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Captain Marius
28-05-2005, 15:30
Greetings Adventurers, welcome to Witch Hunter 3,

Some of you might remember the old Witch Hunter RPG and its sequel from before the crash. Unfortunately we lost Witch Hunter 2 just before the Final Battle, and I don’t have enough data to complete it. However, suffice to say that the Witch Hunter Gabriel Stern survived, the sorceror Kheladras the Immortal was put to flight, and the city of Wolfenburg was saved…

Witch Hunter 3

This RPG is set in the Warhammer World during the events of the Albion Campaign, and will follow the exploits of the Witch Hunter Gabriel Stern and his retinue of religious zealots, mercenary scum and heroic warriors as they travel to the Blighted Isle to do battle with the many foes of Sigmar.

The patrons of the Fox and Goblin tavern in Marienburg looked up as the wooden door was flung open. A crackle of lightning silhouetted an imposing figure whose very presence seemed to fill the doorway. The light of the fire and lanterns illuminated him, showing a tall, stocky figure dressed in a long greatcoat. His jet black hair hung lank about his square face, and his eyes glared angrily at the denizens of the tavern. A long scar crossed his nose. At his hip was scabbarded a large broadsword and he kept a brace of pistols at his belt. He strode into the chamber and stood in the middle, then carefully cast his gaze across each and every occupant of the room.

As the GM, I will play the Witch Hunter, Gabriel Stern, who will lead a retinue, played by you the players, to the land of Albion to bring the light of Sigmar to the heathen degenerates. If you are interested in joining this thread, you may join now. Select a character class from the list and introduce yourself with a brief IC (In Character) paragraph and, if you would like, a more in depth OOC (Out Of Character) history and profile (see the example below). Characters will be assigned a statline (which will be rubbish to start with) and gain increases for heroic deeds.

I would like to make it clear that we want no 'uber-characters'; even the Witch Hunter is only be a man, albeit an instrument of the Divine Sigmar. Characters should not be too developed yet, as they are guaranteed to change a lot throughout the course of the thread, whether from injuries or learning new things. The recommended character types are available as follows:

-Flagellant (Psychopath)
-Soldier (Professional Soldier)
-Mercenary (Sell-sword scum)
-Priest (of Sigmar, Morr, Ulric etc)
-Interrogator (Witch Hunter Apprentice)
-Other (PM me if you fancy playing a Dwarf Warrior, Elf Bowman, or Halfling Scout)

These are just suggestions, feel free to invent any other character who might realistically join a Witch Hunter warband. I request that most characters be human, your character doesn’t need an interesting background as he will develop during the RPG. I would appreciate it if we could have no magic weapons or items; there will be plenty of opportunity to find these later on!

"My name is Gabriel Stern," the Witch Hunter's voice boomed around the room, stopping any conversations by the patrons. "I am here to recruit worthy men for an important quest. You will be paid with gold and any treasure we might come across on our journey. If you are interested, declare yourself now. We leave at dawn."

The year is 2520 (during the Albion campaign) and the Fox and Goblin is a tavern in the city-state of Marienburg on the coast of the Sea of Claws. Gabriel Stern's stats and brief history are below (he is approximately the equivalent of an Empire Captain; other characters will be equivalent to Soldiers of the Empire):

Gabriel Stern, Witch Hunter

m38 ws48 bs45 s37 t39 w2 i48 a3 Ld89 weapons/armour: broadsword, brace of pistols, light armour

The Witch Hunter is a tall man, broad of shoulders, with long black hair and a square face. His eyes glare over a scare across his nose. He wears black clothes and dulled armour. He has a booming voice and walks with a slight limp.

History: Gabriel Stern was inducted into the Order of Sigmar at the age of sixteen, following in the footsteps of his father, the renowned Witch Hunter Andreus Stern, who had burnt heretics and unearthed evil cults beyond number. Gabriel Stern has proved himself a worthy Witch Hunter, having sought out and destroyed the Cult of Everlasting Night in Talabheim, the Necromancer van Schwarzheim in Sylvania and driven the Chaos Sorceror Kheladras the Immortal from Wolfenburg. He has made two powerful enemies, the first being Kheladras who gave him his scar, the second the vampire Vyncent von Carstein. Now he is to travel to Albion with the Imperial Army to bring the light of Sigmar to the Blighted Isle.

Captain Marius
28-05-2005, 15:31
Guide to Character Creation and Stats

This is how to work out your starting stats. The idea of these stats is to compare them with the relevant stats of the opponents you will fight, usually found in the appropriate Warhammer Armies book, and that should give an indication of how you will fare in the fight. In this RPG it is perfectly acceptable to be taken out of action in a fight, (and frankly I’ll reward it as bloody fights are far more exciting!). Remember, a single orc is as likely to kill you as you are it, we’re looking for gritty fighting here.

None of your characters are older than 25 and your stats will be fairly similar to start off with. This will change as the RPG progresses. I'll award stat points after each chapter of the RPG, which you can then add to your stats, so you get to choose how your character advances. You may not add stat points to wounds or attacks; I may add these if you really impress me during a chapter.

These are the basic starting stats for each race:

Human m40 ws30 bs30 s30 t30 w1 i30 a1 ld70

Dwarf m30 ws40 bs30 s30 t40 w1 i20 a1 ld90

Elf m50 ws40 bs40 s30 t30 w1 i50 a1 ld90

Ogre m60 ws30 bs30 s40 t40 w3 i20 a3 ld70

As you can see, the statlines are similar to their Warhammer counterparts, except that they are out of 100 rather than out of 10 (except for attacks and wounds for obvious reasons). This allows for a greater degree of comparison between characters.

To generate your statline, you take the stats of your character’s race and may add up to 5 stat points to slightly customise the statline. As you progress you will be able to further customise your character. For example, you may choose to add +2 to WS, +1 to BS and +2 to I to show that your character is slightly faster and more skilled than average.

There are limits to your maximum stats. Your stats may not exceed the relevant following statline:

Human m45 ws65 bs65 s45 t45 w2 i65 a3 ld95

Dwarf m35 ws75 bs65 s45 t55 w2 i45 a3 ld100

Elf m55 ws75 bs65 s45 t35 w2 i75 a3 ld100

Ogre m65 ws75 bs55 s55 t55 w3 i45 a4 ld95

When choosing weapons, you may take two weapons, one of which may be two-handed. Most weapons will count as hand weapons in game terms (whether its an axe, a sword or a club). A shield counts as a one-handed weapons. A brace of pistol counts as a two-handed weapon. You may wear light armour or a helmet. Everyone has one or two daggers about themselves. No one has a horse.

Finally, your history should not be too in depth. I want rookies who can be moulded into heroes, not hard-bitten veterans who kill everything with ease. Perhaps you are a mercenary and this is your first job, or you are a young priest ready to spread the word of your god to the heathens.

As the RPG progresses, I will introduce NPCs (non-player characters). Some of these I may assign to you to use in addition to your main character. The main purpose of an NPC is usually to meet a painful death however, so don’t get too attached :).

(As a note, I would like all brand new characters so that everyone is on an equal footing; no reprising former roles, sorry lads)

All right, let the fun begin!

Commander X
28-05-2005, 15:50
Ok, you've got my interest now.

I'm curious, does this involve a system with dice, or the 'common' type-what-you-do system?

28-05-2005, 16:11
i am intriqued too. though i am not a fluff God i do think i may be able to keep up with this rpg. just wondering if you would accept a priest of morr going to remind the dwellers of albion of there mortality and making sure nothing ungodly risen

Captain Marius
29-05-2005, 13:39
Commander X: No dice involved, the stats are so you can get an idea of exactly how skilled your character is (and helps me choose appropriate baddies to fight). Each post on the thread will describe what your character does in the scenario, from talking to other characters to fighting to the death.

Shuya: A Priest of Morr would be an excellent character; just post up the name, stats, a little background and an IC (In Character) introduction :)

Commander X
29-05-2005, 17:53
Ok, good to know that. Now all I have to do is ask you permission to be the Ogre, representing my overall knowledge of the witch hunter world ;)

29-05-2005, 20:56
okay this sounds cool ill play if its okay with you:
the wooden door of the tavern slamed open, temporaroly exposing its inhabitants to the bitter wind, a young man with brown wavey hair stumbeled in. He was slightly wounded and blood stained his bolied leather greaves. He wore a suit of boiled leather armour and wore a dark green cloak on his back. he sat down next to the inquisitor "I hear your looking for work"
Human m40 ws30 bs30 s30 t30 w1 i30 a1 ld70
weapons: long sword, brace of pistols, light armour
background: a young mercinary. has totted up gambling debts and has dangerous people following him. secretive, keeps to himself.
the mercinarry is tall with long brown hair, he always wears a green cape

29-05-2005, 23:08
The tavern door opened slowly and as it dist a small mist covered the figure in view, as he entered the echo of his large heavy boots echoed through the tavern. The man brought a stir to the tavern as a scraping could be herd behind him as he entered the view of most of the men they could see from whence he came. The large black rose branded onto his muscled chest was a clear example let alone his grim complexion and his stark white hair. He reigned from Wolfenburg in the heart of Ostland he was one of the priests of Morr that has defended his City until death. In his left hand he held a book and in the other he clenched onto a dark ring with a shining black Gem hidden from view. He stopped as soon as he stepped into the tavern. He went to the table where the witch hunter and young man where standing. He stood her in silence waiting for the witch hunter and the man to finish there conversation, after waiting for a few moments he removed the scythe from his back and let its base hit the creaky tavern floor, Hopefully gaining the Hunters attention.

Oldaur Iccaius, Priest of Morr
M 40
WS 32
BS 30
S 32
T 30
W 01
I 31
A 01
LD 70
Equipment: Scythe, Book of Morr, A strange Black Glowing Ring (if you will allow these)
Background:A young orphan thanks to the war in Wolfenburg, The young child was given to the church to become another priest, whilst there he learned how his soul was Morr's and it was his duty to claim souls in Morr's name until he perished. And that is what he did, using the Blessings of Morr and his pure physical strength to fell his foes he took to the battles to defend his city as soon as he could. But he himself felt the sting of an enemy blade, wounded he was brought back to one of the camps to recover, as day broke Oldaur was left alone it seemed the others had left to go take the fight to the enemy and left the priest there to recover if Morr would deem him worthy. He wandered for days hunting and killing all he could whilst banding together with others to kill the scum. He was lost and no matter who he fought with him never made his way back to Wolfenburg and his home. Soon enough he had fought in many battles and grown far from home and he gave up returning to the chapel now all that he wanted was to please Morr. Soon enough he herd of the plight of a witch hunter so he left to Marienburg

Captain Marius
29-05-2005, 23:28
Commander X: you may play an ogre, but keep in mind that as such a tough guy you'll be receiving lots of abuse from the enemy :) If you have any questions about background just PM me and I'll see what I can tell you.

grubnatz: The Witch Hunter sat in a corner booth, a stein of ale sitting untouched before him. He gave the mercenary a brief interrogation and smiled when he learned of the man's gambling debts. "Your life will be in great danger, but I think that the rewards should be worth it. You are hired." With that, the Witch Hunter pressed a silver coin into Ruben's hand and sent him to the bar.

Shuya: "You fought for the Empire during the Wolfenburg incident eh?" the Witch Hunter asked Oldaur. "Many brave soldiers died; I helped where I could," Oldaur replied. "Good," the Witch Hunter said in his gruff voice. "You will bring the blessings of Morr to Albion then?" The muscular priest nodded. "It is my duty to bring souls to Morr. I ask no more than that." The Witch Hunter looked into Oldaur's eyes and saw the fire of a zealot. "Splendid. We leave at dawn."

Good stuff so far, we'll begin when we have four or five players.

Commander X
30-05-2005, 15:42
"Me's will join yous. Me liking treasury stuff" From one of the tables an Ogre stood up, hitting the ceiling with his head in the progress. "*Grumble*Yous humans make dese building thingies too little fo' us big guys.*Grumble* He walked up to the Witch Hunter and introduced himself. "Me is Orgh, who is yous?"

Orgh the Ogre
Profile:m61 ws30 bs30 s42 t42 w3 i20 a3 ld70
Weapons/Armour: Large round wooden shield, big club, Light armour(leather with several metal strips)

Orgh is like your normal Ogre, big, strong and not very clever. The distinguishing part in him is that he's pretty clumsy. That's why he has been banned from his village. He is allowed to come back only if he is either less clumsy, or has earned enough expensive things to pay for his damage.

Yin - Yang
30-05-2005, 21:33
Greetings Marius! Having just found that the new Portent forums are up and running, I registered and was overjoyed to see that you are running Witch Hunter 3. I'm a bit annoyed that we never managed to complete Witch Hunter 2, but cest la vie. However, it's great to be back. Now, on to role playing. i would be eager to bring Thorgi Thorgisson and Drongi Drongisson back, as role playing with them not only was very fun, but both characers had great room for expansion. So, is there any chance that Thorgi and Drongi could come back.? :p

Yin - Yang

P.S I'll tell Jet Black Mamba that Portent is back, and that your running Witch Hunter 3. I know he will want to bring Shadow back, so expect to hear from him in the next few days.

31-05-2005, 11:08
Yay for Marius!!!

Good to see you back there. I'd love to come back for another game.
After loosing all his money on gambling and drinks, Leitbec should be sober enough to fight again.

By the way could you plese outline what happened to the party before we got cut off so I could map out the story so far.

Good to be back!

Captain Marius
31-05-2005, 13:27
Yin-Yang and Essia: I did state that I wanted to start characters from scratch to give them the most room for development. However, I suppose there is no real problem, although they will have to start again with their stats (in the interests of balance and all :)). Assume that the battle in Wolfenburg was massive and killed most of the old warband; perhaps only Drongi and Leitbec survived? (Yin-Yang, you may remember the plans for Drongi following Thorgi's death?)

Commander X: The Witch Hunter stared at the ogre incredulously. "My name is Stern. I could do with the extra muscle one of your kind can provide. You are hired." (Please not Jar-Jar, have mercy! :eek: )

We will begin shortly.

Commander X
31-05-2005, 14:36
Don't worry, it's not that bad ;)
It's just that being clumsy when you're big leads to destroyed stuff pretty fast.

31-05-2005, 14:43
OOC:/ No horse, No recuring characte oh well that's Faron out on two counts

Finally, your history should not be too in depth. I want rookies who can be moulded into heroes, not hard-bitten veterans who kill everything with ease. Perhaps you are a mercenary and this is your first job, or you are a young priest ready to spread the word of your god to the heathens

Okay you asked for it :)

Human m40 ws30 bs30 s35 t30 w1 i30 a1 ld 70
Previous Careers: Farmhand
Weapons: Pitchfork, and Sickle
Equipment: Wooden Helmet

Davet looked up form his pint of beer. The harvest was coming soon and that ment earlier rising, more work and then going to sleep later in the night possibly after dark.The combination of that work looming over his head, the fact that he was a lightweight drinker and the promise of Wealth and Adventure. He stood up and pottered over to where the Inquisitor was surronded by men who were probaly far more suited to this kind of work than him. But he was not totally inexperianced he had killed that wolf good with his pitch fork. He also had that short spell training with the Milita, that should be hardened enough.

"Well consider this me Volentering. Oh if it please ye to say where exactly will we be heading?"

OOC:/ Firstly yes I am being serious, secondly the wolf was actually a wild dog and he badly injured it. Though quite possibly the story could get more exagerated as it goes on.:/OOC

Yin - Yang
31-05-2005, 16:47
It was actually the other way round between Thorgi and Drongi. However, I would rather actually RP this happening, so how about I write up a backstory to have them both at the start of Witch Hunter 3, and then a while into Witch Hunter 3 I continue with what was planned?

01-06-2005, 03:54
Okey, I’m fine with staring another character.

Name : Benson Kempa
Equipment: Spear and a Shield, Light Armour.
Stat: m40 ws32 bs30 s32 t30 w1 i30 a1 ld71

Benson ran again, darting between the shadows to escape his former comrades from seeing him. He didn’t know why he was sent to the barrack prison and it was only when the old family servant brought the tragic news of the death of his family. The Rummends Trade Guild had wanted his family trade agreement for years and it seemed they have finally made their move, He clinched his fist as he thought of bloody retribution, then brushed it aside, this is not the time for revenge, it is time to survive.

After another squad of men ran past his hiding place, he kept on moving towards the port, there he can try and get on a ship and get out of here and return when he had enough power to topple the Trade Guild. Eventually he saw the Fox and Goblin and decided to go there and hide amongst the crowd. He sat as he listened to the scarred man’s speech.

Benson stumbles out of the crowd, He was covered with dirt and look tired. He stared at the scarred stranger standing in the middle of the room. This man had power, he can tell from the noble gaze he cast on the other occupants of the room and the way his men deferred top him. Maybe he can help get him out of the damned city.

