View Full Version : WOC Troll army 2400p C&C plz!

25-10-2010, 14:13
hi, i'm starting a new army and just loooooooove the new troll models,
so i'm goi'n for the big ass unit with funny support.

please C&C

2400 Points total

Wizard Lord, 450 Points (lord)
Level 4, Daemonic Steed, 3rd eye of tzeench, Conjoined Humonculus, Dispel scroll, Collar of Khorne, Featherfoe torc

Throgg 17 5points (hero)

Exalted Hero, 244 points (hero)
Battle st Bearer, Rampage Banner, Daemonic mount, Halberd

21 Trolls 945 Points (core)

Warshrine, 150 Points (rare)
Mark of Tzeench

2 Hell Cannons (410 Rare)

ok, all characters are in the troll unit; horde, 4+ regenerate, 2+ vs magic. and many many many rolls on the eye of the gods table.


26-10-2010, 02:00
You'd probably be better off separating the trolls into 3 smaller units- maybe 6,6 and 9 if this is a serious list. Sure a giant unstoppable horde of death would be fun, and dominate anything to the front, but it will also be extremely difficult to maneuver and you WILL be flanked. A strong unit flanking you might break the unit right then and there, with +1 from charge, +1 from standard, +3 ranks, +1 flank and 3 or 4 wounds means you need 10 kills to win- your characters and one troll might not be able to do that.

Also, I'm not sure where that 2+ against magic is coming from. The trolls get 4+ regen. OR a 5+ ward against magic (due to the magic resistance 2 from the lord), they can't use both. The MR does not stack with regen, only ward saves.

You also probably want to axe a few trolls to get some warhounds- at 30 points for a unit of 5 they are some of the best annoyance units in the game.