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24-10-2010, 01:55
This is the second game during the day versus Jun P's Departing WoC force...this time I used my empire army.....and we used the same table...

Again, here is his list....

lord, general
tzeench, disc, shield, flail
armour of destiny
crown of command
stream of corruption

exalted hero
tzeench, disc, shield, flail
talisman of preservation, potion of foolhardiness

exalted hero
battle standard bearer
favor of the gods
nurgle, shield

sorcerer, lore of fire (fireball, flaming sword)
level 2, steed
feedback scroll


19 chaos warriors
full command
banner of rage

5 marauder horsemen
slaanesh, flails, champion

5 marauder horsemen
slaanesh, flails, champion, musician


7 chaos knights
full command
blasted standard




The McDonald City Guard list

General Fredrikson - Empire general, Full plate and Shield, Dragonhelm, Sword of Striking, Crown of Command, Talisman of Endurance
Arch Lector Fernando - Heavy armor, Enchanted Shield, Hammer of Might, War Altar

Captain Sylvester - BSB, Armor of Meteoric Iron, Biting blade
Lady Beatriz - Level 2 Lore of Metal (Searing Doom, Glittering Robes)
Engineer Sherwin

34 Halberds of Sigmar - Full command, Razor Standard
13 Swords of Sigmar - Swordsmen detachment

30 Spears of Sigmar - Std + Musician
8 Rogues of Sigmar - militia detachment

19 Bronze spearmen - Std+musician
5 Arrows of Sigmar - archer detachment

5 Bows of Sigmar - archer detachment (Greatswords)
8 Rabble of Sigmar - militia detachment (Greatswords)

25 Guards of Sigmar - Greatswords, Std + Musician
5 Youth of Sigmar - pistoliers, outrider champion
1 Cannon of Sigmar
2 Mortars of Sigmar

1 Steam Tank "Big Mac"

The Mission was Meeting engagement, and JunP again won the die off for choice of deployment area

His reserves ended up as his BSB, the Exalted hero on disc, the warshrine and the knights...the marauders make cautious vanguard moves
My reserves ended up as 1 archer and militia unit, and more painfully the great cannon and 1 mortar (drat!!!)..I decide not to vanguard move my pistoliers

Anyway, I apologize for taking less pictures, as we had to hurry to give way to a card flopper tournament later in the afternoon.....

I again fail to seize the initiative

WoC turn 1

His reserves all come in, and the Nurgle warriors decide to stay put so that the BSB can join the unit. For this game he had a tough mobile force making a move for my left flank consisting of his flying heroes, the knights and 1 marauder horsemen screen up front. The other marauder unit advanced up my right flank, while the warshrine hid behind the church.

The Magic phase was uneventful, as the boosted fireball spell did not get off. In the shooting phase the Warshrine continues to behave similar to the previous game versus my Lizardmen (ie absolutely average rolls, including several "blind eye" results) and thus was not a factor in this game. The Hellcannon behaves and manages to scatter slightly and hit my War altar, and Arch Lector Fernando takes a wound.

Empire turn 1

My reserves come in, and I march the archer unit into the tower. The cannon and mortar join the engineer and from an artillery battery with the deployed mortar.

After Jun's turn I just realized I made the mistake of deploying my army too wide, and am running the risk of having a "refused flank" tactic being used against me by his mobile forces. The "Meeting engagement" scenario gives you the ability to deploy in a good castle formation and I should have done that. Instead I march my infantry on my right towards the left, at the same time thinking how to delay that large nurgle warrior unit once it starts advancing the next turn. I nominate my valiant pistoliers to be the harrassing unit, and it marches beside the marauder horsemen up my right flank.

In the Magic phase my AL manages to cast "Net of Amyntok" on the left Marauder unit, while "Searing Doom" is dispelled.

Shooting is focused on the Marauder units, and 2 fall on my left while 3 fall on my right, while the mortar misses. Worst of all "Big Mac"s cannon misfires and inflict 2 wounds on itself!! Dang I was hoping for better results....

The situation at the end of turn 1

WoC turn 2

The marauders declare charges, but the "Netted" unit fails its strength test and is sliced to ribbons by the spell. On the right the horses jump over the hedges successfully, and comes to grip versus the milita unit.

The 2 flying characters fly on the hill on my extreme left, ready to start rolling my lines on the next turn. The knights make a swift reform and deploy line abreast, and move to face my infantry center, while the Nurgle warriors impatiently move forward. The hellcannon behaves and readies to fire.

And fire it does (after another uneventful magic phase). The template scatters but still manages to kill 3 bronze spearmen.

The only combat bw the marauders and the militia sees 1 barbarian fall versus 2 free company, but the proximity of the BSB makes the detachment hold.

The empire left flank is threatened at the end of Woc turn 2!

Empire turn 2

With my left flank threatened I redeploy my center to face the flying characters, while the Stank and War altar move and block the artillery battery from possible charges. The swordsmen detachment marches forward to dare the knights, while my pistoliers move to harry the flank of the nurgle warriors.

