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23-10-2010, 14:35
i am still a pretty new warhammer player and have a pretty good HE army already but am looking to start an empire army. i am hoping to get some insight into what i should be buying first to get my army playable and competitive as quickly (and cheaply) as possible so your thoughts would be great.

this is what i have so far:
35 state troops (15 spears, 20 swords)
15 hand gunners
1 captain
1 cannon
2 battle mages
1 master engineer.

that's it so far, what do you guys think i should pick up to make it decent?

23-10-2010, 15:17
It's been a long time since I played with Empire, but I think you'd probably want to look at putting those state troops into a single big block of 20-30, probably Halberdiers these days as they're the most competitive under 8th with two ranks of Strength 4 attacks, though swordsmen do get better use of their shields. Either way decent sized units are best, not necessarily hordes as the 30 are best fielded as 5 wide and 6 deep to remain Steadfast and soak up damage; smaller units end up a bit too fragile, though I suppose not so much in small battles.

You could probably do a block of 30, then two units of 10 hand-gunners/crossbows. This would give you the basis for a solid detachment, without requiring you to buy anymore stuff (I assume your list is the result of looking at what you intend to buy?).

The battalion box is a good starting point if you can forego the cannons for a while, as it gives you 10 handgunners, 20 halberdiers (or spearmen or swordsmen), 10 greatswords and 8 knights. The greatswords and knights especially really help to make up the points and give you some clout in combat that the state troops usually lack. A hero box and a mage box pads out the characters quickly, then it's just a case of expanding troops and adding artillery as you're able.

Just some thoughts anyway!

23-10-2010, 15:23
the list above is what i actually already own so i might pick up the battalion to buff that up a bit. thanks for the info. anyone else?

Fox Of 9
23-10-2010, 16:15
My advice usually would be to look around the forums looking for a empire list that you like the look of. then look at the feedback given and adapt that said list to keep it fun for you. if you want at the moment there are 2 empire army lists on the 1st page of the army list forum. (Mine & glasscannon PM us if you feel like you need any extra help :p :D :p). David

24-10-2010, 08:13
It also depends on the environment you usually play in.
I for example play mostly fun games with friends where we try to make fair army lists. But if you want to take your Empire army to tournaments you will need different units.
In general I would say, Pistoliers/Outriders are a unit you can find a use for in both those environments and Warrior Priests also fit in both.
An Empire army will also always benefit from a BSB.

24-10-2010, 10:51
8th edition is an awesome time to be playing empire, pretty much everything in the book has its uses in a list, the downside is trying to write one with so much cool stuff at your disposal.
so far yours looks like a great building block, I agree that the battalion would be an excellent next step, boosting those state troops to a few 30 man units and some cavalry but after that its up to preference, a solid approach most people take is to add bits of artillery/state troops/cavalry in equal measure to keep the force well rounded. Im also a big advocate of Warrior priests and empire fast cav, the only time I take a captain/general over a priest is for a pegasus hero or a BSB.