View Full Version : still learning but here's what I figured would work at 2k for lizardmen

24-10-2010, 18:27
so i am still finding my feet with warhammer, I've got a game coming up on Tuesday still not sure what against, but made this list ......

All comments appreciated

Lord - Slann, focus of mastery and Rumination. , BSB war banner and cupped hands of old ones -

to join

special - 16 temple guard with FC -

hero - Scar vet, L armour shield and burning blade -
to join

core - 19 Saurus SB and Musician -

Hero - skink prist on Engine of gods

core - 10 skirmishing skinks -

core - 10 skirmishing skinks -

special - stegadon -

rare - x2 salamanders with 2 extra handlers -

how does this stand as a 2k army?? what changes if any would you recommend?? This will be my 3rd game of warhammer so like I said all help appreciated.


24-10-2010, 20:26
i think you need some more men, you only have a 20 saurus and a 16 temple guard as your main units with 2 sallies and 20 skirmishers and the stegs. i would ditch the scar vet for many saurus, and lose something else for a few more.

24-10-2010, 21:15
This is a 7th ed list in the wrong game-to quote the Black Eyed Peas.....it's "2008" and you are tardy in your timekeeping.

Templeguard are a fairly poor choice now-chamaleon skinks are the way forward.

Checkout Dan "Zulu Dawn" Heelan over at Heelanhammer podcast and get yourself some skinks....of all types

24-10-2010, 21:20
I'd have to say more units, yes, but the unit size for Lizardmen at least doesn't have to be 'horde' (I loathe the approach and term personally).

Drop the lone Stegadon for Terradons and the remaining points flunk onto Infantry, otherwise, looks fairly solid :)

25-10-2010, 00:20
thanks for responses guys much to mull over :)

this is gonna be my 3rd or 4th game of warhammer so still lots to learn.

25-10-2010, 01:17
Whats with the war banner? for the same points you can make a frenzied Block of T4 S5(With halbreds) 4+armor save, TGs with 3 attacks and hatred for the furry ones................

Its just my own opinion but I still run my temple guard as a main block and even "Gasp" in hord formation....................Theres almost nothing that can stand up to them. Give the slann stubren and watch out they need to be Killed to the last to lose there points. What are you planing on using for your Slanns Magic list?

25-10-2010, 10:32
Was thinking life magic lore. After consideration defo need more units. Was desperate to get engine of gods in as have just bought second steggy :) are tg so bad? With a slann mage in them thought they would be tough ole unit. Lose eotg and go for cham skinks sounds the way to go. Like idea of the frenzy war banner.

26-10-2010, 09:26
I might be missing something but I dont think this list is legal, I can only see 367 points of core, need 500 for a 2k game.

26-10-2010, 11:48
legal smeegal lol its totally not legal :-O

had to redo it.....best laid plans and all that.

new list is as follows

slann mastery of focus and rumination cupped hands and banner of prophecy

16 temple guard FC and Haranchi blessed totem

20 Saurus FC

20 Saurus FC

10 Skirm Skink

10 Skirm Skink

6 cham skink

6 cham skink

salamander +1 handler

skink priest plaque of topek and dispel scroll

no idea how it'll work but its pretty much using all the models I have at the mo :)

debating dropping EoTG and just getting a normal steg and getting a second salamander.

26-10-2010, 18:32
well for the cost of the preist and the eotg upgrade and the magic items you could probably get 2 more sallies, and they are the best thing in the codex. now i may not have any but come next week im gonna burn some skaven and some daemons o' chaos with ma sallies of beard.