Magic is uneventful, as my spells versus the Exalted disc hero are all dispelled.

Shooting has only 2 Nurgle warriors fall to mortar, pistol, and archer fire. However, the cannon's grapeshot as well as the engineer inside "Big Mac" drill holes through the Exalted's Chaos armor and he gets blown off his disc, while the Chaos lord emerges unscathed from a cloud of steam from the Stank's turret cannon.

In combat the last marauder is slain by the free company.

The empire line redeploys to deal with the WoC mobile elements, while the pistoliers harass the Nurgle warriors

WoC turn 3

The Chaos Lord charges into "Big Mac", while the Hellcannon charges the pistoliers, who flee. The Knights charge the swordsmen, who also flee, and failing to redirect successfully shamble forward.

The nurgle warriors and warshrine move forward.

Magic is again uneventful, and shooting is nonexistent.

Combat has the chaos lord inflict 2 wounds on "Big Mac'!!!

Empire turn 3

My Pistoliers and Swordsmen rally. On my right the 2 militia units advance and end up as angled targets for the nurgle warriors, and the pistoliers continue to harass them. The greatswords and spearmen face the warriors. With the chaos lord tied up on the left flank my remaining infantry blocks face the chaos knights, as the left archer unit marches all the way and again angles itself in front of the knights. The Arch lector moves into a position to charge the flank of the chaos lord the next turn.

Magic sees the AL heal himself. JunP gambles and allows Lady Beatriz to cast "Searing Doom" on the Knights in order to use the feedback scroll, but his gamble yields mixed results as 4 knights fall as the sorceress succumbs to the magical feedback.

The shooting phase is likewise full of up and downs. On the plus side with only 4 models in the unit the cannon picks out the Chaos sorcerer and payback is made as a cannonball smashes into him. The nurgle warriors again prove resilient to pistols and arrows, and worst of all 1 mortar misfires, and despite the engineer's reroll a mortar round strays on top of the greatsword unit, killing 7!!!

In the hth phase the Stank overheats and puts another wound on itself..and the chaos lord puts another wound on "Big Mac"!!!

The situation after an action packed turn 3!!!

WoC turn 4

The knights charge the archers, while the warriors charge the right militia unit..the warshrine moves forward and the Hellcannon behaves.

Shooting has the hellcannon miss, while the warshrine continues to be ineffective.

Combat has the warriors and knights destroy their targets easily and overrun. The knights end up just short of the bronze spearmen, but the warriors manage to overrun into the greatswords, due to it's long frontage!!! The chaos lord fails to wound the stricken stank.

End of chaos turn 4

Empire turn 4

The Archlector charges into the Chaos Lord's flank, as the Empire General's halberd unit charges into the Knight's left flank. The Milita and spearmen unit attempt to assist the greatswords and they charge into combat versus the warriors. The pistoliers decides to harass the chaos warshrine.

Magic has the AL cast hammer of Sigmar plus Soulfire, which fails to wound the Chaos Lord. The mortar and cannon miss the hellcannon, as the other mortar clears its misfire. The Warshrine shrugs off the hail of lead shot by the Pistoliers.

In combat, the frenzied warriors go berserk and hack down 15 greatswords, 2 militia, and 4 spearmen in a frenzy of blood and gore, for a loss of only 2 warriors! The militia break and run, but the stubborn greatswords and steadfast spearmen hold! The Empire general dismounts the Knight champion, and the remaining knights break and get get run down by the halberdiers! Finally, "Big Mac" functions and together with the War altar's impact hits deal 1 wound to the Chaos Lord. The Lord challenges the Arch Lector, and manages to give the Priest 2 wounds while receiving another 1 in return! The Lord loses combat, but manages to hold!

As I forgot to take pics of the last turn, I simply continued the action using the last pic..as the sounds of combat erupt along the entire empire battleline!!!

At this point we are forced to end the game as the card flopper tourney must be set up. Even though I am leading in VP at that point it is fair to call the game a draw, as anything yet can happen if the game continued.

It was still a great game however!!! Thanks Jun for the pair of games versus your Departing Legion, and may dice roll 6's over there in the East Coast!!! Safe trip!!!

24-10-2010, 11:58
nice rep, too bad you didn't get to finish the game, could have gone either way :)

24-10-2010, 18:14
yeah too bad...it was great fun....

we simulated the continuing challenge b/w the chaos lord and the arch lector while packing up...the chaos lord killed the AL in his turn before "Big Mac" ground away the chaos lord's last wound....it would have been interesting to see how the fight on my right flank would have progressed, but with 2 turns remaining I doubt the nurgle warriors would have had enough time to finish off everything and then attempt to reach my left flank....

but then again that is all conjecture...the draw was the fair result...

25-10-2010, 14:40
Damn card flippers...

Nice battle, and too bad you couldn't finish it.