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El Antiguo Guardián
24-10-2010, 18:55

-"Anger" Vampire Lord- 405
Blood Fury
Unlimited Hate
Lord of Ghouls
Crimson coat
Ogre Sword
Crown of the damned

-"Anima" Vampire- 180
Arcane Knowledg
Power scroll
Lycini talisman
Death Lore

-"Sir Lousion The Dammed", Wight King- 225
Standard Bearer
Banner of drakenhof

-30 Ghouls-248

-30 Ghouls-248

-30 Grave Guard- 425
Champion, banner, and musician.
Sword and shield
Strigos real flag banner

-5 wraiths- 250


At first, sorry if i have a bad traduction of the objects.
To continue, Anger is in one ghoul unit, Anima is the other one, and The Dammed is With the Grave Guard.
The wraits are in the flank, the grave guard in the middle, and in each flank (of the grave guard), one unit of Ghouls.
When the battle starts, i move 8UM the ghouls. In my first turn, i will move the wraits and grave guard to the enemy troops, and Anima run out the ghoul unit and use the 6 spell of his lord, with 6 dice and the power spell, to destroy enemy war machine, or slow (and powerfull) units.
The wraits came to kill enemy big beast and mosters, chariots, and elite units (if that units havenīt got a hero, or they have magical attacks). They can kill shoot and cavalry trops.
The general charge in turn 1 if the enemy move, or 2 if enemy doesnīt move. The another ghoul unit is going to battle against enemy normal units. The grave guard versus elites and the unit with the enemy general.

In fact, Wraits and Ghouls with anger destroylittle to little enemy units, grave guard resist enemy units and kill some of then, Anima kill monsters and war machine with little Iniciative (preferibly war machines, but some enemies didnīt have it), and the another ghoul unit is to guard Anima the first turn, and battle (and possibly dead) against some units.
Wraits and Angerīs unit sweep, grave guard ressist until Anger-Wraits come to help their, and ghouls guard anima.

Some changes?

25-10-2010, 20:39
Fairly standard combat build, not much that really needs changing, although you could consider swapping strigos banner for banner of barrows on your GG.