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24-10-2010, 21:10
The Warlock Engineer looked out over the elven outpost. His tail flicked wildly under his soiled, yellow cloak. Saliva flowed onto his rusted gear at the thought of the tasty-tasty elf-things. His verminhost outnumbered them easily - today would be a good day to prove his worth to Clan Skryre, securing new breeding rights and arcane technology for new creations. The Dark Elves began to array themselves for battle - treacherous as they are, the machinations of the Horned Rat are beyond their puny minds.

- Warlock Engineer: level 2 Lore of Ruin
-- Warp Lightning and Scorch
- Chieftain Battle Standard Bearer w/ halberd (joins Clanrat unit A)
- Clanrat Unit A - 20 Clanrats w/ full command and Warp Fire Thrower
- Clanrat Unit B - 20 Clanrats w/ full command and Poisoned Wind Mortar
- Rat Ogres x 2 w/ Packmaster
- Warp Lightning Cannon

Dark Elves
- Sorceress: level 2 Dark Magic with Tome of Furion
-- Doombolt, Blade Wind, and Black Horror
- 18 Warriors w/ full command
- 5 Dark Riders w/ musician and repeater crossbows
- 5 Shades
- 12 Black Guard


---sorceress---spears----black guard-----------dark riders-----
-------building----------------------building (w/ Shades)------
----rat ogres--WE--Clanrats A-----WLC---Clanrats B------------

The Dark Elves surge forth, save the Dark Riders which position themselves around the right-most building. The Sorceress summons Kharaidon, unleashing Doombolt on the lurking Engineer. He shrewdly allows the adjacent Clanrats to suffer the crippling blackness. Bolts fall from the sky but the vermin are unharmed.

The Rat Ogres push forward, wheeling to face the flank of the elf-things. Clanrat Unit A moves directly forward - with the Warlock now hiding more effectively behind them - while the second unit moves to head off the Dark Riders. The Warp Lightning cannon flashes with green electricity, but it dissipates before reaching anything juicy. A poisoned wind globe arcs down from the rear of the field but is off-target. Finally, the Warpfire Thrower goes to fire - but something is off. A rat is chewing at the valve on the liquid warp-fire container. The crew flees to its parent unit and detonates in a cloud of fur and green smoke - two clanrats are slain.

The Black Guard surge into the Clanrats bearing the standard of the army. Meanwhile, the Riders and Shades assume shooting positions. Then, the Sorceress opened a portal to Chaos above the Rat Ogres. Something was off with the Warlock Engineer's magic flux harvester unit and nothing could be done. Before he could twitch his tail, the packmaster and one rat ogre were pulled into the Abyss. The other rat ogre - some would say wisely - fled. More repeater crossbow fire fell on the rats but did little. The Warlock Engineer too was panicked by this mighty display of arcane power and retreated as well. With that, the Chieftain flung himself into combat, slaying two Black Guard before they could react with his mighty great spear. However, that could not stop 5 of his kin from falling, though one additional Black Guard died too. It was not enough to stem the tide of rats, though the discipline instilled by the lords of Naggaroth kept them in the fight.

It was time for the verminhost to strike back. Except for the rat ogre, which continued his trek away from the battle. Clanrat Unit B charged the Riders, but they cleverly fled, leaving them just east of the rightmost building complex. The Engineer, recovering his senses, plunged his paw to the earth to summon a scorching pillar, but was suppressed by dark powers. The Warp Lightning Cannon fired again, though this time the ball of eldritch energy lodged itself in the earth before the spear-wielding elves. Again, the poisoned wind mortar scattered off target - either it is windy up there or a rival clan is at work. In melee, the chieftain struck again, killing another two Black Guard. This time, however, the dark elf elite struck down six or seven Clanrats and took no more damage - their courage broke, as did their flesh, armor, and bone at the back of their swift elf attackers.

Things were looking bad, though the Engineer. Yes-yes, very bad indeed. The Riders turned to volley into the remaining Clanrat unit just after the Engineer prevented a series of whirling, translucent sabres from slicing into him. The Black Guard turned toward the Engineer - their hate palpable.

The Clanrat unit turned to face the nearby elf warriors. Warp lightning was discharged from the Engineer's mechanical claw, but none harmed the seemingly implacable Black Guard. The warp lightning cannon fired again, this time arcing its bolt high over the target unit, harmless as ever. The mortar finally finds its mark in the spear elves, though only two succumb to the poisonous gas.

The Warlock Engineer flees the Black Guard, though he could not scurry far enough to avoid their pursuit. A doombolt hit the cannon, though it could not harm it - but 2 bolts from the shades did. The sorceress suffered for her manipulation of dark forces and was wracked with evil energy. The spear elves attacked the clanrats, slaying 4, and only losing two in return. It was not enough to save them, given the numbers of vermin had been constantly been picked away by crossbow fire. They fled, and too were scattered by the elf forces.

The vermin were gone from the field while less than ten dark elves were defeated. It was not a good day to be a rat.


So this was my second battle with Skaven. My roommate used my Dark Elf army, his first time playing. It was quite embarrassing, given I am a ten year vet so soundly stomped on his first attempt - I count that as a victory for my Dark Elves, but not for me...

Still, what could have gone differently? Perhaps if my PWM, WFT, or WLC had killed more than 2 enemy warriors, that would have helped. Given it was random though, I guess that couldn't be helped.

Hope you enjoyed the battle, and please check out my army list in progress here: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=280046

Thanks for reading!

25-10-2010, 14:36
Skaven need numbers to win, and in this batter you had almost equal numbers with the elite dark elves.

Your support units are easily neutralized by his support units (unless yours kill themselves first).

Unless your warp lightning did some serious damage this looked to be a tough fight, and I'm not surprised by the result.

Things you could do differently with the same list would be to castle down in one corner. Use the infantry to block and then deal out the damage with your long range fire.

25-10-2010, 15:04
Excellent points. Given how my magic only killed 1-2 troops and my Skryre toys only killed 3-5, my hitty units just weren't there for me, but that can't be helped. Continually I am disappointed by the lightning cannon - I'll probably try it another time or two before I hang it up in favor of the doomwheel. Also, I'm aiming for units of 30 in my 1,250 list in a 5x6 formation, so hopefully that should help out with the numbers game.

I'll try turtling up in our next battle, though if my weapons and magic worked, that'd be great too. Thanks for the advice/comments.

25-10-2010, 16:17
The warp lightning is great to have, but better in bigger games when it has monsters and blocks of elite units to blast.

A doomwheel would have been a lot of trouble for the dark elves ;)