“I’ll join you” he said, planting his spear firmly on the ground. “Provided we leave this city soon, I’ve been trained in the city regiment and can hold my own in a fight.”

Captain Marius
01-06-2005, 14:50
McGonigle: The Witch Hunter looked over Davet carefully. He appeared to be little more than a farmhand. He'd probably left home to find his fortune and wound up in this cess-pit of a city. Still, the young ones were the easiest to mold to his will, and Gabriel Stern placed a silver coin in Davet's hand and pointed him over to where Ruben was drinking.

Yin-Yang: Well ok, I can hardly oppose a good roleplaying opportunity can I :) They can already be in the employ of the Witch Hunter; I'll work them into the first post. Still, you'll have to start the stats again. As Thorgi is old school he can have 10 points extra instead of 5. We'll find a way to make Drongi's doom exciting :)

Essia: The background PM sounds good to me; it'll be easiest to make Benson an escapee who has to join the Witch Hunter to escape Marienburg though, so if you detail his escape in your first post.

All: We'll begin when Yin-Yang has posted his characters' stats. Feel free to roleplay being in the pub, getting to know one other and whatnot :)

Yin - Yang
01-06-2005, 19:09
Great Marius :D, thanks for keeping the two dwarfs. And I think we could defiantly be able to find an interesting death for Drongi...not too hard to find an exciting doom with a Dwarf........they excel at it....

So, on to the important stuff, Thorgi and Drongi's stats. I'll put a description in for those (everyone except Marius and Essia) who haven't encountered these guys before.

Thorgi Thorgisson

M: 30
WS: 43
BS 30
S: 32
T: 42

Thorgi's extra 10 points went on +3 WS, +2 S, + 2 T, +1 I and + 2 LD. These stat upgrades seem right for him, as the veteran wanderer. Now his description:

Age:136 (couple years older)

Equipment: Axe, Shield, Heavy Armour, Pistol. Plus various other oddments, lantern, pipe etc

Appearence: Average height, for a dwarf, he comes up to most humans lower torsos. Has a thick black beard, which reaches to his knees. Immensly proud of this fine growth of hair, he makes sure other dwarfs take note of Gnollengrom, and accord him the respect he is due because of it.

History: Originally from Barak Varr, he left the Dwarfen port at the young age of 74, to see the world. 62 years of the wandering life have left him tired, and he desires to return home. However, he also loves this life, and despite what he tells himself he knows in his heart he will not return to Barak Varr any time soon. After the events in Wolfenburg he remained with the Witch Hunter, eager for the adventure that this would bring, although he keeps telling himself that it's going to be his last adventure. As he always does.

And now, on to his nephew...

Drongi Drongisson


Age: 67

Equipment: Pickaxe, Heavy Armour,

Appearence: The same size as his uncle, he has a light brown beard, which reaches just above his waist.

Description: Drongi Drongisson is the son of Thorgi's brother Drongi Thorgisson. He became a miner, much to the pleasure of his family, who were relived to see he wasn't like his radical uncle Thorgi. He traveled to the dwarfen holds in the Worlds Edge mountains, and mined in Zhufbar for a decade. He then decided he wanted to go home to Barak Varr, to see his family again. On his way back, he ended up in Hergig, capital city of Hochland. While staying in the Dwarf quarter he met his uncle, who was in Hergig with Gabriel Stern and his warband. He wanted to see if all the tales about his "Mad" uncle Thorgi were true, if the old dwarf had really been around the old world and had many adventures. He was not disappointed, and developed an attachment to his uncle, staying with him and the Witch Hunter after the Wolfenburg incident.

Right, there we go, two Dwarfs for the party. However Marius, there is one other matter. I mentioned to Jet Black Mamba at school that Portent was back, and that you were running Witch Hunter 3. Since we are starting this RP soon, because my characters have been posted, will we introduce his character later in the RP? I know he is keen to be back in one of your RPs, and I don't think he would mind if he couldn't bring Shadow back. Anyway, its up to you Marius.

Yin - Yang

Yin - Yang
03-06-2005, 19:57
Well, are we going to get this started soon Marius?

03-06-2005, 20:59
yeah, we have enough characters, others could join up along the way

03-06-2005, 21:35
I've PMed Cap't, just I need to wait for his reply to my Character type (Either an Exiled Druchii/Asur or a Wood Elf Mage. All of them are half brothers and sisters, oddly enough (Do not ask!)).

Yin - Yang
03-06-2005, 22:01
Hey Darmort, good to have you back. Anyway, we should hopefully be starting this soon. I'm really looking forward to it, because Witch Hunter 2 was easily the best RP I was ever in, and if Witch Hunter 3 is even half as good i think we'l all enjoy ourselves immensly.

Yin - Yang

05-06-2005, 14:59
Hey Darmort, good to have you back

Name; Sena
Race; High Elf
Sex; Female
Age; 456 in the human years.
Class; Mercenary
Rank; None

Equipment; Sena has a Longbow made of Maple, along with 60 Maple arrows. She has a fine longsword, which is lightweight and well balanced. She also has three hunting daggers and a chainmail vest.

Appearance; Black Hair, grey eyes, black-grey clothing, almost the opposite of an Asur, although no one knows why.

History; Having been taken from Ulthuan to Naggaroth as a slave, Sena despises the Druchii, although when she was taken, she knew that a company of Swordmasters' was in the area, because they didn't even try to help her friends and family, she thinks other Asur are cowards.
How she escaped is unknown, but she works as a Mercenary for money. Perhaps asking her for more later would reveal why she works as a Mercenary, and her unAsur-like hair, eyes and clothing.

Weapon Skill: 54
Balistic Skill: 60
Strength: 34
Toughness: 32
Wounds: 1
Initiative: 56
Attacks: 2
Leadership: 76

IC: Sena looked at the Witch Hunter and wondered. What does he hunt? Well, if he's offering money, I'll work for him.
She stood up and walked towards him. "Mister Stern, I'm Sena, what do you want doing?"

Captain Marius
05-06-2005, 15:14
Hail and well met!

I've finally got the stats and research done, so without further ado, we can begin. Here are the initial statlines of the the participants in Witch Hunter 3:

Witch Hunter m38 ws48 bs45 s37 t39 w2 i48 a3 Ld89 weapons/armour: broadsword, brace of pistols, light armour

Ruben m40 ws30 bs30 s30 t30 w1 i30 a1 ld70 weapons/armour: long sword, brace of pistols, light armour

Oldaur m40 ws32 bs30 s32 t30 w1 i31 a1 ld70 weapons/armour: scythe

Orgh m61 ws30 bs30 s42 t42 w3 i20 a3 ld70 weapons/armour: shield, club, light armour

Davet m40 ws30 bs30 s35 t30 w1 i30 a1 ld70 weapons/armour: pitchfork, sickle, helmet

Benson m40 ws32 bs30 s32 t30 w1 i30 a1 ld71 weapons/armour: spear, shield, light armour.

Thorgi m30 ws43 bs30 s32 t42 a1 i21 w1 ld92 weapons/armour: axe, shield, heavy armour, pistol

Drongi m30 ws42 bs30 s31 t42 a1 i20 w1 ld90 weapons/armour: pickaxe, heavy armour

Sena m50 ws41 bs43 s30 t30 w1 i51 a1 ld90 weapons/armour: longbow, longsword, light armour

(I have extensively modified Sena to fit the character creation guide; she's good at shooting and above the elf average at weapon skill and initiative)

These stats are a good guide to your chances of surviving a fight with a specific foe: for example, Davet or Benson would have a fifty/fifty chance of defeating an orc one on one, whereas Orgh would be much more likely to win such a fight. Which is why Orgh will be fighting multiple enemies or bosses and such. The stats allow me to create reasonably balanced and realistic scenarios :) Anyway, let us begin!

Chapter One: The Sea Dragon

The warband stood in the courtyard of the Fox and Goblin inn. The sky was overcast and a constant drizzle made everything damp. There would be far worse than that where they were going.

Thorgi and Drongi stood on guard duty, eyes peeled for any suspicious figures. They were well used to the Witch Hunter's paranoia, after two years of accompanying him in pursuit of Kheladras the Immortal, the Witch Hunter's nemesis. They had not mentioned the discomfort they felt at the presence of the elf, Sena, but they had learnt to accept that the Witch Hunter did nothing without a reason. Sena herself was sitting in silence, haughty and aloof. An air of mystery hung about her.

The other new recruits were gathered in a small cluster under the overhanging thatched roof, sheltering from the rain. Ruben looked a little nervous; he was well protected in such company, but those he owed money to could go to any lengths to recover it. Davet felt a little out of place; the stink of the city took a lot of getting used to after living on a farm for most of his life. The huge ogre, Orgh, looked content; the Witch Hunter had paid for last night's food and Orgh had taken full advantage. If he'd get fed that well in future, he'd defend his employer to the death.

Benson looked a little melancholy. Now he had escaped from his enemies, he had time to reflect on the death of his family. One day he would have his revenge; perhaps this Witch Hunter could help him if he proved himself worthy? Oldaur, the priest of Morr, stood away from the group, careless of the rain. He sensed that in the coming months he would be responsible for delivering many souls to Morr. He would make his patron god proud.

After a slight delay, the Witch Hunter himself appeared from the depths of the inn. "Nice weather," he grumbled. Then he looked around and saw his warband assembled, and a pair of two-horse carriages which would bear them to the docks. "I hope you all slept well," he addressed his men. Thorgi and Drongi kept there eyes examining the streets. They smiled; the Witch Hunter always started off like this, but sooner or later he'd reveal the ruthless bastard side of his nature.

"Today we are travelling to Albion, the Blighted Isle. I am sure you all will have heard of this place; it's been a legend for centuries, and now it turns out that the gods were concealing it with fogs, which they have now decided to remove. We are going to be joining the Imperial Army and bringing the light of Sigmar to the isle." The Witch Hunter looked at his recruits wryly; except for Oldaur, they didn't seem to impressed with this motive. Stern narrowed his eyes; "If you have heard of the island, you will also no doubt have heard of the great treasures meant to be there. Once we claim them, you will of course receive your share. Who knows, you may make your fortune."

Ruben and Benson both looked far more interested now. Maybe this trip would be the answer to all their problems.

The Witch Hunter continued: "These carriages will take us to the docks. Mount up, we're due to board our ship within the hour."

The warband split into two groups and got into the carriages; Orgh's huge weight caused his carriage to creak and groan. The drivers whipped their horses and the carriages set off.

<OK folks, this section in <>s is where I summarise the scenario, indicating what you should al do next.

The two groups are:

Carriage One - Witch Hunter, Thorgi, Drongi, Oldaur, Sena
Carriage Two - Ruben, Davet, Benson, Orgh

Introduce yourselves to your groups and see what you can find out about each other. This is basically just a chance to start laying the foundations of your character's personality, making friends and team-buidling ;)>

05-06-2005, 15:33
Sena looked at the Dwarfs opposite her, she carefully eyed them, hoping that neither of them would just suddenly jump and attack her. When it looked like they weren't about to do so, she relaxed. A little.

05-06-2005, 15:46
Looking at the strange looking elf and the Two dwarfs in the carriage Oldaur paused at witch he could hear the creaking from the carriage behind him with was mostly filled with the girth of the ogre, he looked over at the content looking witch hunter to have such a varied band of mercenaries made Oldaur comforted that there was trouble up ahead and souls for Morr. At that Oldaur smirked but he reminded himself that these were all godless mercenaries and they would all sell each other out if the chance came. With that the scowl returned to his pale face and he turned to the window, waiting for his chance to reap souls for Morr.

Commander X
05-06-2005, 15:46
"Me's Orgh, who's you lots?"

The Ogre tried to start a conversation with the humans over the creaking of the cart wheels. He couldn't help but laugh a bit when looking at the farmer guy who appeared to have an upside down bucket on his head.

05-06-2005, 16:38
"I'm Benson and I'd appreciate it if you sit more towards the window." grumbled Benson who was evidently really uncomfortable sitting next to the ogre and being squashed by Orgh's wide girth.

"Oopsy!" said the ogre and shifted a bit along the carrage seat.

"Thanks Orgh" Benson gave a weak smile as he tried to regain his breath.

"I'm born right here in Marienburg, where are you guys from?" Benson asked, trying to continue a conversation and at the same time find out about his warband.

Commander X
05-06-2005, 17:10
"Me's from an Ogre camp. Us did not names it, as us would forget tha name anyways."

Orgh turned to the window - hopefully not squashing any people again - to have a look at the environment. He didn't recognise it, and had already forgotten where exactly they were heading for.

"Were did bossman say us is goin' again? Me's doesn't knows this place."

Yin - Yang
05-06-2005, 22:57
The two Dwarfs looked at the Elf sitting opposite them, obviosuly uncomfortable. Thorgi's hand kept straying to his axe haft, and Drongi was fiddiling with his pick axe. Both were ready to draw their weapons if it looked like the elf would become a threat, and were confident they could deal with her if the need arose. However, the Witch Hunter had made it obvious that he didn't want any violence between them, and the Dwarfs would obey him to the death, like any good Dwarf would. However, that didn't mean they had to talk civil.

"So....Elf" Thorgi spat, showing his disgust and hatred of the creature before him "I didn't expect to find one of your filth kind here...and by Grimmner I could have lived happily if you hadn't shown up" he growled, rage etched on his features. Beside him, Drongi scowled, as both Dwarfs barely constrained themselves from violence. All these thousands of years later, every single Dwarf maintained a deep routed hatred for the treacherous Elves, and Thorgi and Drogni were no exception.......

OOC: Hope the Dwarfs aren't being too aggressive. I'll keep it down if you want Marius.

Captain Marius
06-06-2005, 08:53
The Witch Hunter noted the agitation of his Dwarf companions. "Calm yourselves, comrades; I have hired Sena with gold just as I hired you. Her loyalty is to the purse of the Templars of Sigmar, isn't that right Sena?"

Sena scowled at the Dwarfs and gave the Witch Hunter a cold stare. Oldaur seemed to be lost in thought, dreaming of the work ahead. The rain pattered off of the carriages as they rolled through the streets of Marienburg.

Marienburg is an ancient city of trade on the north-west tip of the Empire. It is the first port of call for all shipping into the Empire and is extremely wealthy as a result. So wealthy in fact, that it is ruled by a council of Burgomeisters in place of an Elector Count, and is recognised by the Empire as an independent city state. Of course, with so much wealth, the city seethes with corruption, with under-hand dealings and shady business arrangements as common as the filthy rats that infest the place. Many a man has been escorted into the surrounding Wastelands never to return, food for the many ravenous creatures that lurk outside the city.

Today Marienburg was busier than ever; the Emperor had organised an expeditionary force to explore Albion and thousands of soldiers had been drawn from across the Empire to form this force. The first detachments would be shipping today, and the Witch Hunter had arranged to go with them. So far his men thought they were going just for the treasure, but Gabriel Stern had an ulterior motive, one that might make them less enthusiastic. Still, once they were there, there would be no escape. Stern smiled, but his eyes remained cold.

<Still in the carriages for now>

06-06-2005, 09:09
Benson looked out the window, It is good they are getting away from this city. As a child he heard his father telling stories (on a subject which all Marienburgers are extremely fond of) of fabulous wealth and treasures hidden in the mythical realm of Albion. Maybe there he can find the resources to topple the Remmins family back home. Banishing the thought of his family being burnt alive in their family mansion, he tried to direct his attention to his comrades to be in the carrage.

"So..... do any of you know about this place Albion?, I heard it was filled with treasure and gold. The Burgomeisters organised fleets to find this place when I was 13. I remembered the fleet and the thunderous send off we gave the brave souls of that voyage. Nothing's heard from them since." He leaded closer to the group

"There were rumours that the captains did find it and is now living in the lands of Araby as kings!!, Others say they got lost and ended up on the coasts of Naggorath,all of them worked to death under the enslavement of dark Elves."

06-06-2005, 12:19
"I'm here for the money, as well as trying to find other things about my people," said Sena. "Money, however, is more important to me than my past."
She gave the Dwarf who had threatened her an icy stare, then asked the Witch Hunter. "What do intend to find on Albion? And what will you find?" It was the sort of question that not many people could answer easily. You couldn't INTEND to find ANYTHING. And Sena hoped the Witch Hunter also knew he didn't know what he was going to find.

OOC: Sena's got a taste for confusion. :P

Yin - Yang
06-06-2005, 13:19
Thorgi turned to look at the Witch Hunter, curious to find out anything the Witch Hunter might reveal about the encroaching expidition. He doubted anything important would be revealed however. The Witch Hunter was secretive, paranoid, ruthless bastard, so it was fairly sure he wouldn't reveal anything about the mission to Albion. Thorgi wondered about the mysteriosu island. He had heard of the treasure hoards there, and the lure of gold was a powerful incentive to go. But in his long years of wandering, he had learned to be cautious, and he would rather know a bit more about the island.....

