View Full Version : 1500 VC Campaign List

24-10-2010, 01:03
Hey guys, starting a1500pt campaign this week, its one list that you cant change. Heres my list:

Vampire Lord
-dark acolyte, forbidden lore
-sword of might, flayed hauberk, crown of the damned, dispell scroll

Wight King

20 Skellitons
-Banner, champ

25 ghouls

20 Grave Guard
-banner, champ, banner of burrows

20 Grave Guard
-banner, champ

3 fell bats

Im relying on the grave guard to do most of the killing with the ghouls lending support. The skellies are there to be a bunker if my vamp needs to hide and could tie up units so i dont get flanked. The bats are exclusively for war machine hunting as stone throwers would have a field day with my army.

Im thinking about taking lore of vampires for my lord, but the campaign didnt require people to commit to a lore, so I may tailor it, but I still think dance macabre is still one of the best spells out there.