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28-05-2005, 15:19
Hi, after the nice Dark Elf Pic from Bubble Ghost, i decided to make an 3D Art like this from my favorite Elf Mage, the new Wood Elf flying Sorceress. Well it is still WIP, but looks OK for about 3 hours of work with DAZ|3D Studio and Ulead Photo Impact... But judge for yourself...

Just a link because pic is very big 1280x800 (http://www.elfenmoor.de/warhammer/test3.jpg)


Nameless One
28-05-2005, 22:45
Well pretty nice thus far. Although you said it was pretty much a WiP I still have some advice to beef it up a bit. I must admit that it is a beautifull model but I really suggest to work on her stature.

At the moment at is just as if she is drying her armpits. :s Perhaps it's an idea to let her look up or down to strenghten the movement of her chanting that spell? see the attachments for an example.

Next to that I suggest to tweak the magic bolt since at the moment it looks as if it has been pasted on top of the picture.

Other than that good luck with it, know these 3D animations take a crap load of time to make. :s

29-05-2005, 03:30
What nudity? There's more nudity in a shampoo commercial! :mad: :p

Nice pic, but i would advise here to use some other deodorant, one that doesn't require you to hold up your arms like this so the twin-suns you conjured can dry your armpits. :p

The spell-effect is a bit, i dunno, boring? Slightly dirty white globe with lines drawn through? Maybe some more colour-variation? Also, her breasts are way too big for an elf, they usually b-cups.

Aside from that, quite cool, quite beyond me too. :)

29-05-2005, 16:22
Very nice. The detail is quite sharp; I think that's the biggest strength of this piece. However, the proportions on the body could use some work. The torso looks too big and thick for the arms and the head.

In life-drawing, classical body proportions can be worked out by using the size of the head as a guide. The human body is typically a total height of six or seven times the height of the head. A superb example of this is Da Vinci's drawing of the man in the circle, "Vitrian Man" I think it's called. These proportions can be tweaked to acheive various results. Comic book artists tend to use body proportions of eight or even nine heads in height to make the characters they draw look more heroic. When drawing children (or halhlings), using five or even as few as four heads of height-proportion will make them look smaller.

For WH reference, in the HE army book, the artwork uses a roughly nine-head body proportion. But in the DE army book, Dave Gallagher uses closer to a seven-head proportion. For a waif-like wood elven enchantress, I suggest a classical six-to-seven head proportion. What you have looks to be about a nine, maybe ten.

Also, hit up your local library or bookstore and have a look at Gray's Anatomy and some life-drawing books.

Your skill with computer drawing amazes me. I wish some of the art courses I took included computer art. If you adjust the proportions a bit, and maybe work on giving her a little more motion and expression, this piece will be spectacular.

05-06-2005, 08:10
Other from what the people before me already mentioned, the hair shouldn't be that transparent and you could make the lightning bolts actually emanate light (which would reflect on the Elf's body and the background), but I'm sure you already plan to do that. Apart from that, nice work!