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25-10-2010, 13:30
Hey all!
I just started a O&G army and need some advice.

This is what i gonna use for my army. This is under constuction:skull: It will be a 1500pt army when its done.

Black orc big boss: Heavy armour, Enchanted shield, Martog`s best basha. ( 119pts )

Orc big boss: BSB, Glittering scales, Shield. ( 122pts )

Night goblin shaman: LvL2. ( 85pts )

25 Orc boyz: FC, shields. ( 180pts )

25 Orc boyz: FC, Shields. ( 180pts )

35 Night goblins: FC, Shields, Spears, 1 Fanatic. ( 185pts )

24 Night goblins: FC, Bows, 1 fanatic. ( 115pts )

5 Spider riders: Bows. ( 70pts )

5 Spider riders: Bows. ( 70pts )

Orc boar charriot. ( 80pts )

2 Spear Chukkas. ( 70pts )

Goblin doom diver. ( 80pts )

So all this is only 1356pts that leaves me with 144pts but i dont know what i shall have maby one more Boar chariot, or 30 NG more.

25-10-2010, 15:52
Has your orc hero been costed to have a BSB?

Give your NG shaman the staff of sneaky stealing. Nice to have a bit of magic defense.

25-10-2010, 15:55
Hey evilgood. Yes the boss is bsb i forgot to add that :eek:.
Ok i will add the staff. But i dont know what more i can add.

25-10-2010, 15:59
You can make the NG a Lord shaman instead of regular. :) (Orc greatshaman is probably even better, depending on what lore you want.)


25-10-2010, 16:13
But O&G can only take Waagh magic cant they???

25-10-2010, 16:14
But O&G can only take Waagh magic cant they???

Yes, Big Waagh for Orcs and Little Waagh for goblins. :)


25-10-2010, 16:22
I did know that:p
But how do Doom diver work?
Is it a stone thrower with S5 and no armour save allowed. Do i use the small template??

Fox Of 9
25-10-2010, 16:37
not a post from o&g point of view but of an opponents. the NG aren't that scary in this list but could be. i'd use left over points to make them bigger and/or have more fanatics. then place these behin your big blocks now when/if they orks get charged the scary fanatics are released the ork unit takes a few hits but not as many as the attacking unit.

25-10-2010, 19:05
With my unlucky rolls i do more dmg to my own units then his=P

25-10-2010, 20:22
make the gobbos into one huge sixty man unit. use the rest of the points on another chariot and add a gobbo boss or something else. in my opinion, chariots work best in pairs

25-10-2010, 20:52
Nets on your goblins will do more than a shield or spear will towards combat rez, I'd pick these up right after fanatics before you try to buy any other upgrades. Also goblins in general aren't scary, an opponent will look at a block and think to himself 'I can kill that'. The trick is to make it scary with fanatics and then have things set up where you can flank charge, feel free to use Fox9's advice about the fanatics if you set it up right it should be more dmging to your opponent because of what unit is charging your orcs.

25-10-2010, 21:11
I play against brets and empire. And a 60man unit will make his mortars happy.
And is it so vice to pump goblins up that much? Its alot of points that might get killed at once. I am sorry if i sound so noobish:(. I am not used to have big units:p
I might get 40 more NG with hand weapond and shield and nets.

25-10-2010, 21:23
If not than get 2 30 man units. They prrovide no "easier" target and they could be great anvil for a turn or two. Plus, shouldnt taking care of mortars be your spider riders job

25-10-2010, 21:56
Now i have ordered 40 more NG from GW website. So i will try hand weaponds and shield combo with nets.
Ye my spider riders will hopfully take care of mortarts. But most of the time they know how to place their artillery pices. It wont be easy to get to them.=(

25-10-2010, 22:04
I've actually found that fast cav are not that great at taking out warmachines.

They just get shot up, or blasted with magic, and killed.

I've found it better just to charge into combat (where you can't be shot) and then wipe out the warmachines with your infantry in the later part of the game.

25-10-2010, 22:43
yea but fast cav get the vanguard move so they can be on the enemy from turn one.