Drongi watched the Elf. He had never met one of the Elven race before, but like all Dwarfs he hated the treacherous scum with a passion. However, the Witch Hunter had been paying him, and if he said "Calm down" then Drongi would. Drongi wondered what they were really going to Albion for. He could guess that the Witch Hunter had some other motive, and from the pursuit of the past two years, he had an idea what the real reason for the quest could be....

Commander X
06-06-2005, 18:57
"Me's doesn't know any of that placies. Me's just comin' fo' good food an' treasury stuff."

Unlike with the others, Orgh's mind wasn't filled with imaginations about what they would see on the adventure, or what they might come across. At the moment his only thoughts were those about his hunger, and he looked around to see if there was anything edible in here.

06-06-2005, 19:36
Ruben spoke for the first time in some while." Albion, it seems nice but has a dark-side". "most of the sailors sent here have vanished" Ruben goes back to starring out the copach window.

06-06-2005, 19:51
Boom, thunder and rain were being thrown from the black sky. The man hacked through the slimy vines and branches. he sliped and fell, ragging his leg on jagged stones, somthing was chasing him. he fell, no matter he was on the rad now, the coach can galloping towards him...

Ruben jumped up from his seat, arousing the others attention. "bad dreams" sena enquired, ruben grunted and went back to looking out the window.

06-06-2005, 20:55
"Don't you worry Orgh, Our employer seem to have a lot of money and power, I doubt we'll have trouble getting good treasure. And with the Imperial army coming along, I'm sure there is plenty of grub for us all, you even."

"I hope they sent Master Jekins the company chef in my old outfit, he makes a excellent rabbit stew, I never understand how a halfling can stirr at a pot meant to feed 100 men. But stir he did and they were fantastic."

Thinking about his ex-regiment brought another thought to his mind, could his regiment be coming along as well? they have been drilling quiet a bit more than usual recently. And if that is the case then he needs to inform his employer that people might be looking for him, perhaps this Stern has enough power to prevent a very short boat ride.

Captain Marius
06-06-2005, 22:29
The Marienburg docks are a sprawling mess of piers, warehouses and muscle-bound dockers hauling cargo to and from the vast array of vessels that filled the mouth of the great River Reik. Merchant ships ranging from one man tubs to enormous ocean-going galleons are constantly going to and fro, while mighty Imperial Warships are re-supplied ready to smite the foes of Sigmar who lurk at sea. There are ships from the Empire, Bretonnia, Tilea, Araby, Estalia and even a small number of sleek craft from Ulthuan.

The two carriages passed through the warehouse district and pulled up in an area that was quite evidently under the control of the Imperial Army. Liveried soldiers stood guard or patrolled as a swarm of dockyard workers loaded huge crates of supplies onto the Imperial Warfleet. Thorgi and Drongi dismounted the lead carriage and found the Witch Hunter's contact, the first mate of the Sea Dragon, a mighty transport ship with a sculpture of a dragon's head striking menacingly from the bow.

The warband dismounted and the first mate led them directly onto the ship. Soldiers filled the deck; the vessel was due to leave with the first group and all the men were part of infantry regiments. It was their lot to establish the Imperial beach-head on Albion. The Witch Hunter was introduced to Captain Janson, a Middenlander with a great white beard and tanned, leathery skin. The Captain himself directed the warband to their quarters. The Witch Hunter had a tiny cabin, normally reserved for the first mate. The rest had the group of hammocks nearest the cabin. Captain Janson eyed Orgh warily. "I think he'd be better off sleepin' on the deck..." he commented.

<Right you scurvy lot, settle in, this is your home for a while. You can talk amongst yourselves, to nearby sailors or soldiers, but no wandering off. You're unofficially the Witch Hunter's bodyguards for now>

07-06-2005, 02:21
"Erm, Herr Stern, a word with you if I may?" Benson knocked on the cabin door, deciding he better get his employer up to date wit his fugitive status incase he meets up with one of his old comrades.

"Enter!" the voice of Stern boomed.

Getting right to the point, he launched into his tale quickly, how his family trade agrrement brought jealousy from envious eyes and how he was incarcerated without reason as his family were killed by these same villins. How he brought his freedom from the guards and his escape and his meeting with Obidian Stern.

"So basically my goals are simple, I need the funds to revenge my family and this adventure might be it. However given my staus as a wanted man, travelling with an Imperial Army might not be the best place to be at this exact moment. I'll keep out of sight in this trip, but I figured I need to tell you my situation. Also I see you are a man of means, if you can assist me in any manner, I would truly appreciate it."

07-06-2005, 09:54
Sena watched one of the men go into the Witch Hunters' room. "It seems we all have troubles," she murmured. "I wonder what his problems are."
She sighed and then got into a hammock. Within minutes she was asleep. But one hand kept a steady hold on her sword...

Captain Marius
07-06-2005, 11:16
The Witch Hunter eyed his new recruit suspiciously. He did not sound like he was lying, but a man on the run would have to be good at deception. Still, Benson did not appear to be a direct threat to him, and he had worked with far shadier characters in his past. "So long as you prove yourself worthy, my patronage and the wealth we may find should be sufficient to sort out your problems. You'll have to lay low for now; the Army doesn't tolerate deserters for any reason. But I'm sure I'll be able to deal with that issue as well should it become a problem."

Yin - Yang
07-06-2005, 13:16
Thorgi and Drongi walked up to a pair of hammocks, looking very uneasy on a ship. Most Dwarfs hate ships and boats, being a mountain dwelling people. Thorgi and Drongi were from Barak Varr, and as such were more used to ships than your average dwarf, but no dwarf ever relishes going to sea.

"Bloody wooden manling craft, fall apart in a good strom this will" grumbled Thorgi as he dumped his pack beside a hammock, before climbing in. He shifted uncomfortably, and lay back "Well young'un" he said to Drongi, who was climbing into another hammock "Sleep well, if such a thing is possible on this bloody boat...."

Commander X
07-06-2005, 15:40
Orgh was wandering about the deck a bit, wondering why the captain had very explicitly(sp) forbidden him to get near the masts. Needless to say, when he was looking up to those, he tripped over a pile of cannonballs lying around, and fell flat on the deck, the wood creaking beneath him.

"Me hopes noone's down dere."

07-06-2005, 17:35
ruben walked into the bar-cabin. he stroled towards the bar. A man an a dark cloak intercepted him and sat him down at a table. "ruben, do you know how much debt youve knocked up"
"...." ruben scowled at the man
" you dont want to know, bouty for you dead is.."
bang, ruben fired his pistol into the mans gut killing him, ruben searched the corpse. he took a dagger and a purse containg gold coins.
he began to walk out when a small ma ran up and pressed a scroll into his hands; "this is for your employer" the man ran off.
thud thud
ruben knocked on Sterns cabin door..

07-06-2005, 17:47
Looking down at the fallen Ogre, Olduar sighed he was standing at the edge of the boat looking out to shore when the Ogre toppled further down he was going to attempt to help the ogre up but then he realised the ogre would be better off lying down where he couldn't break anything "Carefully Orgh, do not hurt yourself before the battles to come. I Suggest you get some rest friend and stay out of the way of the men, they might decided to use you as an anchor if things get too ruff" with that Olduar returned to the other side of the boat choosing to stay on deck instead of the cabins, but before he did he decided to reiterate what had been said to the ogre before "Remember don’t touch the mast. But if you do,, blame the dwarfs" Olduar was alot nicer to Orgh then the other mercinaries over the time Olduar had lived he fought with men, elf, dwarf and ogre alike, But he grew attached to the simple minded folk and felt it was in them he could trust the most. The short smile was ended as he looked at the storm ahead

07-06-2005, 20:17
...ruben came out of the cabin as thunder began to strike, a few secons later he was knocked to the floor by a wave that swept over the deck. the storm was bad. ruben pulled hmself up and ran into his cabin. the room was over turned, what little possetions he had had been smashed or strewn around the room. Ruben lay in his hammok, he didnt trust any of the others, espesialy the inquisitor but he couldnt think of a reason for one of them to do this, somone on the ship had itin for him. The race he trusted the most were dwaves, dwarves always keep there word. He braved the storm and entered the dwarvs cabin....

Yin - Yang
07-06-2005, 21:28
Thorgi sleepily opened an eye as the cabin door creaked open. As a dark figure began to slip inside, he was instantly alert. He reached down to his belt, and quietly removed his axe, while Drongi did the same on the other side of the room. Once the figure was fully inside, Thorgi leaped up yelling "Drongi, get the bastard! Grimmner!!!!!" The two dwarfs jumped simultaneosly at the dark man, slamming into his midriff before he could react, knocking him to the floor. Thorgi leaned on the mans chest, and held his axe to the mans throat. "Get a lantern Drongi...I want to see who this fool is before I kill him" At this the figure started, and exclaimed "Thorgi, for Sigmars sake! It's Ruben!" Thorgi peered at the figure closely in the dark, taking a good look at his face for the first time, before turning to Drongi "Well, you can't be too careful" he grumbled, before standing up, and putting his axe back in his belt. As Ruben pulled himself up, the dwarfs went back to their hammocks. "So Ruben, why do you wake us from our sleep so late at night?"

08-06-2005, 02:59
Benson lay in his hammock as the ship rocked with the storm. He’s used to travelling on ships as the Marienburg regiments regularly exercise with the Navy. Despite being tired from the travelling and running from the army, he has too much on his mind to sleep at the moment.

His gambit seemed to pay off; his employer seemed to believe his story, though with great suspicion. It must come with hiring mercenaries and sellswords. But it is enough for him that Stern seemed more intent on his mission and will not give him away to the Imperial Army travelling along on the same ship.

Well that means it is not safe to go on-deck in the daytime. No matter, He’ll try and stay here as much as possible. He also needs to practice his fighting skills. Like his father said money is everything, but nothing if you can’t live to spend it. Thinking about the other mercenaries in the warband, it seemed the elf and the dwarves has been old hands and can handle themselves well in combat, maybe they’ll give him some tips (plus there is really nothing to do until they crossed the big briney deep).

Captain Marius
08-06-2005, 12:08
The Sea Dragon groaned as she forged her way out of the Reik's mouth and into the Sea of Claws. The night before there had been a great storm and many of the soldiers on board had been sick and even now lay confined to their hammocks. This morning however was bright and a cool breeze propelled the fleet across the waves.

In the aft of the ship, the Witch Hunter was approached by an evidently agitated first mate. "Sir, there's been a killing below-decks," he said bluntly. The Witch Hunter narrowed his eyes; had his enemies found him already? Surely that could not be possible. "What was the manner of death?" he asked warily.

"A pistol shot. The victim was a member of a mercenary unit we have on board and they're baying for blood."

"What has this to do with me?" Stern asked. He did not have time for this.

"It sounds like one of your warband was the killer," the first mate said, his tone low.

The Witch Hunter clapped a hand to his forehead. "Do you have any more information? Don't say the ogre fell on someone or the victim was fool enough to insult one of the dwarfs..."

The first mate described Ruben accurately enough that the Witch Hunter was able to recognise him. "Sigmar's Teeth," he swore. "I will deal with this. Send me the captain of the regiment." The first mate left and shortly the mercenary captain turned up. After a brief discussion, the Witch Hunter agreed to pay the captain the bounty if he would leave Ruben to him. The captain's eyes lit up; he hadn't even known of the bounty, but he quickly agreed.

Finally, the Witch Hunter summoned Ruben to his cabin...

<Ruben's in trouble, everyone else, you can start exploring the ship and meeting soldiers, sailors and mercs. Treat people you meet as NPCs and if I'm feeling generous I might add them to the warband :) No more killing! It's a small ship and the Witch Hunter won't be able to save you from an angry crew ;)>

Commander X
08-06-2005, 16:16
Orgh wandered around the deck again, as it was the only place he was allowed to come. He had caught a cold from the storm, and sneezed every now and then.

After a while, he met some humans he swore he had seen before, and asked for their names. When they told him that - and then hurried away, fearing he'd fall on them - it slowly started to get to him that he was walking in circles on the deck. He sat down on something that probably wasn't meant for sitting on, and tried to recite the names of the party members.

"We've got bossman, Oldaur, da two lidle guys, sum pointy-eared miss, and a bunch of otha humies."

Satisfied with this 'names', he stood up again, and continued going in circles.

08-06-2005, 16:34
"what you doin in our cabin" yelled drongi.
"look let me explain" pleaded ruben
"i'll tell you what i'll let you do, take a walk offthe"
"please drongi, let the man speak" reasoned throngi
" someone overturned my cabin, i want you to find out who, you dwarves don't seem to subtle so i don't car what you do solong as you don't kill anybody"
" hahaha, why should we do this for you, lazy humans..."
Ruben throws the bag of stolen gold on to the table, the dwaves eyes light up,
" people are after me so i have to lie low...
the cabin door bursts open asnd the first mate strolls in. " your boss wants a word with you"

Yin - Yang
08-06-2005, 17:26
As Ruben walked out of the room, Thorgi went over to the bag of gold. he took a coin out and bit it, before nodding his approval "It's real gold at least. So Drongi what do you think? About Ruben?" Thorgi asked his nephew. Drongi slowly navigated his way out of the hammock, before weighing the gold bag in his hands "Well, he is one of our group...and this is quite a lot of gold" he said "I say we have a look around...and watch the manlings back". Thorgi nodded, agreeing with the young Dwarfs idea "Good idea lad, thats just what i was thinking. We'll have a look around, and make a few inquries...and if things turn nasty" at this he gripped his axe haft "It won't be anything we can't handle". He turned and left the cabin, and Drongi followed....

Captain Marius
09-06-2005, 14:30
The Witch Hunter sat on his cot as Ruben entered the tiny cabin. Despite the fact that Ruben was standing, the Witch Hunter's presence filled the room. His expression was grim. "What's the problem?" Ruben asked, wary but unsure what was going to happen.

"What is the problem?" the Witch Hunter repeated. "You killed someone on a bloody ship is the problem! I've had to pull strings to stop you being thrown overboard! Fact is, I've had to pay your Sigmar-damned bounty to stop you being lynched."

Ruben was taken aback. "Why would you do that for me?" he asked.

"We can't have members of my retinue being killed for any reason. It makes me look weak, and that is not a good idea. Still, I have to justify my expenses to the Templars of Sigmar, and the amount you cost me, I need something in return. Which is why you will be working directly for me now. Your wages are forfeit; the damned bounty being paid is more than your worth anyway. But I'll be using you to infiltrate the mercenaries and other scum on this trip. Information is the key to power, and I like power, understand?"

Ruben nodded, slightly perturbed by this turn of events, but still worried that there were more people after him. He told the Witch Hunter that his possessions had been interfered with <you don't have cabins, just hammocks near the Witch Hunter's cabin: it's a small ship ;)> and that Thorgi and Drongi were investigating. Stern closed his eyes; his head was thumping and the roll of the ship was making him queasy. "If you have any problems, you come to me. I'm a patient man, but we all have our limits. Now go find the mercenary captain I paid off... Avista was his name, big Tilean brute. See what they can tell you about where we're going."

Ruben left the cabin, his mind racing.

09-06-2005, 14:33
Still sitting in his quarter, Benson watched as two men entered the room.

"erm, yous lot is not missing a ogre by any chance?" The tall one spoke with a heavy accent, Benson could not quiet make out where though.

"let me guess, big, talks simple and tend to fall/squash/main people around him?" Benson asked absentmindedly.

"that sounds about right, I heard him ask us for names and about 15 minutes later, met us and asked us again. This ain't some kinda Ogre rituals is it?"

"So I take it he's lost then?" Benson asked with a small smile on his face.

"Yep!, he's in the aft storage bays. get him wilya? the boys are nervous running into a Ogre in the middle of the night."

Looking out the small port hole, he sees the sun has set and it is dark outside.

"I needed a stretch anyways, which bay did you say?"..............

Eventually Benson found the Ogre, still aimlessly wandering around.

"I know you! whats yer name?" The ogre was evidently happy to see a familiar face.

"Come on Orgh, Herr Stern has enough to worry about without news of you getting lost boths him too."

[feel free to continue the conversation Commander x !]

Commander X
09-06-2005, 16:32
"It's just that me's getting all dizzy on dis floatin' thingy. Me doesn't feel goods"

Orgh was clearly not used to being on a ship, as now he was swalking around dangerously.

"But anywayz, wut did bossman want of wes now?"

