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24-10-2010, 13:09
Gaps created by casualties are closed by Nudging - pg 61
Other relevant rules
a) Combat facing relative to all enemy units in btb cannot be changed
b) A unit cannot be brought into btb with an enemy unit it was not in combat with except by charging.
There might be relevant rules elsewhere too and it would be good if you can find any.

Multiple combats churn up some problematic situations especially since the rules state "if the attacker cannot move , then move the defending unit".

Do you use any guidelines when resolving nudges. (N.B. combat reforms are after nudges)

These are mine:

1) Number of models in base contact for any unit remains unchanged unless slain.
2) Other friendly units already in btb with other enemy units cannot be moved rules state attacking and defending unit (singular).
3) A unit cannot be brought into btb with an enemy unit it was not in combat with, even if that enemy unit is/was in the same multiple combat.

See pg 61 which does not expressedly forbid (3) and rule (b) above.

I would allow a nudge in Diagram (1) but not in diagram (2).

Any ideas.
Thank you in advance:)

24-10-2010, 13:48
I dare submit what I believe is a better example.

Unit A has engaged both unit X and Y to their front. Unit B has engaged unit X on its right flank. Unit C has engaged unit X in its rear.

Units A, B and C score a large number of casualties against the large red unit X, leaving only a single model left alive.

Unit A does not move.
Unit B can be nudged forwards until it comes into contact with unit A.
Unit C can be nudged forwards until it comes into contact with unit Y.

At this point the units stop. There are however two things the rules are unclear on and that deserve attention.

1. Should the single surviving model in unit X remain in position, or should it be moved so as to maintain contact with unit B? The rules say that if the attacking unit can't be nudged forward then the defending unit is moved instead. However, this would mean that the model would be moved out of base contact with some enemy models and into contact with others.

Personally I would go for moving the model. This would keep both units A and B in close combat.

2. Will unit C be nudged into close combat with unit Y?

Personally I'd say yes. The rules disallow using the nudge to charge a unit that is not engaged in the fight, but unit Y is engaged in the same combat (a multiple combat is defined as a fight that involves more than one unit on either side).

I wouldn't go so far as to consider this a "new charge" but would rather treat it as a continuation of the fight: If the initiative count has yet to come up for the models in units C and Y that are now in base contact then they get to fight, otherwise they've simply missed out on the opportunity.


24-10-2010, 16:09
Yes thanks, a much better diagram - we'll use yours:).

Your solution has two important differences from mine:

1) Allowing a unit not in btb with an enemy unit to be nudged into btb (and hence into combat) if they are in the same multiple combat.
I'm not sure whether that violates the rule of charging and getting into combat.
And there's the difficulty of the 'disengaged from combat scenario' if that interpretation is used

2) Allowing more than a pair of units to be nudged - the rules do use the singular form - attacker and defending unit

Is it alright/necessary to extend that to more/all units involved in the same combat? - it sets a dangerous precedent