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25-10-2010, 13:08
2 questions:

Q1) In combat, is the warmachine 1 model in btb or equal to no. of crewmen in btb. - Needed when resolving Censer, Destroyer of Eternities, Noxious vapours etc

Q2) Impact Hits against WM - resolved using Machine's toughness?
Rules state Impact hits are distributed as Shooting attacks - no specific section for this in 8th ed but pg 42,73, 96,99 and 109 contain shooting rules
And shooting against WM - rules state it is resolved using Machine's Toughness

Thank you in advance :)

25-10-2010, 13:26
1) I'd say the Warmachine is one modell, with the crew as life tokens. So you only get two attacks from the destroyer of eternity for example.

2) They are only distributed like shooting, which has no effect on warmachines since all the hits are allways applied against the same target, eg. Cannon. The change in the toughness between close combat and shooting doesn't apply to "distribution of hits", since there is nothing to distribute in the first place.

25-10-2010, 13:38
1) 1 model. Note that it makes no difference for Censers as war machines automatically pass T tests.

2) Distribution as shooting does not make the attack shooting. They're hits in close combat, so are resolved against the crew's toughness.

26-10-2010, 10:06
1) 1 model. Note that it makes no difference for Censers as war machines automatically pass T tests.

I'm sorry, but I couldn't find this.. why do WM's auto-pass T tests??

p.108 just says they auto-fail any tests other than T and LD, but it doesn't say they auto-pass these 2.. they definitely have to take Panic tests as explained later so atleast LD tests aren't auto-passed.

26-10-2010, 13:24
You're right, I was just confusing the 7th ed Steam Tank rules and the 8th ed war machine rules.

27-10-2010, 17:59
Q1) I tend to agree. The singular form used in WM combat rules strongly implies 1 model

Q2) The problem here is the old phrase used in 6th and 7th ed - "distributed as shooting" - what it means in 8th is unclear and simply using the old methods is not compliance with new rules.

The rules for "distributed as shooting hits" for Impact hits simply point to pg 42 and pg 96,99.

On these pages there is no subsection called "distribution of shooting hits" . Instead there are rules specific to shooting at characters in units and later on rules for shooting Ridden Monsters.
Both of these have the heading "Shooting" strongly suggesting that when dealing with rules that state "distributed as shooting hits", one has to look at that unit's special shooting rules if any.

How then should Impact hits be resolved for WM?:)

"Distributed as shooting hits" seems to mean 'refer to the section detailing shooting' for units.

Close combat attacks for WM are resolved at the crew's toughness and I'm sure that many players will resolve Impact hits against them but how would you refute the wise guy who uses this conclusion which is based on the rules:

a) There are no "Distributed as shooting hits" section of rules
b) When resolving Impact hits for characters, ridden mounts, the shooting section is used, as this is the only place to look for dist. shooting hits
c) Therefore to be consistent the shooting section must be used for Impact hits against WM

27-10-2010, 18:39
id of thought from a fluff piont of view if the crew are going to shield them selves behind the cannon when they see the ogres come a running