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25-10-2010, 08:38
Intro: My brother, my roommmate, and myself have all recently had a recent renewed interest in warhammer. In order to celebrate this, we would all build competitive 1500 point armies, and play a roundrobin tournament with best two of three sets per match. The overall winner would get any one unit paid for by the other 2. I want to win, I play street fighter competitively, and in general have a competitive edge. They will be thinking about it the same way. I also don't want to lose my money to them =)

They will be playing Wood Elves, and Dark Elves, and they know I'm playing VC, so they could very likely have a lot of magic defense. But I won't be certain until game day. Anyway, here is the list, would love feedback!

Vampire Lord (in unit of ghouls)
MotBA, Summon ghouls, Flayed Hauberk, Helm of Commandment, Staff of Damnation

Vampire (in unit of Blood Knights)
Hand of Dust, Dread Knight

Necromancer (Vanhels)


35 Zombies
Standard Bearer

35 Zombies

10 Ghouls

Corpse Cart


12 Grave Guard
Champion, Standard Bearer, Banner of the Barrows

4 Blood Knights

total 1499 points

Basic hammer & anvil type strategy here,
I run the bunker of ghouls behind the graveguard to keep the lord safe until the enemy is weaker, or the ghouls have grown large enough to enter the fray.
the graveguard are next to the unit of zombies that don't have a standard.
the blood knights run up the side of the board to blow up any treekin/hydras/anything big

Do you guys think I'm going the right direction here? Any suggestions/tweaks?
I wish I didn't have to take that necromancer, but I feel like I need some insurance that I get Vanhels.. But I guess I could give the lord some 15-20pt magic armor, drop summon ghouls, and pick up dark acolyte. Doing this I could get an unholy lodestone and a couple more graveguard.
Or the other way would be going strictly combat lord, and dropping all my bound spell combos in favor of more troops and a BSB. But really, I don't have enough experience to evaluate how well either build would work out.

25-10-2010, 19:21
1. If you're going to use blood knights you may as well drop the points in your grave guard and use the points on the knight unit. 12 GG woont make a hell of a difference and your knights will need to be extra smashy.

2. You need at least one big unit of ghouls to start with. PErsonally I would just take one unit of 20 zombies, drop the corpse cart (not that great in 8th) and put in another unit of 30 ghouls instead. Thats a tough unit that doesnt need too much looking after.

27-10-2010, 00:21
Avoid taking all bound items they are way too expensive for what they do in 8th edition. They use up your now very limited power dice and are easily dispelled on a single die. That should save you 85 points right there.

Consider dropping the necromancer and give your lord forbidden lore, means you can take lore of fire against wood elves, or just have your lord automatically know vanhels, which is still cheaper than the necro, that saves you another 25 points.

I'm not sure if taking a mounted vampire is ideal, you could get almost another 3 knights for his csost but if you do keep him give him infinite hatred.

Not sure about the corpse cart, again cause of the new bound rules. If you take forbidden lore on the lord you could just use you dice to span vanhels using you pd. Its just as effective and cheaper. So that's 75 points right there.

With that you get. 160 points back after giving infite hatred to your vamp and forbidden lore to your lord.

Spend that on bigger units of grave guard or ghouls. Small units are no longer viable, there are far more attacks coming your way this addition, also your giving your opponent stubborn most of the time with such small units.

Leth Von Lucifuge
27-10-2010, 16:27
@GreenSpeed: Vanhels isnt actually as effective as Miasma; Miasma lasts until your next magic phase, so it can be used defensively or in a prolonged combat.

The list needs more ghouls and less zombies. I notice you're not going too magic heavy, mostly relying on the lord, so putting more points into the fighting blocks would be a good idea.
While I love people who use the Hand o' dust and Staff o' Damnation, they do take PD that could be better used on healing units, and points that could be used enhancing your combat ability.

Ed the Dead
31-10-2010, 04:35
I think if anyone shoots those bloodknights, you havent enough punch to survive.