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23-10-2010, 07:14
After a beating I took from my younger brother's Wood elves (his first 8th ed game, and my slaan miscast 2x and got swallowed by the warp in my first turn, and 13 out of his 16 temple guard got blown away...sufficient to say it was all downhill from there), I now have a chance to play versus an old veteran Jun P's Warriors of Chaos with both my Lizardmen and my empire armies. Jun will be migrating to the US hence these battles will be my last vs his Chaos Legion, for some time at least.

His list....

lord, general
tzeench, disc, shield, flail
armour of destiny
crown of command
stream of corruption

exalted hero
tzeench, disc, shield, flail
talisman of preservation, potion of foolhardiness

exalted hero
battle standard bearer
favor of the gods
nurgle, shield

sorcerer, lore of fire (fireball, flaming sword)
level 2, steed
feedback scroll


19 chaos warriors
full command
banner of rage

5 marauder horsemen
slaanesh, flails, champion

5 marauder horsemen
slaanesh, flails, champion, musician


7 chaos knights
full command
blasted standard




My list

Slann Lord "Palaq'qa" - Focus of Mystery and Rumination, Cupped hands, BSB
Scar Veteran "Tuq'qo" - Lt. Armor, Shield, Dragonhelm, Biting Blade
Skink chief "Tiq'qi" - Stegadon war spear, on Stegadon

25 saurus warriors - shields, standard + musician
22 saurus warriors - spears, shields, std+musician
28 skink warriors - javelin, shields, std+musician
2 kroxigors attached
3 x 10 skink skirmishers

16 temple guard, std+musician
6 chameleon skinks, with brave
2 salamanders - 1 with extra handler

The mission was Dawn Attack, and Jun won the roll off for table sides and deployment...

WoC deployment

My deployment, as well the cautious vanguard moves of the marauders

I try to steal the initiative, but fail...

WoC turn 1

The Hellcannon fails it's LD test, and barrels through the forest (which turns out to be normal). The 2 characters on discs join the marauder horsemen unit on makes a flanking move on my left, while the sorcerer leaves the chaos knight unit, and the knights join the other marauder horsemen on a flanking move on my right. The Warshrine decides to stay beside the church (appropriately!!), and the BSB and Nurgle warriors stay in and continue to defile the Holy Building.

Magic sees the Sorcerer use 6 dice to fire off the level 3 fireball...no IF but my Slann fails to dispel!!! 1 entire skink unit is burned alive, but the surrounding units do not panic.

Shooting sees the first of a long line of mediocre buff attempts by the warshrine, who rolls extremely average for this entire game!!!

Strong flanking moves on both ends, and first blood goes to the Chaos Sorcerer

LM turn 1

The faster skink skirmishers and salamanders rush forward as the LM's first wave of defense, together with the chameleon skinks and the stegadon. The Infantry blocks reposition slightly in anticipation, although the spear saurus march towards the center in order to be able to support the other blocks.

The Slann's casting of Throne of Vines is dispelled, as the Chaos sorcerer uses all his dice to negate it. The Slann manages to buff up the other units unopposed.

Shooting has the right marauder unit wiped out, while only the champion remains from the other.

The skink based units harass the WoC, while the Slann buffs up several units.

WoC turn 2

The frenzied knights fail their frenzy restraint roll, and subsequently fail a long charge vs the spear saurus, and shamble forward. The hellcannon against fails its roll, and charges the chameleon skinks, who get caught!!! The 2 disc heroes as well as the last marauder decide to pick on the poor skink unit, whose attempt to shoot the exalted hero fails miserably, and the 3 units crash into it.

The sorceror (who dodged a giant spear from the stegadon the first round) decides prudence is the better part of valor and marches to cast his spells from behind the forest, while the nurgle warriors continue to happily pillage the church (his fear of my salamanders would prove to be unfounded)....

Magic is unsuccessful as the Slann easily dispels the 5 dice casting attempt of the sorcerer.

The WoC assaults flankwards and eliminate some of the screens!!!

LM turn 2

The skinks, sallies, and steg move for better shooting opportunities, as the other infantry blocks reposition to the left in anticipation of the returning Chaos heroes and marauder.

Magic has "Throne of Vines" dispelled again, but "Earthblood" is cast on the TG unit. The feedback scroll from the sorceror fails to harm the slann. Shooting is disastrous as both salamanders eat some of their handlers, and the Warshrine shrugs off the hail of darts from the skink skirmishers, and the Giant spear misses the knights completely...

The LM left repositions in anticipation of the returning Chaos units, as the Slann continues to rebuff units, as shooting does absolutely nothing!!