09-06-2005, 17:05
ruben entered the squashed, sweaty and gloomy room. " youb'e got to be the luckyest man on this sigmar-forsaken earth ruben" the mercinary cptin greeted
" drake, i should have known your scum was up to this"
" what do you need, ruben, oh and no hard fellings i have to make a living"
"what do you know about this albion were travling to"
" I take it you heard about my litle trip, then"
"what trip, boss just told me to ask you"
"ohh, so your a lapdog now. Well 3 years ago me and the lads went on a little treasure trip to this albion, all we foundwas blood, our blood. we got attacked by orks on the first day, we beat em off but then some thing was following us, it seemed as the forest came to life...
anyways i took a garrison of men, returned with 3"
ruben reported this info to stern
he walked to the stern and peered over the dark stormy seas, he could swear some large crature was following them but thought nothing of it and went to his hammok.

09-06-2005, 17:45
Sena looked round the small ship. "Nothing," she muttered.

"'Scuse me, lass," said one of the crewmen coming up behind her. "But..."
Sena didn't wait for anything, she clamped his jaw shut and said. "No, I am not lost, and I intend to stay in my clothing."
"Not that," said the crewman. "Just I wonders if you could hold this while I fix this board."
Sena scowled dropped the hammer that the crewman had handed her and left the human to his work.
"I'm not a carpenter," she muttered.

09-06-2005, 18:21
ruben woke frm his deep slumber, more nightmares. The sun was bigining to stir so he estimated it was about 3 in the morning. He steped onto the main deck and walked around for a while before strolling o the stern. He still thought somthing was moving through the water after them. as he reterned to his hammok a large boom shook the ship and he was thrown to his feet...

Captain Marius
09-06-2005, 20:04
<warlordgrubnatz, could you PM me before you add stuff like sea monsters please; as GM I need to steal the credit for ideas all for myself! :angel: >

They had been at sea for several days and the passengers were beginning to get used to the seasickness. Stern ventured out of his cabin for the first time, accompanied by Thorgi as a bodyguard. You could never be too careful.

It seemed that his warband were getting on alright; as far as the Witch Hunter knew, the business with Ruben had been cleared up. He rather wished he'd taken ship with an Imperial Army regiment instead of these Sigmar-forsaken mercs, but it was too late now. And besides, they were getting nearer to Albion. The skies were dismal and the rain was constant now, ranging from light drizzle to great storms at night. One of the ships in the fleet had been badly damaged and had had to return to Marienburg.

"This trip'd be a lot easier if we could see the damn stars," muttered Thorgi. Stern smiled grimly. Thorgi had proved himself a loyal companion and had saved his life on more than one occasion. The Witch Hunter had had initial misgivings about dwarfs but now he found himself wishing that men shared some sense of their loyalty. He was intrigued by the prospects of an elf being part of his retinue. He had rarely seen that most enigmatic of races and indeed Sena was the first he had actually spoken with. This expedition could prove to be a valuable learning experience. If they survived of course.

Yin - Yang
09-06-2005, 21:33
Thorgi kept next to the Witch Hunter at all times, when the Witch Hunter was outside his cabin at least. He had given his word to protect him, and Thorgi was a traditonalist...he would keep his word even if it meant his death. Thorgi's beard was soaked with the rain, and he looked grumpy..well more grumpy than usual. He spotted Ruben, and Thorgi walked quickly over to him, and said quietly "By the way manling, we've made......progress with that problem of yours". Ruben nodded, and Thorgi returned to stand guard by the Witch Hunter, watching the mercenary's at all times, just in case. He wondered how is nephew was doing with their plan to solve Ruben's troubles........

"I say we kill the bastard anyway, even if his ransom is paid. Get revenge on 'im......." muttered the mercenary sitting beside Drongi. The man was short and mean looking, and carried an army of daggers on his belt. The other mercenary piped up "Yeah, let him get whats coming to 'im". This one was tall and thin, and not looking in the best of health, his face being pale and drawn.He had a short axe in his belt along with two pistols holstered at his sides. He turned to look at the young dwarf "So..Drongi wasn't it? You want to help?" he grinned "There's gold in it for you" he said, empahsising the word Gold. Drongi nodded "Sounds good. How much gold?" he asked, like any dwarf would. The shorter mercenary smiled "Oh quite a lot I imagine...he took ole Dieter's purse after he killed him...". Drongi gripped his pickaxe tightly, before standing up determindly, and going up on deck, where he knew Ruben was "Let's get the murdering filth..."

10-06-2005, 17:00
ruben walkled across the dek and stoped when he heard shouting.
"the witch hunter is a powerfull man we cant cross him, he..." the mercinary captin was cut short when the mercs banged there captain on the head knocking him unconcius,
"sorry cheif, it for your own good" the tall merc replied.
Ruben noticed drongi was with them... axe drawn.
Ruben burst into saterns cabin
"ruben.. how many.."
boss, quick it drongi".....

10-06-2005, 19:29
ruben and ster rushed out side too see drongi and throngi battleing with the two mercs...

Yin - Yang
10-06-2005, 19:30
OOC: er..Grubnatz, it's only two merc's going for Ruben..you do know that right?

10-06-2005, 19:59
<yes, i put drongi and throngi battleing two mercs>

10-06-2005, 20:31
Sena looked at the Witch Hunter through the rain. Witch Hunters... killing people... not that she minded, but just how many of those kills had been innocents? Probably none. But they were human, and probably deserved to die at some point. But then, so does everyone, at some point.

Yin - Yang
10-06-2005, 22:05
OOC: Sorry Grubnatz, posted at the same time. Anyway, on to my post....

As the two mercenary's advanced towards the fleeing Ruben, Drongi creeped up behind the tall thin one, smiling slightly. He looked around to find his uncle, and nodded to him. Thorgi began to edge slowly towards them. Drongi moved behind the tall one, and slammed the haft of his pickaxe into the back of the humans head. The mercenary fell, concussed. The other merceanary turned round "What in the name of Sigmar......" He made a move for his daggers, but before his hand was halfway to his belt, Thorgi smashed into him. The two of them fell tumbling to the floor, and a vicious fist fight followed. The other sell-sword drowsily pulled himslef up, and managed a bewlidered look at the situation before Drongi thrust his pickaxe handle into his face, sending the man sprawling to the floor for the second time in as many minutes. Thanks to good old dwarfen strength and resilence, Thorgi had come out on top wth his opponent. He held his axe to the mans throat. "Go on manling...make my day"

Captain Marius
10-06-2005, 23:54
<warlordgrubnatz, please don't initiate any fights; as players you must react to circumstances dictated by me as GM. This needs to be the case because otherwise the plot can go well off, delaying the main storyline or creating unrealistic situations that I have to sort out. As an aside, you've handled this particular situation well; it's always a good idea to take them alive, that way the Witch Hunter can interrogate them... :evilgrin: >

A short while later, the Witch Hunter sat in his cabin with the two mercenaries bound before him. Drongi and Ruben stood between them and the door, which was locked. The Witch Hunter had a face like thunder; it would not do to turn the whole ship against them, and the loyalty of mercenaries is never to be taken for granted. Still, this might work out well in the end.

The two mercenaries had recovered consciousness and been questioned by Stern. They had no reason to lie and made it clear that Ruben was still worth a lot of money to anyone who could bring him back to Marienburg. The Witch Hunter made it painfully clear that they would be lucky to get back to Mareinburg alive anyway, then told them that they were free to go.

Drongi cut their ropes and they staggered out of the door, somewhat perplexed. Outside the cabin they saw Thorgi, and with him was the mercenary captain and his most trusted followers. "You boys're in a lot of trouble," he growled. The two traitors were bundled away and Thorgi shut the door again. Now the Witch Hunter could turn his attention to Ruben.

"You are proving to be more trouble than you are worth, boy," Stern scowled. "You are to lay low until we reach Albion; we should be there within two days according to Captain Janson. If there is any sign of trouble, you report it to me first. And that goes for you too, Drongi. I thought better of you, Master Dwarf. Now get out, i wish to speak with Thorgi in private."

When the two had left, the Witch Hunter looked Thorgi straight in the eye. "I don't know what you were thinking either, old friend. I am hardly able to lecture you, so we will leave it at that. However, I have a task for you. Round up the retinue and get them training on the deck. No weapons; I want to see what they are made of."

<It's up to Thorgi to sort out who fights who; this is a task to prove himself to the Witch Hunter again>

Yin - Yang
11-06-2005, 09:55
Thorgi remained silent as he was disciplined by Stern "Yes Sir, I'll go sort it out right away" he made for the door, and turned round "And by the way...it was my plan, no blame can be attached to Drongi, he was just being loyal to me...old friend" Thorgi left the room before Stern had a chance to reply. Outside, he quickly gathered all the warband. "Right, the Witch Hunter as instructed me that it's sparring time" he looked at the group "Benson, your with Drongi. Oldaur, you go with Orgh. Davet, you go with Ruben." He turned to Sena "And...Elf" he spat "You're with me" As the warband split off into pairs, Thorgi called after them "And remember, no weapons! Witch Hunter doesn't want anybody getting hurt" he gave Sena a fierce look "However much some us might want to..." He dropped his axe and shield, and raised his fist, sending three quick punches at the Elf. "Bring it on filth..bring it on..."

11-06-2005, 10:40
"So me's supposed to hit yous?"

"That's right Orgh.", Oldaur replied,"You have to try to hit me."

"Uhmm, Oks." and with these words Orgh sent his massive fist towards Oldaur. Almost immediatly, he stepped aside, and walked to Orgh's back.

"Oi, wheres that goin?"

11-06-2005, 12:14
Ruben was a seasoned hand to hand fighter, hed had been in many scuffles in various bars,
"go on davet, you strike first"...

11-06-2005, 12:25
As soon as Oldaur reached behind Orgh he tapped him on the back of his thigh hoping to gain the Ogres attention

"Come on Friend you must move quicker than that to protect your back, your very strong friend but you must move quicker"

With that he hit Orgh in the ankle to gain his attention again

11-06-2005, 12:38
the farmr punched ruben hard in face, ruben punched him bach twice as hard..
"come on, you can do better than that..."

11-06-2005, 17:21
without his spear, Benson felt slightly out of place, most of his military drills are usually with the spear and shield. Remembering his old unarmed combat drills, he dropped his stance low to face the younger dwarf named Drongi.

"Well Master Dwarf, I hope you'll be able to show me some moves" He said to start up a conversation, no one said they can't chat at the same time right?

"I'll show ya plenty of proper Dwarf fist, don't ya worry" Drongi said with a toothy grin.

Throwing a punch to the dwarf's shoulder, Drongi ducked easily out of the punch and returned a quick jab in Benson's ribs. The blow connected and he nodded to Drongi to acknowledge his move.

Then the Dwarf lunged forward to try and grab his knees and topple the young spearman. Benson stepped to the side, unfortunatly the seasons veteran still managed to grab an ankle and Benson fell, fortunatly not in the direction the dwarf intended which allowed him to kick Drongi as he made back to pin Benson to the ground, also giving him time to stand back up again.

He knew he had to learn this sooner or latter, tightning his teeth, he moved forward to try the punch again, this time aiming below the shoulder so the Dwarf can't duck this time.

11-06-2005, 17:40

Orgh turned around, and tried to hit him again. When the man turned around this time, Orgh got a sudden moment of semi-intelligence. He turned around the other way, and extended his left arm. That way, he caught the running man behind him, and simply swept him away.

"Uh oh, yous Ok?" he asked Oldaur.

11-06-2005, 17:41
Sena jumped away from the Dwarf quickly, throwing her weapons directly under her hammock. Studying the Dwarf, she kept moving away from the Dwarf.
"You appear to have the normal Dwarfish fighting talent, hit your enemy hard enough to kill them," she said, keeping away from the Dwarf, watching him closely. "Have you been subtle in combat before?" She asked as she dodged the Dwarf again, then skidded along the wooden floor in an attempt to trip the Dwarf up.

Captain Marius
11-06-2005, 17:45
A crowd of mercenaries had gathered around the brawling retinue, cheering and jeering at the contest. The Witch Hunter appeared with the first mate and a space was quickly cleared to allow them through. Stern watched his warband intently, noting the brutish strength of Orgh, the more refined skills of Oldaur and Thorgi, the enthusiastic scrapping of Drongi, Ruben and Davet, and the grace and finesse of Sena, who seemed to be enjoying out-manoeuvring Thorgi. The Witch Hunter smiled to himself; he was beginning to formulate his plans.

<Keep scrapping, don't go crazy and remember in roleplay terms defeat can be far more interesting than victory :) Maybe you earn the respect of the victor or maybe the beginning of a grudge could be started? Or maybe you're just glad to have a little ruckus :D >

11-06-2005, 18:19
davet went to punc ruben but he dodged out the way and cracked davet hard in the ribs, davet retaliated with an uperget and started pummeling the dazed ruben. ruben maneged to get him in a headlock and rammed him into barrels. Davet recovered and charged ruben who jumped back into a puddle and slipped back... davet offered his hand to help rubed up.
"you have defeated me, davet"
"well, i dont intend to boast about i"
"i underestermated you, youre skilled in combat"
ruben and davet shake hands.

11-06-2005, 18:26
"Ill live, Well done friend well thought out"
A little embarresed buy being hit and in quite some pain, even a Dragon would have felt that hit, Oldaur got up and brushed himself of, this time he readyd himself, he was going to employ some more stealthy moves to test the Ogre more

Oldaur took one deep breath witch helped relieved the pain in his chest and spoke loudly to the ogre

"And Go"

with this he ran straight for the ogre and slid straight through the behemoths legs hitting his inner thighs as he went, as he brought himself up he decided to keep going to make sure he kept some distance from the ogre. Not without delivering another 2 blows to the ogres knee's hoping to bring his large companion down to atleast one leg without the rest of the ship with him.

Commander X
11-06-2005, 18:34
Before Orgh had fully convinced himself that Oldaur was not in front of him anymore, he felt something in the back of his knees, and suddenly fell forward on the deck. This time the deck was not very sturdy where he fell, and when he tried to push himself up, his hand went straight through the wood.

"Mes told yous dat wood's not stron enuff."

He rolled over and carefully got up above a stronger section of the deck. then noticed that Oldaur was again, not in front of him. Orgh looked around him, wondering where the man had hidden now...

Yin - Yang
11-06-2005, 20:22
Drongi took Benson's punch in his shoulder, and charged forward, grinning. He slammed into Bensons midriff, knocking the wind out of the human. He pushed him backwards, before standing up and giving Benson a quick punch in the gut. Drongi was smiling as he dropped into a defensive posture. He liked Benson, and was enjoying the friendly spar with him. Neither of them was really taking it seriosuly either, just viewing it as a chance to train up a bit. Very different from his uncle Thorgi and the Elf, who were definatly pulling no punches...

Thorgi was sent sprawling across the deck from Sena's outstreched leg, to an uproar of laughter from some of the mercenarys. He snarled, and leaped for her foot "I'll be dammed if an Elf is going to get the better of me!". He gripped her ankle hard as she tried to back off, sending her flying to the floor as well. Thorgi leaped forward, and locked his arms around her shoulders, pinning her to the ground. He gave her several punishing punches, causing the watching crowd to wince, before she managed to dislodge him. He staggered to his feet, and smiled "Not bad for an Elf...."

11-06-2005, 20:48
"Thanks, you're good at guerrilla combat, yourself," Sena said, wheezing. "Call it a draw, noble one?" She held her side limply, clearly in a slight pain from the punishing blows from the Dwarf Warrior.

Yin - Yang
11-06-2005, 22:38
Thorgi laughed "Had enough then? Well, thats fine by me." he nodded, and laughed "A draw it is then. I'd better go and see how my nephew's doing against Benson. I look forward to our next fight..Elf" he turned and walked off towards Drongi "So young'un" he called "How's the manling doing?"

12-06-2005, 03:53
"The manling's name is Benson and He's going to make Master Drongi here fall on his face!." Benson replied Thorgi's question as he moved towards his opponent. Attempting to sweeping Drongi's legs, he kicked out quickly and was rewarded when the blow connected. Drongi fell forward as his knees gave in to the kick.

"Oh Ye Don't Laddie!!" Drongi said as he grabbed the young mercenary's leg as he fell, twisting it which sent Benson off balance and fell head first onto the deck. Drongi jumped up and pinned the dazed Benson as he folded his opponenet's back behind his arm.

"Had enough?" the dwarf inquired as he applied pressure.

"Arrrrgh!, fine. Remind me not to trip over a dwarf next time!" Benson conceded his defeat.

12-06-2005, 09:25
"I've learned one lesson," said Sena. "Never mess with a Dwarf."
She smiled grimly at the Dwarfs, and then sat on the floor, wincing slightly in pain.

