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25-10-2010, 00:06
I just didn't feel like my specific situation was answered in the rules description so....
1) I have a unit with a vampire wielding the Blood Drinker blade. In this unit is my BSB (vampire). Can I use the Blood Drinker to bring back the BSB? And when he comes back does he have the standard? I don't think so but I can find a specific written section to help.

2) While playing Skaven I was subject to Crack'c Call. My unit had sufficent models in the RnF to do a look out sir. But as it isn't a template can that be used?

Please let me know what your thoughts are...


25-10-2010, 00:09
1) id say if you can bring back characters with it then yes but the standard is lost as per the rules for a RnF standard bearer "you can ressurect the models as Rnf but the standard is lost"

2) there is already a thread about this im unsure as to what the final resolution was there

25-10-2010, 00:15
1) No, you can not. Only the wielder or the unit he is with can benefit from it, see rules for Invocation of Nehek, characters need to be targeted seperately. You can't raise dead characters.

2) I would say yes, the 4d6" could be argued to be a kind of template, but this one I am not sure. If it was in my game I would let someone do it, but hey, we also let people do LoS! for Dwellers so what do I know? :p