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22-10-2010, 14:50
trying to work up a competitive list for tournaments. any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated.

- kairos

- herald of khorne
armour of khorne

- herald of khorne
armour of khorne, bsb, standard of sundering

- herald of slaneesh
siren song

- herald of slaneesh
siren song

- 14 damonettes, full command

- 14 daemonettes, full command

- 19 bloodletters, full command

- 19 bloodletters, full command

- 6 flamers

- 6 flamers

heralds go into respective daemonette or bloodletter units so that each unit has their locus ability

spells that ive been thinking bout for kairos are

-left head
*lore of life
**flesh to stone

*lore of light
**speed of light
**phas's protection
**birona's timewarp

-right head

*lore of death
**the purple sun of xereus
**the caress of laniph

**lore of shadow
**okkam's mindrazor

basic idea is to use one head to buff units hopefully to help them get there more or less intact and to make them more effective in cc, the other head is for offensive magic with a bit of sniping, a hex, and a buff thrown in as well. overall offensive magic im not worried about since both heads know the lore of tzeentch as well.

24-10-2010, 18:50
as far as spells for kairos, i would trade the purple sun for pit of shades. i know the chances are slim but you do NOT want to misfire the PS with kairos. i would also trade something for wyssan's wildform as that and birona's time warp are the best buffs. and if you decide to keep PS i would combo it with a spell that nerfs initative, as kairos' greatest strength is being able to pick spells that really mesh together. i would think about combining the daemonette units or finding a way to throw the stubborn banner on one as they will evaporate quickly against harder units. maybe use points saved here to solidify your 'letter units as neither of them will really be able to survive a prolonged combat. i'd also drop a unit of flamers as their bark really is worse than their bite. they're good to have around but you have no sustainable combat power. this list will be hardpressed against dwarfs or empire and armies with lots of artillery and strong anti-magic as it has nothing to hunt war machines.

to sum up, i'd say tweak kairos' spells a little bit, try to beef up the combat units, and try to get a little more flexibilty by adding a unit to hunt war machines/chase away chameleon skinks/snatch up lone mages etc
what do you think?

25-10-2010, 08:35
Army seems to lack solid anvil and hammer unit and something to fetch warmachines, single wizards, small units etc. I can see that you are likely trying siren song your opponent to reveal his flank and then charge with letters, but with small units like that you will be overwhelmed in no time. Single unit of orcs with 2 choppas using waagh or bash em ladz or just plain chaos warriors will pretty much walk through everything on that list.

I see that you are counting on Kairos's buffs to keep your forces together, but problem in that is that all of his spells can be countered, so its not as bulletproof as a big solid unit that can hold on its own. You might also want to get Throne of vines from life, since will of Tzeentch can only help you once with miscasts. Otherwise spells like Pandemonium with infernal puppet or items like cupped hands might really hurt your expensive wizard.

With core units I would combine letters to make one big unit of destruction. This would allow you to drop one herald and add 2 fiends or units of furies with those points to hunt warmachines. Think about those flamers too. They dont have much time shooting necessary and two units might be bit too much. More core troops, fiends or crushers might work better.

About Kairos's spells. Purple sun is very nice choise for him, as you can get tons of powerdice with it even against I4 units. Purple sun combined with Boo of Tzeentch gives you long magic phase and thats why you might also want to get miscast protection with throne of wines. You could also catch some nasty combos, like enfeebling foe and dwellers to destroy tons of enemies from big hordes. Wind blast+Flame cage would also work for keeping your opponent at distance and inflicting serious damage at the same time. I would also try to fit in Enchanted blades of aiban, as it is really nice spell to throw to flamers and helps against knights and woc when thrown to letters.

thats my tired thought for improvement.