Yin - Yang
12-06-2005, 10:53
Drongi grinned, and gave Benson a hand up "Not bad manling, not bad. Room for improvment though. Now.." he turned to his uncle "...I need a drink. Do you know if there's any beer on board anymore, or did we drink it all already?" Thorgi laughed "I don't think we've got any..more's the pity...I need a good drink as well. Right, I give my word as a dwarf that when we get back to civilisation we are going for a drink of nice,cold dwarfen ale...."

12-06-2005, 11:35
Ruben strolled up too the dwarves.
" any of you lads got a good drink, theres no more in the galley"
"well speak of the grate beard, whatve' we just been sayin Drongi.."
" nothing too wory about boys, i have plenty of elven wine" Sena strolled up to them
" elven wine, i think im going to be violently ill" complained ruben
Drongi spat on the deck "might aswell drink water"

Captain Marius
12-06-2005, 12:56
The Witch Hunter strode into the group of weary fighters as the mercenaries cheered. They were all fatigued to some degree, but a few looked like they had been battered. Orgh was pulling huge splinters of decking out of his hand as the sailors frantically patched the hole he had made. Sena looked to be a little out of sorts, but her haughty demeanor concealed how she truly felt. The men and dwarfs seemed to have simply enjoyed the ruckus.

"You have done well," Stern declared, "but I can see that there is some way to go for some of you. When we have set up camp on Albion you will undergo a more rigorous training routine. I need you all in good shape for the task we have ahead."

Suddenly Captain Janson appeared. "Attention all, Albion has been sighted. Those of you detailed for landfall get to your boats, you'll be launching shortly." The mercenaries began frantically scrabbling about, clutching their meagre possessions and readying their weapons. Landfall should not prove difficult, especially given the size of the Imperial fleet. However, with the driving rain, all's they could see of Albion was an ominous, shapeless mass of shadows...

"Alright, let's leave these men to their work," the Witch Hunter shouted above the noise. "It's time I briefed you on what exactly this mission is going to entail..."

<All gather below decks, we're not taking part in this stage of the invasion ;)>

Commander X
12-06-2005, 13:01
<Orgh isn't allowed below-deck, and now he's not allowed on the deck anymore either. Where is he supposed to go now?>

12-06-2005, 13:21
Ruben suffeled into the tiny cabin and sat at a stool wating for his breifing.

Yin - Yang
12-06-2005, 13:42
Thorgi's beard was soaked as he went below decks. It would be interesting to find out what the real reason for being on Albion was. He knew it wasn't that crap about "Bringing the light of Sigmar to the Isle". The Witch Hunter always had a darker motive..the Dwarfs should know. They shuffled inside the small cabin, and waited for the Witch Hunter. Thorgi leaned back "By Grimmner's beard..I need a drink..." he shook his head "No point wishing for something thats out of reach...."

Captain Marius
12-06-2005, 16:30
With Orgh looming outside the door <sorry Com X, I didn't think it through>, the Witch Hunter addressed his gathered warband. They were very uncomfortable, but with all the hustle and bustle going on they were very unlikely to be overheard.

"Now," began Stern, his voice low but resonating, "I presume most of you had the sense to predict I had an ulterior motive for coming to this land. Bringing the light of the gods is the province of priests," he nodded to Oldaur who had a stony expression on his face, "not Witch Hunters. You may have heard of the battle that took place in Wolfenburg two years ago. I was there myself, with these two," he gestured to Thorgi and Drongi, who were beginning to suspect where this was going, "and indeed played a pivotal role in bringing victory to the Empire. There was a rebellion of sorts, which was duly crushed, but the leader escaped. I have been pursuing this leader for years - he is well known to me - and now my sources indicate that he has travelled to Albion. We are going to find him and kill him."

There was silence. Most of the retinue stood agape. Sena had a cold fire in her eyes; she suspected more than Stern had revealed. The dwarfs hid their discomfort well; they had barely survived the last encounter with the foe and seen many comrades perish.

Stern continued: "We will land when the beach-head has been established and initially assist the Army in exploring inland. As soon as I catch a whiff of our enemy, we will pursue him until I have his cursed head in my hand. Now, get some rest. I imagine we'll be landing soon."

<Discuss this amongst yourselves; presumably you're either a bit worried or rather gung-ho. Thorgi and Drongi, no blabbing about the nature of our foe, even to each other. He's a bad man ;) >

12-06-2005, 16:35
Benson sat as the Witchunter explained what their task is. As Stern drew his speech to a close, Benson wondered if this trip will be as profitable as he was lead to believe.

"I guess with you on his tail all this time, this man does not look like he'll be carrying much treasure around. I'm just saying the prospect of a profitable venture is not looking too good at this moment." Benson raised the question, spoken like a true Marienburger's son.

"Is there much more you can tell us Herr Stern, regarding this man?" He enquired further.

12-06-2005, 18:05
Ruben satwith the dwarves, "so, were going to kill one man, how hard can itbe to kill one man"...

12-06-2005, 18:15
Oldaur who did not care of money was not phased buy the witch hunter’s speech, along as he slew non believers Morr would be happy weather it be a beast or this so called man. Instead he felt happy that these mercenaries had got more than they expected "Good" was all he said as he left the cabin and went out on deck

Commander X
12-06-2005, 18:22
Outside, Orgh had been listening to the Witch Hunter's speech, or atleast to part of it.

"So wes gets to squash a humie, and wes gets paid fo' dat? Sounds goods."

Not bothering to wait for an answer, he walked away, and went to look what all those humans on the deck were up to.

Yin - Yang
12-06-2005, 20:24
"Grimmner's beard..not again" muttered Thorgi "We've fought that bastard once...we might not be so lucky next time" Drongi turned to his uncle "I knew it..I just bloody knew it" Ruben turned to them "What are your two looking so miserable about" he asked. Thorgi looked at him "You do not want to know..trust me" Thorgi looked at the floor, beginning to think he suddenly might have to work a lot harder to make it through this adventure, to get back to civilisation..and ale....

13-06-2005, 00:20
That Witch Hunter has a hidden agenda... what is it? Sena wondered. Allowed, she said. "Hunting someone. Any information on him would help tracking him, if he has some special birthmark see-able would help, for instance. If you don't have any information, or at least any you wish to show us, I suggest that we try to play it cool."
She looked over at the Dwarfs. They know something... judging by their disgruntled looks, anyway...

Captain Marius
13-06-2005, 11:11
Chapter Two: Storm the Beach!

Thunder rumbled overhead as the landing boats were lowered into the sea. The warships formed a defensive perimeter on the flanks of the transports and in short order the men of the Empire were rowing to shore. Huge cliffs bordered most of the south of Albion, but the fleet had discovered a stretch of beach leading back to a hilly area. Not ideal, but it was better than nothing.

The row-boats swarmed forwards as the rain drizzled down. The fog grew thicker and thinner at random, but the boats ensured that they always had line of sight to one another. The lead boat, containing an over-zealous captain of the Imperial Army, rocketed towards the beach. Aboard the Sea Dragon, the Witch Hunter and his retinue watched the blurry shapes moving in to land.

With a thud that forced a huge fountain of water high into the air, something smashed into the lead boat, sending its passengers to the briny deep. More splashes appeared along the length of the flotilla. "Sigmar's Hammer, the shore's defended," muttered Stern. The defenders were evidently hostile. Now it was a case of hoping the Imperials had enough men to overwhelm them.

Stern looked at his retinue. "We'd better lend a hand," he declared.

<We're in a row-boat, and you lot are rowing! Watch out for the catapult shots ;)

In addition, you may all add +1 stat point to one of your stats. I will post the amended list when I have everybodys updates>

Yin - Yang
13-06-2005, 13:20
OOC: I'll give Drongi +1 S, and Thorgi +1 WS

"Grimmner's beard!" cried Thorgi as a shot from one of the catapult's hit the sea near the warband's rowing boat, showering him with foul tasting salt water. "Right everybody, put your backs into it! One-two-One-two!" he yelled, putting all his strength into moving the oars. Drongi was doing the same. The dwarfs did not enjoy the water, and being on a small wooden boat, soaked with rain, with some unknown foe firing artillary at them had done nothing to imporve their mood..or their desire to get back on dry land.

13-06-2005, 13:25
Sena; m50 ws41 bs43 s30 t31 w1 i51 a1 ld90 weapons/armour: longbow, longsword, light armour
Sena's Toughness has gone up due to having Thorgi punching her... :rolleyes:

IC: Sena looked at the oars she had. "Rowing..." she muttered, trying to move the boat with any strength she could.
Showered with water, Sena knew that she'd be drier if she'd swam, cursing as another catapulted boulder landed next to the boat, soaking the crew again, she noticed the Dwarfs' dark looks. "Probably having to be in a boat..." she muttered.

Commander X
13-06-2005, 16:32
<+1 Strength for pulling loose from the deck :rolleyes:>

Orgh was sitting in the boat, wondering why nobody had giving him an oar. With nothing better to do for now, he continued plucking the last wood splinters from his arm and relaxed a bit. Well, he tried to but the continued watersplashes were no real help with that.

13-06-2005, 17:11
Oldaur m40 ws32 bs30 s32 t30 w1 i32 a1 ld70 weapons/armour: scythe (im assuming this upgrade excludes W's and A's?)
Oldaur chooses i+1 because he is getting wiser every battle :D

Oldaur had been ignoring the rain and waves for most the trip but this boat was hell, there was scarcly enough oars and the boats wernt made for Orghs girth, Oldaur was wise enough to see that Orgh would make a better rower than he, he rubbed the large bruise on his chest where the ogre hit him earlier

"here friend take this oar you can get us there faster than i can."

Commander X
13-06-2005, 17:29
After looking at the 'oar' for a few moments, Orgh took it and put it in the water. When he pulled it, the boat suddenly made a wide turn to the right, as he was far stronger than his counterpart on the other side of the boat.

"Uh, oh."

To quickly solve this, he was given another oar so he could row on both sides now. Displeased that the resting was over, Orgh continued to row, the ship now going a lot faster.

Jet Black Mamba
13-06-2005, 19:58
Hey, I will be joining the Warband soon, watch out for me. :evilgrin:

Name: Mei Ling
Age: 20
Class: Rookie Bodyguard
Weapons/Armour: Cathayan longsword, Curved dagger
Appearance: Mei wears a long white dress with red trims. The dress is split at her sides at the waist to allow for ease of movement.
Her dark brown eyes match her brunette hair, and a silver pendant hangs around her neck.
Across her back is her curved longsword, and her dagger is sheathed in a concealed scabbard on her leg.

Background: Mei comes from the distant kingdom of cathay, and came with a returning caravan to Tilea, she lived there for some time before moving into the Empire, earning money through guarding nobles, merchants etc.
She moved to Marienburg some time before Stern arrived and got hired to protect captain Alex Graham.
Despite the fact that she has protected several people during her 3years in the empire, she has seen little action and remains a naive girl.

m41 ws32 bs30 s30 t30 w1 i32 a1 ld70

Yin - Yang
13-06-2005, 20:36
Hey Mamba, good to have you back in the warband

14-06-2005, 15:55
<give ruben +1 ws due to his hand to hand combat>
Ruben had never rowed a boat before but he quickly goy used to it. he noticed water was building up in bottom due to the spary from boulders, he carried on rowing with opne hand and started buckting water with the other.

14-06-2005, 16:02
[OOC] I'll give Benson +1 to ws for his practice on the decks, Hey there Mamba![OOC/]

Benson looked into the beachhead, the storm and the heavy rain is obscuring his line of sight and all he sees is grey shapes alone the coast. Suddenly a watery pillar smashed beside thier little boat, soaking him and his companions. It took some time for him to register what made these water pillars.

"Is that...... a hugh boulder being hurled at us?" he asked to no one in particular with a look of disbelieve in his face.

"Yes manling!" Drongi muttered under the strain of rowing, "And you'd better put yer back into it so these rocks don't hit this shoddy man-made boat."

"Right, row towards the things hurling the rocks, got you." Benson said as he took up the ore, his training as a soldier in the Empire's busiest coastal city made sure he is at least a average seaman.

"Orgh, row in time with Thorgi's chant, and Oldaur, the boats taking on water, bail some water out. that's it, sooner we get out of this tub the more happy I'll be."

Yin - Yang
14-06-2005, 16:33
"Come on lads! Pull it together! One-two,One-two!" yelled Thorgi. Another boulder slammed into the water mere meters away from the boat, the large wave generated by the rock's impact pitching the boat at an alarming angle. He turned to look at the beachhhead, trying to gauge how long it would be before they got off the thrice-dammed water, but he could see nothing. "Who the hell is throwing those bloody rocks at us...." he wondered. He shook his head. "We'll find out soon enough....right you bunch of weaklings,faster! Row like your live's depend on it" he grinned "Becasue this time, they do..."

14-06-2005, 17:46
ruben was rowing furiously, a nearby boat exploaded showering the boat with large splinters, thorgis chant kept him rowing in time, he reached to his belt and unlcliped his sheath, preparing for the coming battle.

Captain Marius
15-06-2005, 15:18
<Here are the stats for Chapter Two:

Witch Hunter m38 ws48 bs45 s37 t39 w2 i48 a3 Ld89 weapons/armour: broadsword, brace of pistols, light armour

Ruben m40 ws31 bs30 s30 t30 w1 i30 a1 ld70 weapons/armour: long sword, brace of pistols, light armour

Oldaur m40 ws32 bs30 s32 t30 w1 i32 a1 ld70 weapons/armour: scythe

Orgh m61 ws30 bs30 s43 t42 w3 i20 a3 ld70 weapons/armour: shield, club, light armour

Davet m40 ws30 bs30 s35 t30 w1 i30 a1 ld70 weapons/armour: pitchfork, sickle, helmet

Benson m40 ws33 bs30 s32 t30 w1 i30 a1 ld71 weapons/armour: spear, shield, light armour.

Thorgi m30 ws44 bs30 s32 t42 a1 i21 w1 ld92 weapons/armour: axe, shield, heavy armour, pistol

Drongi m30 ws42 bs30 s32 t42 a1 i20 w1 ld90 weapons/armour: pickaxe, heavy armour

Sena m50 ws41 bs43 s30 t31 w1 i51 a1 ld90 weapons/armour: longbow, longsword, light armour

Ling m41 ws32 bs30 s30 t30 w1 i32 a1 ld70 weapons/armour: cathayan longsword

With regard to Davet, unless McGonigle shows up, he's an NPC who can be controlled by anyone>

The first of the boats had reached the sand and their cargo of men ran ashore, only to be greeted by a hail of bowfire. Several of the boats had been sunk by the catapults or run aground on sandbanks and the survivors were desperately trying to swim ashore. The current of the angry sea was fierce though and many drowned before even setting foot on the Blighted Isle.

The Witch Hunter's boat surged toward the beach as Orgh finally realised how to row properly. The ogre's tremendous strength propelled the small vessel and they ran aground as the first men tried to advance on the artillery positions. Arrows drove them back and the stone throwers were moving their aim to the beach now. An Imperial captain and his retinue appeared to be mustering for a charge <that's Captain Graham, so Mei Ling is there>.

Stern surveyed the situation. If they didn't take out those artillery positions they were dead meat. They were concealed behind thick undergrowth, but there was scrub behind which the soldiers could advance up the beach. "Alright men, let's see if we can't swing this battle," Stern cried.

<OK hit the sand and crawl up the beach. Sena might be able to pick out one or two bow armed figures hidden in the undergrowth. We do NOT reach the catapults til I say so mmkay :)>

Yin - Yang
15-06-2005, 15:37
"Right, lets take that beach" yelled Thorgi, as he jumped eagerly off the boat, muttering about how good it was to be back on dry land again. He drew his axe, and ran over to the Witch Hunter, closely followed by Drongi, who had his pickaxe ready. Both dwarfs dived into the sand beside Stern, keeping low to avoid the bowfire. Thorgi turned round to the other's coming off the boat "Come on!" he yelled "Get over here" frantically motioning to the warband. He turned to his nephew beside him "Keep your head down young'un....whoever's up there has got a lot of bows pointed in our direction" he said to Drongi, before turning to the Witch Hunter "Right, we'll take care of those catapults sir" he poked his head above the undergrowth, and ducked back down quickly when an arrow missed his ear by inches. "Grimmner's beard" he cried, before running forward behind the undergrowth, his height allowing him to move unobserved. Drongi kept close behind him, and the two dwarfs advanced rapidly up the beach, ready and eager for a fight.....

Commander X
15-06-2005, 15:52
"Yous had it easie, yous little enuff to hide in dat planty stuff, me isn't"

As if to prove his point, three arrows embedded themselves into the large shield he was carrying. At that moment, he got the idea that the sooner he was up there to smash them, the less of those pointy things they could shoot at him.

When he ran up the beach, another volley of arrows was launched at him, but this time he didn't manage to stop them all with his shield, and one went deeply into his right arm...

