front centre and catch chargers.... the thing is that i don't want to take a big unit of non shooters.

engineers use the pidgeon bombs when they aren't needed at the big guns, i was looking for some smaller units of archers to protect the flank, or to redirect an upcoming charge...

but it looked like more fun to just shoot as hard as i can, WITHOUT a fighting unit...