WoC turn 3

The hellcannon passes it's Ld check, and simply pivots in place. The Chaos Knights fail their frenzy roll AGAIN, and are forced to move over the hedges (albeit successfully, as the unit passed its dangerous terrain checks) towards the saurus spearmen. The sorceror charges throught he wood successfully into the flank of the right salamander. The 2 characters on discs as well as the last marauder enter play. The 2 flying warriors fly deep beside the skroxigor unit, with the intent to charge it the next turn. The lone marauder moves towards his own baseline and faces the left salamander. The Nurgle unit still does not go out of the church and continues to defile it.

The Slann controls the magic phase, and shooting has the Hellcannon miss. Combat has the sorceror inflict a wound on the salamander, who manages to pass it's break test due to being cold blooded!!! The sally fails to reform and face the sorceror though.

LM turn 3

The skinks move forward and seal the front door of the church, so the nurgle warriors cannot go out through that side. Tle skroxigor manage to escape the trap of the 2 chaos characters as it manages to march 12" out of their charge arc, curling to face both warriors. The TG and regular saurus move foward towards the middle of the table, although the saurus pearmen march straight along my baseline towards the disc riding chaos heroes. The left salamander faces the lone marauder, while the skink chief on the stegadon moves towards the sorceror and salamander fight, hoping that the salamander can survive so that it can charge the sorceror the next turn.

The Winds of magic are very poor, no spell gets through!!! Shooting is again poor as the green salamander eats all its handlers, while the skinks and stegadon miss with everything!!!

Combat has the sorcerer fail to wound the yellow salamander, but the angry beast manages to bite the chaos wizard, and the combat is drawn!

WoC turn 4

The last marauder decides to chance it and charges the green salamander successfully. The Chaos knights declare a charge versus the saurus, but roll poorly and fail again, without losing a single knight to the hedges! The Chaos lord flies to the flank of the Skroxigor, while the exalted hero tries to reinforce the sorceror and flies over the saurus blocks. With the front of the church blocked by the skinks and the right by the chaos warshrine, Jun decides not to get out of the left side of the church.

With the Magic phase being uneventful, shooting has the hellcannon miss again, but the Chaos lord decides to use the Stream of Corruption and manages to kills several skink warriors...who pass their panic check.

Combat has the Chaos sorcerer fall to the Salamander, while the Chaos marauder inflicts a wound on the Green salamander, who holds!!

End of WoC turn 4 (with turn 3 moves from both sides reflected). The Chaos army attempt to outflank and hammer both LM sides fails, and attacks come in piecemeal....

LM turn 4

The Skroxigor curl around to face the chaos Lord, as the skinks prep their javelins. The saurus spearmen turn and face the exalted hero, while the TG and other saurus advance up the middle towards the church. The yellow salamander moves beside the hellcannon and faces the knights, while the stegadon moves and faces the flank of the knights.

The winds of magic blow poorly, but the Slann manages to cast Shield of thorns on the engaged Salamander, and Regrowth restores its wound as well as 2 handlers, before the marauder gets impaled by Thorns.

Shooting has the yellow salamander eat 1 handler, but the rest of the shooting is more successful as a skink Javelin manages to wound the Chaos lord, and the Stegadon fires a war spear and skewers 2 knights!!

Action continues on the LM flanks, as the TG and saurus advance in the center.

WoC turn 5

The exalted hero on the disc charges the stegadon, while the warshrine charges the skink skirmishers who have been harrassing it the entire game. The nurgel warriors emerge from the left of the building, and the chaos lord abandons his chase with the Skroxigors and flies and faces the rear of the TG unit. The chaos knights march over the hedges towards the stegadon, but lose a knight in the process.

The hellcannon finally manages an accurate shot which kills a korxigor and several skinks, and the unholy energies cause the entire unit to flee off board!

Combat has the Warshrine flub it's attacks miserably as only 2 skinks are killed, and the proximity of the slann and the BSB make sure they hold!!! In addition, despite the potion of foolhardniness, the Exalted champion ends up being eaten by the Stegadon, who then reforms and faces the remaining knights!!!

The Chaos units reinforce the center, as the chaos lord threatens the rear of the TG block.

LM turn 5

The Skink Chief spurs the Stegadon to charge the knights, while the saurus warriors charge into the warshrine, and the TG charges the Nurgle warriors. The Spear saurus face the Chaos lord, while the Salamanders move towards the flanks.

The magic phase has the Slann completely dominate. Throne of Vines is cast, as well as Regrowth. Flesh to Stone is also cast on the Stegadon, with a +4T boost to it and the riders!!!

Shooting has the yellow salamander finally behave, but it's breath completely overshoots the hellcannon.