15-06-2005, 16:19
Benson worked his way along the undergrowth, the shield was slung on his back to protect from stary arrows. Keeping his head down, he crawled along the beach as arrows flew everywhere. The Emperial army was in a bad state, the artillary was taking a heavy toll on the new boats coming onto the beach. He watched as a huge boulder was shot over theiir head and smashed into one of the landing boats. He watched in horror as man, weapons, water and wood splinter flew up into the air. Moments later a wave covered over them all and it seemed like nothing happened.

Orgh's barely stealthy movement appeared to draw attention. As Benson looked up, he could make out one man in dark cloak pulling on his bow for a second shot at the wounded ogre. Gesturing to Sena, whom appeared to have the only long ranged weapon in the warband. He pointed at their assaliant while yelling for Orgh to get down and behind cover.

15-06-2005, 16:53
as soon as ruben hit the sand a volley of aroows hit a few meteres away, he drew his pistols but no enemy was in range, he puled himself up and joined the rest of the warband, uing orgh as cover.

Jet Black Mamba
15-06-2005, 23:52
Mei stood at Captain Alex Graham's right hand side, cathayan longsword across her back. "Prepare for the charge!" he ordered, and his retinue got themselves ready. Mei drew her sword, and was handed an Imperial shield. Their group advanced up the beach at the Captain's signal and moved toward the looming warmachines.
A small detachment of enemy bowmen opened fire as they moved, and a couple of men fell dead, Mei raised the shield and two arrows thudded into it, she shifted her weight to absorb the impact. Some of those around her drew pistols and returned fire, but to no avail. The wind and the cover of the undergrowth proved to protect the opposing archers. When the bowmen paused for another volley, Captain Graham ordered the advance to continue, and they began to move once more.
Yet again, the enemy fire slowed them. This time a catapult loosed a boulder and it crushed a man, hitting his torso and head, there was the wincing crunch as his ribs snapped and his skull caved in. Another man's leg was caught and he lay, trapped and screaming. As the boulder landed, a piece flew off at an angle and once again Mei was forced to block with the shield. The force was enough to knock her off her feet and she fell to the sand. She looked at the shield and it was cracked; better it than her arm. She threw it to the ground and staggered upright, her dress dusty. She gripped her sword in both hands and looked to Alex, awaiting his next order...

16-06-2005, 00:33
Oldaur as per usual had a grim emotionless expression. He winced in pain as a arrow passed through his arm, the pain was bearable as he shifted his tall frame towards to dwarfs, safe cover from hails of arrows was impossible so he decided the tallest and largest piece of cover was rapidly making his way up the beach, so Oldaur turned and rushed behind the ogre hoping that he could reach the enemy before all the souls were taken

Yin - Yang
16-06-2005, 10:39
Thorgi scrambled up the beach, covered in sand, just like his nephew who was a couple of feet behind him. Due to their height and the cover, they had been able to move quickly up the beach, and were furthur ahead than the rest of the warband. Thorgi turned to his nephew "Let's wait here for the others...don't want to get split up." Drongi nodded his agreement, and the two Dwarfs ducked low, waiting for the other's to catch them up....

16-06-2005, 12:49
Resting on one knee, Sena aimed her bow up at the enemy. Letting loose of the bowstring, her arrow flew straight into the arm of one of the enemy archers, disabling him.
Moving quickly, she rolled against the ground, and then crawled towards the enemy...

Captain Marius
16-06-2005, 14:21
Captain Graham and Mei Ling were the first to reach the undergrowth. Plunging through it, they found themselevs facing the terrified crew of a hastily constructed trebuchet. "Non!" cried the men as they fell to their knees and begged for mercy. "Sigmar's Teeth, they're Bretonnians!" Graham realised. "We must stop this pointless fighting!"

But it was too late. A short way along the defenses, the enraged form of Orgh lurched over the shrubbery and landed amongst the crew of another warmachine. The Witch Hunter and his warband poured through the gap and quickly assessed the situation, but not in time to stop Orgh literally tearing the trebuchet and its crew apart. Captain Graham saw this and waved his hands at the Witch Hunter, indicating that the ogre's rampage must be halted.

"Orgh, stop this at once!" Stern cried, but the ogre only glared as he shovelled his first warm meal for days. Oldaur raised a hand and advanced on Orgh. At first the ogre's eyes grew even more fierce, but all of a sudden the rage disappeared and he sank to his knees, content to finish his dinner. Stern wore an expression of slight disgust, but realised there were more pressing matters afoot.

Suddenly a loud note rang out over the beach, produced by a fine Bretonnian horn that was apparently rusting in this miserable weather. The ground shook slightly and a group of mounted knights galloped towards them, lances raised. Stern moved to intercept them, determined to solve any problems as quickly as possible. Captain Graham joined him.

The knights drew to a halt and their leader introduced himself as Sir Albert de la Fleur. His armour was rusting and his robes and barding in tatters, as were those of the other knights. "We 'ave been on dis island for only deux weeks and already few more than us remain," he explained. "These catapults," he looked at the warmachines with true Bretonnian disgust at missile weapons, "were our last defence against invaders. We 'ave fought many battles with de orcs and rat-men, and worse! Our leader fears we will not last long without supplies..."

Captain Graham grinned as rain streaked the sand and mud on his face. "It sounds like we arrived just in time. We are the vanguard of an Imperial expeditionary force and we need somewhere to set up camp. I think you might be able to help us with that..."

<Righto, tend to your injuries, help the wounded, try and explain to the peasant bowmen that we are going to help them. Good to see the injuries being used, they make it far more realistic :) No crippling wounds this time, yer lucky!>

Commander X
16-06-2005, 14:31
After quickly finishing his 'dinner', Orgh started pulling out the arrows from his shield. There were quite a lot of them, more than he could count anyway. Finally he removed the one in his arm. That hurt quite a lot, so he took revenge at the thing, by snapping it into a lot of tiny pieces.

He was told by 'bossman' that he should try to make it clear to the archers that they were coming to help them. Unfortunately, all who he approached fled away immediatly, fearing he would eat them too.

"Why's thems runnin'?" he wondered...

16-06-2005, 16:03
ruben sat down outside a makeshift tent, he was bunking up with a bretonian archer callee garam. Most of th bretonians wouldnt speak to him because of his mercinary carear. Garam explained he was actual from the empire and had came from a previous expedition to albion, his comrades had been slaughtered so he was conscripted into the brettonion mission. lying around the tent were a few possetions, a longbow and some supplys. Ruben had suffered a few grazes and burnt the wounds with a hot poker then bandaged them up, he also had some stew cooking.
< captain marius, could we plese make gram n npc/ rubens compinion, like drongi and throngi>

16-06-2005, 17:14
A peasant with a long bow strode up to Benson and the warband, From the anger in his face and the bandaged arm Benson realised this was the man they have shot.

"You lot owe us some compensation for shooting me in ze arm!" he stated simply.

"Hey you lot were shooting boulders at us, lots of our men were injured as well. Why don'y we call it even? I'm too tired to start a fight with you." Benson stared at the man in the eyes and replied.

The man was not going to give up easily, 5 more of his friend dressed in shabby rags all emerged from the shadows, weapons held ready, some had drew an arrow pointing at the warband.

Just the Orgh walked up, patting his stomach contently and belched. The peasant were nervous seeing the ogre with blood still on his face.

"And zat one 'at poor Jo! we are not leaving until we get our blood money!" One of the Bretonnians shouted.

"Are you sure gentlemen?" Benson asked "I'm sure our big friend Orgh here might have room for more deserts, any of you care to join o'l Jo?"

Obviously shaken, the rabble slowly began to back away, the leading man shouted obscenities in local dialect that Benson did not want try to understand.

"You vill wish you did not do zat!" the injured man said as they retreated back into the camp.

Captain Marius
16-06-2005, 17:16
<grubnatz, yes indeed; Garam is exactly the sort of character who'd make a good NPC. Beware that as an NPC he will be a chief target for dramatic death later on (much like Drongi and Captain Graham), but that's ages away for now. You may add +5 points to a basic human statline as normal to generate his profile.>

The small encampment near the trebuchets was wretched. There was no fire, for the damp had ruined any chance of finding reasonable firewood. The tents were squalid affairs, rags draped over sticks. The lot of a Bretonnian peasant was not a good one, and those unfortunate enough to have been dragged to Albion were worse off than most.

<Just to clarify, we're still at the beach for now; the Witch Hunter is talking with Graham and de Fleur while the troops regroup>

Jet Black Mamba
16-06-2005, 17:50
Mei stood just behind Alex as he spoke with Herr Stern, she wasn't interested in anything they had to say and she didn't trust this witch hunter yet anyway.
She looked over at the motley warband and leaned over to another mercenary next to her. She said something in an Eastern tongue and they laughed. Alex glanced at her as they did so, he didn't know the language but got the gist of its meaning. Stern looked at Mei and she smirked at him before looking away, shaking her head. As the Captain and Stern began talking again Mei crossed her arms and looked back at the warband, a faint smile still on her face...

Yin - Yang
16-06-2005, 18:29
Thorgi sat down on a sodden log, and rested his elbow on his axe head. The dwarfs were annoyed that they had not got to fight, after being so looking forward to it. But being on dry land was good enough for them, and they were in the best moods they had been in for days. Thorgi leaned back, and after several attempts managed to light his pipe. His nephew did the same, and both dwarfs puffed away happily. A small burst of laughter caught their attention, and the Dwarfs looked over at an eastern girl and another mercenary. From the way the pair were looking, it was obvious who the laughter was directed at. Thorgi stood up quickly and growled "What are you two laughing at....." Drongi stood up beside him, and both Dwarfs kept their hand's near their weapons. "Well human" he spat "You find something funny about us?......" The dwarfs moved towards the eastern female, angry now "What are you grinning at? I'll bloody well give you something to grin about....."

16-06-2005, 18:37
Sena put her arm on the Dwarfs' shoulder. "Don't," she said. "I have a feeling the Witch Hunter would be angry if you make her a head shorter. She's just young and doesn't know how dangerous a Dwarf can be in combat."
With that Sena stepped back before the Dwarf could attack her.

Yin - Yang
16-06-2005, 18:46
Thorgi looked at Sena "Elf, I'm not taking any insults from a human, or anyone else for that matter. Doesn't matter how young she is, she's still insulted me, and I will not someone do that, with no exceptions." He turned back to the eastern girl, and he and Drongi kept advancing on her, their every move radiating anger and hostility now, a huge change from the contended and relaxed mood a few moments ago......

Commander X
16-06-2005, 18:55
"Oi, yous not hittin' eitha of dems. Bossman sais wes shuld be friendly to dems.

Orgh came walking towards them, and positioned himself between the Dwarves and the two humans.

"Now calm yous, little mens. he said, while looking down at Thorgi and Drongi below.

Yin - Yang
16-06-2005, 19:16
Thorgi and Drongi strode up to Orgh. "Move out the way Orgh...I'm not going to forget an insult. No proper Dwarf ever would, and I am no exception. No body insults Thorgi Thorgisson and Drongi Drongisson and get's away with it if I have anything to say about it..."

16-06-2005, 19:23
Oldaur passed buy the group without noticing them he had been busy, many wounded and dieing men needed the priests words, even though the ogre is a hard sight to miss he still passed buy, he was surrounded buy the dead, he moved to the waters edge, this is where most the bodies were, moved buy their comrades or by the waves, He stood in silence, for most his life he had surrounded himself buy death but he never grew disrespectful of its purpose. He began praying for the lost souls, for the souls of the brave men around him and for Morr. He stayed standing praying for what seemed like hours the tide closing in around his waist but he didn’t move the ebb and flow of the sea bringing bodies in around him before plunging them into the deep. The priest’s morbid rituals of the dead

<Gives my character somthing to do whilst you all fight>

Commander X
16-06-2005, 19:30
"No, bossman sais so, so Humie fems won't be 'urt."

He planted his club in front of the Dwarves, the weapon being twice their size on its own.

"Go fight sumthin' ur own size."

Jet Black Mamba
16-06-2005, 20:54
Mei looked at the dwarves advancing on them and then to the ogre. "I'll have you know dwarf that I wasn't refering to any of you. And besides, it wasn't an insult." She said as she looked back to Thorgi. They stared at each ther for a moment before she turned away and walked back toward Captain Graham, the other Mercenary looked back at the dwarves as he turned but walked away too. Mei said something in a low voice to him in eastern, but none of them would even hear her...

Yin - Yang
16-06-2005, 21:04
The two Dwarfs watched as the girl turned and walked away. Rage was etched on their faces, and Thorgi spat on the ground. They both walked off, and vanished into the undergrowth, Thorgi muttering about Gnollengrom...

OOC: Sorry for the short post, nothing else I could think of

17-06-2005, 03:18
good to have you along Mamba :p just a suggestion, please change the purple text colour? its really difficult to read :(

"I say its this miserable weather, hasn't stopped raining ever since we landed on this place." Benson tried to calm the group down, not getting to the fight disappointed many in the warband and the he can still feel the adrenaline rushing in his veins.

He sat down under a tree to get out of the rain, thinking about their situation. The Eastern girl wasn't worth his effort, she's a mercenary like him trying to get some gold. Until she tries something Benson is not going to start anything. After all his father always said allies can bring money while enemies increases cost.

Looking at Garam, the prospect of instant riches looks thin. The Bretonnians have been here for two weeks and they worse off then they were before.

The Dwarves are still in the undergrowth and Benson decided to follow, maybe he can get a better feel of this place.

Yin - Yang
17-06-2005, 16:35
Thorgi and Drongi stomped through the undergrowth, grumbling about everything in general. Eastern girls, ogres, elves,rain,humans with funny accents, and everything else under the sun. They got down to the beach, and both stood looking at the eternity of the sea, lost in their thoughts. Drongi turned to his uncle "Uncle..do you thinkwe'll get off this island alive?". Thorgi ran a hand through his beard "Drongi, I wish i could say yes..but I can't. I've heard tales of this place, and if even half of them are true we could be in serious trouble. But, we'll give a good account of ourselves no matter what happens won't we" he grinned "That's what we Dwarf's do best...." Thorgi sat down on the sand "You know Drongi...I'm getting tired. Of all this. The fighting, the death. You know, I think after this your "mad uncle Thorgi" might be returning to Barak Varr." He stared out on to the ocean "Run a tavern. I've always wanted to." he said, but it was more for himself than Drongi. At the start of any adventure, he always told himself he would quit it after this one..but he never could. It was in his blood. He suspected that he was never going to see his home again...and that he would die in some lonely place, unknown, a world-weary adventurer...

Drongi watched his uncle. He wasn't worried. Thorgi was always like this, but once thing's really began to heat up the old dwarf came into his element. Drongi knew that Thorgi would never return home..despite what he said, it was obvious that his dream of running a tavern would never happen. Drongi was beginning to see what attracted his uncle to this life...the constant change of scenary, the sense of freedom, the danger, the excitment..Drongi was becoming a younger version of his uncle in some ways. The young dwarf planned to stick with his uncle anyway..he could go home and run a bar, or he could fight monsters, earn fame and gold. Drongi knew what option he would choose. He heard a sound behind him, and saw Benson appear out fo the undergroth. Both dwarfs nodded their greetings, before staring at the sea, lost in their own minds......

OOC: Yeah Mamba, the purple text is a bit tricky to read.....

17-06-2005, 16:41
< graham m40 ws30 bs35 s30 t30 w1 i30 a1 ld70, equipment: longbow and quiver of arrows, short sword.
aperance: ragged imperial armour mixed with bretonian parts>
Ruben looked around at the bretonian armoury, his weapons were blunt/ out f ammo so he decided to change them. He looked throughthe tables of weapons untill he came accross a nice longsword...< Ruben has replaced his origonal weapons with: a betonian steel longsword, a bretonian dagger and small round sheild>
Ruben aproached mei who was sitting on a sodden log. "Its not wise to insult a dwarf"...

Jet Black Mamba
17-06-2005, 17:54
OOC: sorry but i'm sticking with purple, but i'll remove italics. If you still can't read it: turn up the brightness on your screen. It reads fine on mine. And grubnatz, sorry but Mei is still with Captain Graham and would probably avoid sodden logs :D ...

Mei looked at Ruben as he approached her, and replied, "I didn't insult them, and I wasn't even reffering to the dwarves in particular. If you are wondering what I said then I'll have you know its none of your business." She kicked the sand, bored, before looking back at Ruben "so, what brings Herr Stern and his warband to Albion then?"

17-06-2005, 19:39
"im not sure i should be telling you, im in enough trouble already. Well i spose i could tell you, Some Cult leader or somthing, were here to kill him"
" You came to kill one man" mei asked
" Stern isnt saying a gret deal but I figure theres somthing more behind... there i go get carried away, dont even know if ican trust you, dont even know your name, just dont tell anyone i told you about this okay, stern l' kill me if he finds out" ruben winked and walked away.

