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bound for glory
25-10-2010, 05:49
i will admit i liked the soul drinker series. i thought i read somewhere there was another book upcoming. any info on it? thanks!

25-10-2010, 07:00
There is the serialised novel 'Phalanx', which will be available in the Hammer and Bolter magazine. The first issue is available for free to download, just take a look at the Black Library homepage. :)

25-10-2010, 07:56
Aww. noo. I was hoping for a new novel. And i do not have a fancy iphone. :(

25-10-2010, 08:57
Flash - You can read it on your PC with an Adobe Digital reader program (which I'm told is free to download) and takes the .ePub file.

And I read The Strange Demise of Titus Endor on my iPhone and didn't enjoy the experience....the screen is far too small.

25-10-2010, 10:27
In addition you can use tools like calibre (also free) to convert an *.epub or *.mobi file into a *.pdf, which you can print out as usual. :)

25-10-2010, 12:52
And going by the first installment of Phalanx it will be well worth the effort. I like Ben Counter's work but I know he can be a bit hit or miss. I think this is going to be one of his hits.

bound for glory
25-10-2010, 22:21
can someone post a link to the free first issue? i can find it...

25-10-2010, 22:33
@ Xhalax
Oh nice thanks. :D (im not very technical with programs and such)

bound for glory
25-10-2010, 22:45
thank you, flash!

26-10-2010, 09:41
Phalanx is great! I want more now! I hope thay will sell it as a regular novel, or et least as a collectors edition like Daenytheos.