Assault has 1 knight die due to the impact hits from the stegadon, and in the ensuing challenge the knight champion gets squished by the chief, and the remaining members trampled as the stegadon catches them when they break! The warshrine AGAIN flubs its attacks versus the skinks as only 1 die, and although it did not get a wound in return combat resolution causes it to break (despite the BSB reroll) and the skinks manages to catch and disable it! The saurus warriors them reform and spread out, attempting to deny space (unsuccessfully) for the Chaos Lord to charge the rear of the TG unit.

In the main combat, the BSB/nurgle warriors only cause 2 wounds on the TG (thanks to regeneration) while 2 warriors fall. The Chaos unit passes its break test and hold, and then reform so that more warriors can fight the next turn!!

The buffs from the Slann prove critical as the LM win all the close combats! The BSB and Nurgle warriors do not break and pin the TG in place!!!

WoC Turn 6

With the last turn, the Chaos Lord manages to find space in the rear corner of the TG unit, and the Hellcannon charges the stegadon in the flank!!!

Magic has the Throne of Vines dispelled, and the buffs are downgraded!

The stegadon holds versus the hellcannon, but fails to reform and face it. The Chaos lord and BSB/warriors cause mass carnage, as in the end only the TG standard bearer is left standing!!! However, he still stubbornly protects the Slann, so the unit holds!!!

The Chaos army countercharges and causes mass carnage among the TG!!!

LM turn 6

Slann lord Palaq'qa mentally communicates to the nearby units to scatter and form another defensive line, as he decides to face and take on the Chaos Lord by himself, with the faithful TG standard bearer protecting him from the ravening and frenzied BSB and Nurgle warriors. (I did this to avoid the units taking panic checks, since I had a feeling the Slann and the TG would be finished off).

The winds of magic roll was critically poor, and that limited myself for 3 spells only....Throne of Vines and regrowth was allowed through, but my attempt to cast Flesh to stone on the Slann and the last TG was dispelled....as Jun knew that was the critical spell to prevent....

The Hellcannon finally got tired of trying to eat the steg, and it decided to snack on the riders, managing to eat 2 (as the Flesh to Stone had worn away)....the stegadon manages to wound it before breaking and fleeing successfully.

In the critical main combat, the Slann challenges the Chaos Lord and takes 1 wound. However, the TG std bearer proves to be a hero since it manages to evade 15(!!!) attacks (5 from the BSB, 10 from the warriors) as extremely poor to hit and to wound rolls cause just 2 wounds, which are saved!!!

The Slann and TG survive, and the Stegadon evades capture!!!

In the end, this proves good enough for LM reinforcements to pour in, and the chaos army is repulsed in heroic fashion!!! Points tally reveals a VP total of 1000+ to 400+, meaning a massacre resulted in favor of the Lizardmen!!!

Whew!!! The reality was closer than the actual result!!! Jammy rolling by Jun in the last turn denied him 800++ VP which could have either drawn the game or cause him to win!!! I could have averted that by reforming my saurus spearmen for the flank charge into the chaos lord in the last turn instead of facing the rear, as well as simply advancing my saurus spearmen aggressively up the middle to instead of trying to catch the chaos lord midflight.....but at least it turned out to have a heroic twist!!!

Tactically I felt that the Chaos warriors should have been used aggressively from the early onset, but as he has not yet faced lizards in 8th ed the reputation from the salamanders caused him to hesitate and "reserve" his warrior unit. In the end the salamanders spent more time eating their own handlers than burning the enemy. But then again he still almost managed to pull it off with that late turn "pincer" trap of his warriors in the front and the chaos lord in the rear. Frenzy also reared its ugly head as his left flank units failed their ld rolls and he ended up losing control of them midgame (it also helped that I made sure the saurus spearmen was just at the maximum charge range so he was forced to check for frenzy)...so in effect his attacks came in piecemeal and I managed to handle them ok....

Anyway, great game Jun!!!

The next battle between my Empire McDonald city guard versus the same WoC to follow in another thread!

23-10-2010, 10:14
poor Jun, all those failed restrain checks :)

nice game though, and nice pics, really helped 'get' the action, thanks!

23-10-2010, 11:47
poor Jun, all those failed restrain checks :)

nice game though, and nice pics, really helped 'get' the action, thanks!

Yeah with Dawn of War they were forced to deploy on that flank far from the BSB.....

The BSB is truly a must have for every army..even for VC and Daemons, and they are affected now by stuff they were formerly immune to, such as frenzy and stupidity...and suddenly not having a reroll for your ld test when you critically need to march or do a swift reform may be a gamebreaker...

25-10-2010, 14:41
Great battle and like you saw the VPs at the end don't show how close it was.