Commander X
18-06-2005, 10:29
'Me's hungry agains, but me's cant eat humies 'ere. Wut, should mes do?'

Aimlessly looking for something to eat, Orgh wandered around a bit. He couldn't simply ask for food either, as anyone he met fled away as soon as they saw him. Then he noticed there was something in the bushes, and he walked a bit closer. He found a dog burying a bone there, and raised his club to kill it.

"Hey, that is our only dog, don't eat it you big dummy!"

Behind him, two of the Brettonians had overcome their fear for the moment, and tried to get the Ogre not to kill their dog.

Somewhat disappointed, Orgh put his club back and walked away. Now he started wondering if 'dummy' was an insult.

18-06-2005, 12:20
Sena watched the Ogre looking for food. "The joys of being an Ogre," she muttered. "Kills people, eat people, sleep on people."
She sighed and sat down, waiting for the Witch Hunter's Orders.

18-06-2005, 13:22
Ruben entered the command tent. " moring stern"
"what do you want Ruben" the which hunter replied.
" well sir, you got any orders for me"

Captain Marius
18-06-2005, 16:15
With the beach-head established, the vanguard of the Imperial forces began to reinforce its position. The overall commander of the vanguard was General Grossberger, an accomplished tactician and strategist whose obese frame did not lend well to face-to-face combat. In recognition of Captain Graham's bravery for leading the charge, Grossberger appointed him official ambassador to the Bretonnians and ordered him to meet with their leader.

The Witch Hunter had summoned his warband and after complimenting Oldaur on his respectful service to the dead (who had been thankfully few; the accuracy of the Bretonnian peasantry leaves much to be desired), he informed them that they would accompany Graham to the Bretonnian camp. As General Grossberger directed the fortification of the beach-head, a small force, led by Sir Albert de la Fleur, made their way inland.

They made their way through the hilly landscape, scouts on the flanks to watch for any enemy movements. The rain was light, but unending and everyone was soon tired of being soaked through. Stern had reprimanded his men for their behaviour towards Captain Graham's bodyguard and they marched in subdued silence.

After several hours they drew near to the Bretonnian camp. "It is just over zis hill," de la Fleur declared, and the weary men rejoiced at the thought of rest and perhaps even food. Smoke from fires could be seen drifting upwards; the idea of warmth and dryness renewed the zeal of the soldiers. They crested the hill, and the scene that greeted them was one of horrifying carnage.

The Bretonnian camp was in flames. The vibrantly coloured tents had been set alight and a great pyre burned in the middle. The stench of burning meat came to the soldiers' nostrils. Amongst the destruction, orcs and goblins cavorted with glee at the feast they had made of the Bretonnian army.

De la Fleur was incensed and his musician sounded a loud blast on his horn. The orcs looked up the hill and saw the men silhouetted against the sky. A great cry went up and the orcs began to move towards them, eager to continue their fighting. Captain Graham's force was outnumbered, but they held the high ground. There was a chance, if ever so slight.

<OK folks, fight scene :) On our side we have fifteen Bretonnian Knights led by de la Fleur, ten Peasant Bowmen, twenty Free Companymen (Mercenaries), twenty Imperial Halberdiers (the 3rd Marienburg Halberds) led by Captain Graham (Mei Ling is with them) and the Witch Hunter's warband. In the first wave there are sixty Orcs armed with various weapons.

Keep in mind a basic orc boy is a match for any one of you (except Orgh, but they'll gang up on him). These fights will be brutal!>

The first wave of attackers split into three units of roughly twenty orcs. De la Fleur led an immediate charge as the infantry dug in to meet the attack. "Stay with me!" Stern bellowed as the first orc regiment slammed into the mercenaries and the Witch Hunter led a counter charge into their flank...

<The odds are in our favour, but keep in mind orcs are tough. It's ok to be taken out of action (knocked unconscious, wounded, fleeing ;)) during the course of the battle>

18-06-2005, 17:05
ruben charged with the free men, graham and the bretonian peasants fired volleys of arrows at the mobs of orks but they did very little, a brutish greenskin jumped on them cleaving 2 of the freemen and sending their innards over another mercinary. Ruben swund at him but the ork blocked this with a clever-like choppa. The ork retaliated by wholloping ruben in the chest with a club winding him, this time the ork struck with his choppa but ruben managed to blok it with his sheild.
The choppa was now embedded in his sheild so both combatants dropped their respective weapons and fought on with their opther hand. The ork swung again with his club but ruben parryed the blow and flicked his sword throgh the base of the greenskins neck killing it. Another ork was upon him, it held a lage knife in one hand wich it stabbed into rubens shoulder, he let out a yelp of pain as the ork made a swing with his axe that grzed his leg and tore a ligement. Ruben fell to his knees as the ork was abought to stike the fatal blow a lucky arrow from grahams bow hit the beast between the eyes. Ruben hauled him self up and staggered back into the fight.
<okay people Ruben is now injured badly, all though he is to stubbon to retreat. Someone prehaps oldur must ensure he gets off the feild safety>

Graham moved furthur back up the hill so he could get a better veiw, stern and the wasband were in close fighting and he coulkdnt risk hitting them, then he noticed an ork charging for him, he drew his short sword and charge at the menace. The greenskin was poorly armed with a club. the bat smacked graham hard on the shoulder probably breaking it, the bat then splintered so graham began hacking at the confused ork. The green skin punched graham a few times but was eventualy slain garham couldnt fire his bow so he crawled over to a dead pasant and exchaged his shortsword for a cross bow ( graham is now armed with a long bow and a cross bow) he took some time loading it but after a few minuites managed to hit an ork in the spine disabling it.

Yin - Yang
18-06-2005, 17:44
OOC: Orcs! Excellent..good old dwarfen hatred for the vile greenskins should be fun here....

The dwarfs stayed sperate from the rest of the warband, still grumpy about what had happened earlier. Thorgi muttered to his nephew, and the words "Gnollengrom" "Respect" and "Elders" were heard several times. As they crested the hill, the dwarfs fell silent when they viewed the massacre before them. When the nature of the foe became apparent, the two dwarfs drew their weapons, hatred ever-present on thier faces. "Grobi!" called Thorgi as the orc's charged "Prepare to meet my axe! For my ancestors! Kazuk Kazikit Ha!" At this he ran forward, with Drongi behind yelling "Khazuk,Khazuk,Khazuk!" at the top of his voice, swinging his pickaxe above his head. An Orc turned to face Thorgi, and swung a huge cleaver at him. Thorgi ducked, and swung his axe upside the Orc's chin, making a mess of it's throat and jaw. As the beast stumbled backwards, Thorgi lunged forward again, burying his axe in it's chest. He quickly withdrew his axe, and looked for another opponent. Drongi ran past him, swinging his pick in a whirlwind of death, before slamming it into the side of an Orc's head. The force of the blow cleaved the orc's skull in two, and Drongi stooped to recover his pick from the corpse. Before he could pick it up, a brute of an orc came up behind him and clubbed him on the head. Drongi fell, and the orc prepared for a killing stroke....but before it could strike, an enraged Thorgi barraled into it from behind. Both combatents fell to the ground, and Thorgi ended up on top. He slammed his shield in the Orc's face, breaking it's nose. The Orc ignored the pain, and punched Thorgi in the face. The dwarf fell backwards his axe and shield flying away from him, and in seconds the Orc was upon him. It bared it's teeth, the horrible stink of it's breath rolling over the old dwarf. Thorgi spat in it's eye, and the Orc prepared to finish the defenceless dwarf. Suddenly it went limp, and the corpse rolled off Thorgi, lying motionless on the ground. Thorgi breathed heavily, and stood up. Drongi was standing before him, a lump on his head, his blood stained pickaxe in his hands. Thorgi grabbed his weapon's, and turned to his nephew "You alright young'un?" he asked of him. Drongi nodded "I'll be fine" he grinned " You can't keep a good dwarf down.."

18-06-2005, 19:38
Oldaur was sticking close the Orgh, Protecting the Ogres flank from the Orcs, unlike the others he was calmer about the fighting, and An Orc managed to escape Orgh's view and made his way to his side, trying to bring the ogre down. Oldaur immediately charged at it dragging his long scythe along the ground. The Orc saw him and prepared holding his shield around his chest to protect his vital organs, Oldaur made no sound, he just stopped and swung his scythe as hard as he could catching the Orc right in the neck. The Orc twitched as Oldaur ripped his scythe out of its neck. Oldaur turned to his left as he heard an Orcs battle cry. It was Ruben and Oldaur set off in that direction, trying to fight his way to him, Blessing Ruben in a priests tongue. As Oldaur made his way to the Ruben he dealt minor blows to the fighting Orcs. He stopped as another Orc confronted him. Oldaur's scythe didn’t have enough room to swing around him so he swung it over his head and forced it down as hard as he could, the scythe barely missed as it embedded into the ground. Oldaur did not have time to remove his scythe, just as soon as he swung it he was knocked over buy a large Orc. It snarled as it confronted the defenceless priest.

Oldaur stopped and spoke in his priests tongue again before throwing pack his skirt and revealing two weapons of the pickaxe kind made purely of bone, Oldaur threw them both at the oncoming Orcs, embedding one into the ground and another into an Orcs shoulder, Oldaur ran towards his pickaxe rolling out of the way of an Orcs club, he stuck his pickaxe deep into the back of the skull of the Orc and removed both his axes from its corpse

Oldaur had no more time to fight with the second Orc; Ruben would be soon to die if he kept fighting in his state. Oldaur ran as fast as he could towards Ruben sheaving his axes in his sheaves whilst he ran, speaking fast in the tounge of the priest. The Orc that was oncoming had been intercepted buy two free company men but had killed them both, and was fast approaching Oldaur. Again Oldaur stopped, this time only to stand there and wait for the beast, showing no fear.....

A Crushing blow hit Oldaur right in the shoulder, the club the Orc was wielding shattering in his chest but as the Orc struck Oldaur, the priests prayer was answered, the Orc dropped in front of Oldaur, allowing him to crush the Orcs head with his boot. Oldaur now ran towards Ruben grabbing his scythe with his good arm and sheaving it back into its place. Ruben being confronted buy another Orc, his sword being knocked out of his hand buy the savage, Just then Oldaur stabbed it in the back with a knife he picked up from a downed free company man as Ruben picked up his sword and plunged it into the Orcs chest. As the Orc fell Oldaur helped up Ruben and brought him out of the fight, "You show no fear but this is no place for an injured man" he winced in pain as he removed his scythe again dropping it to the ground as he picked it up he saw arrows fall onto the battle piercing no more than corpses and minor body parts, Oldaur had just picked up a nasty wound from one of the arrows that sailed off course and imbedded itself into his upper thigh, Oldaur sat in silence as again he had to pull out splintered wood and metal out of his leg.

OOC:Just to sum up Oldaur has got a pain in the shoulder and chest, probably because he got hit, i dont know, and hes been shot buy an arrow off course and is going ot get revenge on the bowman who did it, but he can continue fighting, he wants to but i dont think its a good idea as he will be limping and having one arm. Ohh and btw i planned on having two pickaxes made of bone hidden from the others in case of emergency, but didnt think id be rping him using them so quickly

Commander X
18-06-2005, 20:52
<For protecting Orgh, I shall protect thy!>

Orgh was swinging his club around, almost finding this funny. This was mainly because no single Orc was strong enough to properly fight him, but also as he did not notice the danger of several of them sneaking around him. Suddenly he felt very light-headed as one of the Orcs had smashed him on the head with a club. He swalked about for a few moments, then fell over, crushing the Orc that had hit him underneath.

"Ouch, dat hurt my 'ead."

When one of the Orcs tried to jump on top of Orgh he rolled over and noticed Oldaur just sitting there. He got up, and made his way towards Oldaur. There he saw the man was trying to get an arrow out of his leg.

"Yous Ok?"

Before Oldaur could answer, two Orcs charged Orgh and tried to knock him over. Orgh reacted a bit slowish, and one of them smashed his shield out of his hand. This made Orgh angry, and he shattered the Orc's skull at once. The other Orc carried a sharp axe, and was already on his way to Orgh's back. Luckily for him, Oldaur noticed this, swept its legs away with his scythe, and ended the Orc by embedding his pickaxe it its skull.

"Thank yous" Orgh said, when he noticed what had happend.

18-06-2005, 21:30
Oldauh hauled ruben up
"thanks" he grunted in thanks
ruben scopped up his sword and began limping back twords the archers.
Graham picked out an ork about to hit one of the remaining free men and fired the acurate crossbow into the base of its skull. he then felt somthing ,twack, he collapsed, an arrow had gone straight through his good leg esending him straight down. he crawled behind a dead pasant arcer and rested the cross bow on the corpse, he pain fully loaded his cross bow and searched for the ork archer and fired his cross bow. a gust of wind knocked it off course and it landed in a mans leg, graham cursed.
Ruben staggered up the hill untill he arrived at the peasant archers possition, gaham wasnt here, there was a depleted formation of archeres some way away, he must be there. ruben sat behind a log and bandaged his wounds, he then used an old long bow and some string as a splint. he know limped back dow the hill against oldurs orders...

18-06-2005, 22:04
Oldaur was fighting on the outskirts of the battle with the Ogre, Oldaur's speed allowed him to fight around the ogre, even on and injured leg and bruised chest he still fought protecting the ogres flanks from swarming Orcs. As Oldaur was kicking an
Orc who was trying to Climb Orgh, He saw Ruben trying to return to battle. he grabbed two nearby free company men and gave them a fearful glare "You two, if you want to live you will take that injured man back to the camp" at that he impaled the Orcs skull who was trying to get back up with the butt of his scythe "NOW" he ordered the two men. He then went back to Orgh who was still slaughtering many Orcs.

Jet Black Mamba
18-06-2005, 22:06
Mei stayed alongside Alex as the halbadiers surged down the hill toward one of the Orc mobs. As they ran Alex drew his exquisite pistol and put a shot into an Orc's chest, it roared and bounded straight for him. He shoved his pistol back into his belt and drew his fine sword, shield in front of him. As the Captain moved ahead of the halbadier block Mei drew her longsword, and it glittered in the firelight. She sped up, keeping pace with her employer...

Man and Orc clashed, with a blur of attacks and parries, Graham finally gained the upper hand as he sent one of the huge cleavers flying from the brute's hand. He jammed his sword into its belly and ripped upward, slicing it in two. Meanwhile, Mei intercepted a Orc who had headed for Alex's side, with her sword two-handed she parried an overhead blow and took several swipes at the greenskin, but it blocked with its shield and swung again with its axe. Mei rolled to the side and straightened up, slashing at the Orc's side. The flesh was sliced away and dark blood seeped from the wound. But the hulking foe kept going and forced Mei back with powerful blows she blocked with difficulty. Mei dropped low as it raised its axe high above its head, and she spun, slashing its ankles open. A look of shock came onto it's face and it dropped the axe behind it before falling onto it...

Now facing away from the defeated Orc Mei faced her Captain who stood with the regiment's banner in one hand, sword in the other. There were several corpses of men near him though equal numbers of Orcs. As three rushed at him a pair of halbadiers rushed to defend their leader. The first was smashed aside by a bone club, but the second man cut it down, slashing its back open. He moved and stood side-by-side with Alex. The next Orc grabbed the man's weapon as he lunged with it and was slain by his own blade as the Orc brought it down on his neck. Alex thrust forward with his sword and his blade struck deep into the beast's ribcage. It roared and dropped its weapons, but smashed Alex to the ground with the back of it's fist. At this point the charging Mei leapt and slashed across the thing's head, its eyes cut open and blood streemed down its face as it staggered away, clutching at the horrific wound and roaring. Mei turned again to see the third Orc towerring over the Captain, smashing its spear into his shield, which was ripped and splintered. Mei charged it, but it saw her and kicked her away, she was forced back, defending with the side of her blade. It swiped at her several times, which she blocked. She was about to strike back when she noticed it had stopped, the same enraged expression stuck on its face. It fell forward and she stepped back to avoid it, but the faling spear caught her leg and blood flowed from a long gash. She winced and clutched it with one hand. She looked up from the wound at a triumphant halbadiersman, he was breathing heavily, leaning on his bloodstained weapon. She nodded in thanks to him, before looking at the carnage around them both sides had taken heavy casualties...

