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24-10-2010, 10:16
(The current FAQ thread has been unstuck due to its content being largely outdated. So here's a candidate thread for a new one.)

Welcome to the Warseer forum for Warhammer Rules and thank you for stopping by the FAQ thread. Hopefully you will find the answer to your question somewhere in here; perhaps you will even find answers to questions you've not even considered! So have a read-through as you are sure to learn something new.

The material in this thread is relevant to the 8th edition of the Warhammer rules.

Who should read this thread?
You. Whether you're a newbie player who's just got started with the hobby or a veteran player who's wondering why there are now two separate Undead army books, you're sure to have questions. And if you're the kind of player that typically answers these questions then your help in keeping this FAQ up to date will be appreciated.

Who should post in this thread?
You. If you've seen a question being asked and answered repeatedly then it can probably be considered a "Frequently Asked Question", which is what this thread is all about.

What should I post in this thread?
Questions and answers. If possible, phrase the question as for a yes/no answer. Then answer it and provide an explanation along with the relevant page references.

The QAs must be relevant to this forum, that is: the Warhammer rules, army books and official resources published by GW.

Please be sure to remain objective. Sometimes a question simply has no answer and it is left to the players to decide among themselves how to resolve an issue and the best we can offer is to point this out.

Any QA's made redundant by new official GW FAQs or new army books should be edited appropriately or be removed. If you spot these then please contact the original poster or a moderator and explain that the QA is no longer required.

But first...
Did you know that GW hosts official and current FAQs on its web-site? You should definitely take the time to visit the site and check these out.

Official Games Workshop web-site (http://www.games-workshop.com)
Games Workshop's Errata and Frequently Asked Questions Documents (http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/content/article.jsp?categoryId=1000018&pIndex=1&aId=3000006&start=2)


24-10-2010, 10:17
Q: I have a combined unit with a character with a different footprint. The unit is engaged in close combat with an enemy unit to its front. The character is placed on the left side of the unit and is not in base contact with any enemy models. Can I use the "Make Way!" rules to move the character to the right side of the unit and into base contact with the enemy?

A: No. Only characters with a compatible footprint can use the "Make Way!" rule. This is explicitly stated at the very end of the "Make Way!" rules section (rulebook p. 100).