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Wade Wilson
22-10-2010, 14:06
Hi guys, gals and non gender specifics!

I am fairly new to Daemons and this is my first attempt at a list this size. I will be using the models that i currently have but am open to suggestions from folks if theres anything i should add.

Lord of Change (General) - Level 4, Tzeentches Will, MoS (Life) - 630
= 630

Herald of Khorne - Mounted on a Juggernaught, Armour of Khorne, (Battle Standard Bearer) - 190
Skulltaker - 150
Herald of Tzeentch - Winged, MoS (Beasts) - 160
Herald of Slannesh - Torment Blade - 95
The Blue Scribes of Tzeentch - 81
= 676

x 27 Bloodletters, full command, led by Skulltaker - 354
x 28 Bloodletters, full command - 366
x 19 Daemonetts, full command, led by Herald of Slaanesh - 258
= 978

x 3 Flamers of Tzeentch - 105
x 3 flamers of Tzeentch - 105
x 3 Fiends of Slaanesh - 165
x 4 Bloodcrushers, full command, led by Herald of Khorne - 330
= 705

Total - 2989

The idea of this army is very simple; to create a strong pincer movement with fast units on the flank and have my heavy hitters in the centre to provide a stable line. The 2 bloodletter units will be in the centre with the Lord of Change nearby to buff them with life spells and to assist in any combats that look quite nasty (5 S6 attacks and thunderstomp, not to mention Terror should help combat quite nicely). The daemonettes will be to the flank of one of these units, the bloodcrushers another. The Herald of Tzeentch will be flying up either behind one of the units to boost them with wysans wildform whenever necessary thanks to the 20" move with wings..can also snipe at enemy units with the amber spear and other lowish costing spells.
The Fiends are pure and simply there to hunt down war machines and small units or missile troops. I was using seekers of slaanesh with a siren standard but they sometimes lacked the hitting power i needed to take on units of missile troops.
The flammers will most likely be on each flank to assist the daemonetts and bloodcrushers by hitting targets of oppertunity and priority flammable units like treemen, trolls or war hydras.

As for magic. A Level 4 LoC, a Level 2 Herald and the Blue Scribes should be able to wack out a fair few buffs and attacks. the Blue Scribes are purely there to dart around the enemy lines, probably casting random spells from then lore of fire, but mostly to aquire power dice from the enemy.

I am in 2 minds whether to have my LoC with the gettup he has of to bump his points up and make him a 2 headed, MoS Level 4 wizard
I would loose the reroll each turn but have an incredible cast rate of 6...

Opinions are very welcome guys.

29-10-2010, 00:20
well, the LoC looks good but depending on your group, you might want to go with dark magister and power vortex instead of tzeentch's will (but only if you guys rule that dark magister doesn't cause a spell to fail). on the other hand, the lvl 4 LoC with twin heads is hideously effective. maybe free up some points for a siren song for your HoS? i know it doesn't fit your overall plan but plans are fluid and it may come in handy. also, i think a HoK on foot or 2 would be a good bet for your letter blocks, as statistically, 17 attacks hitting on 4's with re-rolls will yield the same number of hits as 23 attacks without. i don't know anything about the scribes so i won't mention them except that as cavalry, they won't get a LoS and T3 3W 5++, they'll either be totally worth it, or they'll be the only unit in history to die to ungor raiders' shortbows. and the lore of beasts is excellent but i believe light could maybe possibly be better as the casting values are all fairly low and the lore meshes beautifully with letters and crushers. then again beasts is a great lore for a supporting caster so just minor suggestions that are all personal preference. i think its a great list with an awesome range of models and capabilities