View Full Version : a few questions concerning characters+units.

25-10-2010, 05:43
#1 can a character have a magic resistance(1), be in a unit with the same power but on a different item on a different character and combine to get a 5+ ward??

#2 if a character is riding a flyingmount such as a pegasus or winged nightmare are they considered to be "flying cavalry?" if so would it make sense for characters to join each other with the same "troop type"? as it says on pg 97 CHARACTERS AND UNITS paragraph 1.


25-10-2010, 05:52
1) no it states within the rule for magic resistance that they dont combine and only the highest is used "brb pg 72"

2) The character only gains the flying cavalry (or even fast cavalry for that matter) if an item/power/special rule says he does OR if the mount itself has that specific special rule.
under the characters joining units section it states that characters can not join units of flyers, this is a pritty blanket rule wether the character is mounted or not..."brb pg 97"

26-10-2010, 05:25
Which sucks as a Bretonnia character on a Royal Pegasus (which is a Flying Monster) can't join Pegasus Knights (which are Flying Cavalry) and even if he could he wouldn't get a LoS rule.

Two things that need to get fixed are Characters on mounts not getting a LoS roll because their mount has more wounds than the normal mounts in that unit (the difference between monstrous cavalry and cavalry), and Flying characters at least not being able to join flying units. I mean logically speaking they should get LoS and they should be able to join flying units but the rules are very clear that they dont and cant.