18-06-2005, 22:34
Sena stayed away from the combat, her bow aimed at an Orc which was, currently, going to jump at Thorgi. Her arrow flew, catching the Orc in the thigh. "I hope that Dwarf kills it quickly," she said, nocking another arrow and taking aim at another Orc coming towards her. This time her arrow hit in the face, but too stupid to die, it kep coming. "Die, Pointears!" It screamed.
"I think not," said Sena, dropping her bow and jumping out the way, then drawing her sword, she looked at the Orc. It had a mace in one hand and an axe in the other.
She gulped, just as the Orc leapt in a barbaric rage. Ducking under it's first swing Sena cut it's leg, hoping to cripple it and then kill it. It didn't instead the second swing clipped her own leg, and she winced in pain. The Orc jumped at her again, flailing madly, but without doing anything more than falling on top of her and crushing her to the ground.
With her spare arm she wrapped her fingers around it's axe arm's wrist, cutting off the blood circulation.
It head butted her in the face and she groaned in pain. She brought her knee up, and was rewarded with the Orc yelping. Bringing her knee up again, the Orc took the lesson and rolled off, before having Sena's sword slash it's mace arm off, and then, just to take the beast down, she cut it from forehead to groin with her blade, spilling it's intestines out on to the ground.
She picked her bow up and said. "Enough of that git, time to kill Orcs."

19-06-2005, 07:35
Benson took the time to survey the battle as he pulled the spear tip out of the dead orc warrior at his feet. He is bleeding from a long gash caused by the brutish choppa the dead orc was wielding. It only seemed like moments ago he was charging along with the warband, his spear point held forward like his instructor has taught him. Everything sort of became a blur as the wave of greenskins hit their formation. A brutish orc with scars running down the side of its face barreled into Benson before he could plant the spear on the ground and use the orc’s weight against it. He was knocked to the ground and the two rolled on the floor trying the get the upper hand. The Orc screamed as it slashed its crude blade at him, Benson brought the shield up to block of many of the blows. However as he rolled away from the orc, its blade bit and blood flowed from the wound across his chest.

Benson yelled as he stood back up, his mad spear thrusts failed to pin the agile warrior rolling on the ground. Finally the spear pierced the orc warriors forearm and the orc dropped his weapon, jumping forward to attempt to bite, claw and punch Benson. The Orc moved close and bit down on Benson’s shoulder. The stinch and the pain was so great Benson nearly passed out from the experience. Re-positioning the spear allowed Benson to savagely stab the beast in the neck. The Orc gargled and sputtered, however it was not willing to let go of its jaws and the two stood there in a deathly embrace. The orc still flailing its arms wildly as it pummeled Benson in the stomach and legs. Eventually it realized it is dead and fell over, bringing Benson to the ground as well.

Seeing the towering from of the ogre nearby fighting off several orc warriors, Benson gritted his teeth as he moved in to support his comrades.

19-06-2005, 10:28
the two free company-men garbed ruben
"no, i can still fight"
"come on mate, we don't wan't to fight, and we got a ticket out of this battle"
boof, he hit ruben over the head with a club knocking him unconcius.
"what did you do that for Bill"
" shut up and pick up his legs frank"
" well im not going to pick him up by his ears am i, did you here what he did to that merc who tryed to take him him"
"i herd e' ad' im' hung drawn and quatered"
" no no no, you cant do that on a ship, he put him on a meat hook by is' ears, then slowly driped his veins dry"
"shut up, he...."

19-06-2005, 11:13
Looking over the battle field, Sena watched the Warband take several Orcs to the ground as she nocked an arrow. Aiming at an Orc a little to the left of the Ogre, she fired, the arrow sticking into the Orcs' throat. It would die in a matter of seconds now.
Nocking and aiming again at another arrow at an Orc near the Ogre, she fired, this time the arrow hit it in the kidneys, it howled in pain...

19-06-2005, 14:23
Graham was now proped up against an abandoned cart. he fired his last crossbow bolt but it sailed away in the wind. He had bandaged his minor wounds and picked up a short sword from a pile of spare equipment <sorry hes changed again, he now has a longbow+ short sword>
he moved down the hill with a slight limp and hoped into the area wqith Ouldur and Orgh. an ork came at him with 2 daggers, graham dived behind him and hacked behind the knee, the ork went down and stabbed the dagger at grahams chest but he managed to parry th blow sending the dagger flying away. Graham rolled back and came to his feet he swung at the ork and his sword went straight through the beasts shoulder. the ork howled in pain and lunged at theunarmed graham. graham managed to dve out the way, the ork threw its dagger to the floor and dived onto the helpless graham. it bit into grahams shoulder then started head butting him. Both combatants rolled around on the floor, graham manged to un holster a blade in the orks belt and stab it into its back, it seemed to be ineffective.
Graham was in trouble. blood poured from hos shoulder aned face but he managed to get a kick into the grenskins groin sending it sprawling. he got up withdrew his blade before falling to the ground.
back at the camp ruben awoke. "no, im going back to the camp"
"no, you iz stayin a' here for'a medicen"
Ruben was about to protest when a beautiful blond bretonian maided walked into the tent with medical equipment.
"well i could stay a little longer"...

Captain Marius
19-06-2005, 19:50
The initial charge of the orcs was weathered and even as more of the brutes raced up to support their comrades, the Imperials were able to advance, forcing them down the hill. Sir de la Fleur's impertuous charge had taken the Bretonnian knights straight through the burning Bretonnian camp, and he was now furiously slaughtering any orcs and goblins that he came across.

The Witch Hunter took command of the remains of the mercenaries and the combined regiment manoeuvred to assist Captain Graham's halberdiers. A mass of goblins had swarmed after the orcs but many of them seemed to be brawling amongst themselves. With the constant drizzle and smoking fires the battle was chaotic.

Stern had accepted the challenge of an orc leader and unloaded his pistol into it before it could strike, decapitating it with his sword. He saw the dwarfs fighting with furious skill. He joined Oldaur and Orgh for a few moments, then was drawn to Benson's side. Men were falling; it looked like Ruben was gone, and Davet had taken a choppa to the gut. It was too early to be losing members of his retinue like this!

The Imperials smashed into the camp and found themselves beset on all sides by the goblins, now given a common foe. There were still a number of orcs amongst them. Suddenly the men were fighting a last stand against overhwleming numbers of stabbing, clawing goblins.

<OK so we're all in the burning Bretonnian camp fighting gobbos with a few orcs, except for Ruben who is hallucinating (I need you to stay here) and Sena who is on the hill. Fight on! And no bad injuries, this is only a warm-up :D>

19-06-2005, 20:40
Graham had recovered from his head injury and was in the burning camp. Gobos were running wild . he drew his short sword and dicapitated a snotling who was in his way. A goblin jumped on his back but he threw the thing of andn crushed its hed underfoot. he ran to the burning comand tent only to be confronted by a large blue squig-hound. the creature dived at him, he quickly kicked the tging into a cart and stabbed it through the middle. Graham heard screams coming from the command tent
ruben awoke from his halucination, inside his heasd he heard screams. He got up and ran towards the vision he was getting, the bretonian command tent.
graham entered the tent, in the middle were 3 orks who simoul taaniously jumped at him. they swng their weapons wildly the middle ork was killed by the other 2 flailing orks. Graham maneged to block a few blows before being knocked to the floor.
Ruben burst through the canvas, graham was being cornered by 2 hulking green skins, he drove his sword into one of the orks backs killing it, before diving at the other one. He blocked the orks first blow then drove his sword into its chest, he then carved open the orks belly. Standing against the wall was a bretonian dmsel, the one he had saw in his hallucination.
"my savioyr" she thanked as she gave him a kiss of thanks. Ruben looked deep into her eyes befor running out side for more fighting.

19-06-2005, 21:27
Sena aimed at the Bretonnian Camp, picking out an Orc in the distance, she fired, but at that range she missed and hit a Goblin instead. "Waste of an arrow!"
She aimed again, and this time, hit the Orc, or rather, clipped it's shoulder and killed another Goblin. "Damn it!" She cursed loudly, aiming another arrow, this time breathing out, then in, then out, and slowly, she let go of the bow string, and the arrow flew forwards into the Orc, killing it at last...

Jet Black Mamba
19-06-2005, 22:18
Mei stood as she usually did, at her Captain's right-hand side. The Arabian Mercenary who she had spoken with before was at Alex's left. The proud Imperial stood, the banner in his left hand fluttered in the wind, and he aimed his pistol at one of the few orcs. The shot blew a chunk clean out of the beast and it roared at him. It advanced but as it waded through the mobs of gobbos the Arabian threw a spiked Shruiken, which stuck in its throat. It fell to the ground gargling, foaming black blood seeping from its mouth. Some of the 'braver' goblins moved forward. One recieved a shruiken in the eye and fell to the ground to be trampled by its fellows. One came close and it's guts were slashed open by the captain's sword. The next which didn't approach willfully but was forced forward had it's head sliced in half as Mei's sword flashed from its sheath on her back. She held it two handed as she and her fellow mercenary moved in front of Alex, protecting him was their job. The halbadiers remaining stayed around their stalwart leader and hacked apart the goblins, though too often men were getting swarmed.

The mercenaries continued to slice apart many greenskins, and their captain fired his pistol several times into the hoard... but the men were falling dead around them. Mei and Ahkmed had been cut and bruised, but the fighting wouldn't stop....

20-06-2005, 03:54
Running into the burning camp, Benson panted as he stopped next to a burning tent, his spear still glistening with dark orc blood. Leaning on his spear for support, he heard Stern’s warning and saw the small greenskins pouring out from everywhere. A few of the larger orc were herding the hoard forward, kicking and howling in its beastly tongue.

“Come on you son of a orc, show these greenskin what their innards look like!” He yelled at two surviving free company men looking lost, trying to adapt familiar abuses his old sergeant used to say to get the regiment moving. The skinny one nodded and prepared his buckler and short blade, the burly one followed suit and held his axe in a defence position.

The three moved forward as more goblins rushed towards the formation. Benson spiked a small goblin pushed forward by its own mob. He picked up the screaming creature to try and dislodge it, only managing to further impale the gobbo. The others in the mob took the opening and a bigger goblin ran straight towards Benson with a crude knife held in his hand. Skinny stood forward to parry the charge, stabbing the goblin in the back as its momentum carried it forward. Burly charged into the mob, his axe split one greenskin from torso to groin.

The goblin mob faltered as their member died, Suddenly a guttural warcry was heard as an orc boy pushed aside the goblins, stomping one in the back with a audible “crack” as it leapt forward and chopped the axe arm off Burly. The victim screamed as the goblins found new courage and jumped on poor Burly. Burying him in a tide of small sharp teeth and rusty knifes.

Benson needed to dislodge the dead goblin from his spear, to no avail. He must have hit metal of something that did not budge. Angrily he swung the spear in a half arc and threw the dead goblin and spear at the pile of goblin standing over Burly. The missile landed on the gobos, crashing into the mob while further skewering a second goblin onto the spear. Benson was about to yell some sort of abuse at the goblin mob before he was cut short seeing an orc warrior making its way towards him.

Looking around frantically as he looked for another weapon, he sees a mace and quickly picked it up, pulling his shield out to fight in a defensive position.

“ Come on bestie! Curse all your foul race!” he taunted the orc.

so the trio.... well duo is in trouble, lets kill some gobbs! :evilgrin: (feel free to kill off Skinny..... poor redshirt. :( )

Commander X
20-06-2005, 12:39
When Orgh was walking around, looking for remaining humans, another Orc attacked him from behind, and hit him on the back with something sharp. Feeling that he was bleeding now, Orgh turned around.

"Yous little uns is getting annoyin'. Mes gettin' angry now"

He smashed the unfortunate Orc, proceeded to jump up and down on the corpse a few times, and then turned to the other Greenskins. When they saw him coming, a group of Goblins that were robbing a tent tried to flee.

"Oh yous doesn't."

Orgh ran after them, swinging his club in front of him. He caught one of the Goblins, and it was sent flying into a fire. In a true Goblin fashion, the others ignored him, and ran away even faster now...

OOC:Ok, the Ogre is angry now...:OOC

20-06-2005, 15:56
ruben sliced through a small hord of snotlings. He fought his wy to the now surrounded Benson and the free companyman. He ran another gobolin thrugh. a large brutish ork charged through the gobos. he smashed the free mans sheild away and decapitaded him before charging ruben. Ruben deflectd the orks blows wich got powerfull every time until he was knocked to the groud, luckily Benson ran his spear through the beasts back.

Yin - Yang
20-06-2005, 17:12
OOC: Grubnatz, Davet got a choppa in the gut I think...

"Stick with me young'un..you might not be so lucky next time" said Thorgi, and Drongi nodded his agreement. Both dwarfs made their way through the burning camp, killing any Grobi they came across. "Bloody Goblins..their swarming around this place" Drongi grinned "More to kill". Three Goblins spotted them, and charged. Thorgi dashed forward, shouting Dwarfen battle cries. His axe flashed, and one goblin fell to the ground, headless. Drongi sprinted past his uncle, and impaled a goblin on his pick. The creature was pulled shrieking into the air, before Drongi cast it's corpse away. The other goblin panicked, and turned to run. However, before it could get very far, a loud bang echoed around the camp, and it fell to the ground with a gaping hole in the back of it's head. Thorgi grinned, and put his pistol away "Knew it would come in useful sometimes". The two dwarfs moved off in a different direction, and saw many goblins and a few orcs coming their way. Behind them they could hear more greenskins aproaching. it appeared a pistol was a double edged sword, as the nosie from the shot had attracted many foul Grobi. The two dwarfs stood back to back, gripping thier weapons. Thorgi smiled the smile of one who was sure he was about to die. "So many Grobi, so little time..."

20-06-2005, 18:11
Sena looked at the Dwarfs, oneof whom's pistol shot had attracted a few unwelcome friends. "I think not," she said, with venom in her voice. "There's few people I respect, and those two are some of them, and I'll be damnedif I let them die."
She nocked an arrow to her bow and aimed for one of the groups, unable to miss, her arrow flew into a Goblin, a second arrow wounded an Orc, and a third arrow killed another Goblin.

Aiming with a fourth arrow, Sena moved forwards. "Arrows aren't going to help as much as a blade."
Running towards them, she loosed her arrow into the nearest Goblin, but still missed, and slinging her bow on her back, se drew her blade, still running towards the Goblins...

Captain Marius
20-06-2005, 18:56
The combatants were driven into the burning command tent as the sheer numbers of goblins overwhelmed them. The Witch Hunter snarled as he fought; this whole battle was an irrelevance, no place for him to die! He sliced a chunk of flesh from an orc who was about to attack Oldaur, then clubbed a goblin with its pistol as it scrabbled on Benson's shoulders.

Suddenly there was a loud roar and the Witch Hunter looked over to where Captain Graham was fighting. He felt rage flush through him as the Captain's opponent, a huge orc wielding a double-headed axe, knocked the man to the ground and plunged the choppa into his back. Mei Ling gave a cry and launched an amazing leap, bringing her Cathayan longsword around in a wide arc, but the orc swatted her away like a gnat.

"You humies ain't no fun," the orc bellowed, "s'like slaughtering grots!"

There was a loud crash and without warning the orc was lifted high into the air, a lance head protruding from his chest. The four surviving Bretonnian knights smashed into the melee and, with their leader dead, the goblins began to flee in terror. "Cut them all down!" Stern roared, and de la Fleur turned his steed to do just that. Orgh was assisting Ruben and Graham as they fought to defend the Bretonnian woman. Sena picked off the fleeing greenskins as they scurried from the camp.

The battle was won, but at great cost. A quarter of the humans had been killed and fully half were injured. Captain Graham was dead and the angry men would not accept de la Fleur's leadership. Stern was forced to step in. "Sir Knight, I request you and your retinue make haste back to the beach-head. Inform General Grossberger of what happened here and have reinforcements moved in immediately. I'll take command for now, but I have other matters to contend with. Be swift!"

As the Bretonnians rode off over the hill, their exhausted steeds gasping for breath, Stern began to organise the survivors. "Thorgi, get these fires out; I want a shelter built for the injured. Get whoever is able to help you. Everyone else, get the injured inside this place and start getting rid of these poxy greenskins. It won't take long for fever to set in in this place I'll warrant. NOw go!"

<OK you got your orders; Mei Ling may want to speak to the Witch Hunter (do you want Akhmed to join as an NPC?), Oldaur can start tending to the dead. I'd like an idea of your injuries as well; some of them sounded pretty bad :evilgrin: .>

Commander X
20-06-2005, 19:10
<Orgh has one diagonal wound on his back, and a nasty bump on his head, that's all for now.>

After squashing the last of the Goblins -or atleast the last he could see- Orgh regained his calmth a bit, and listened to what Stern had to say.

"Get humies to dere, or get greenys away?" He looked at the mess on the floor that once was a Goblin. "Mes'll take da easy job."

Orgh picked up the woman they had been protecting, put her over his shoulder, and walked towards Stern.

"Wut nows?"

20-06-2005, 19:46
<ruben is cut all over and has some nasty deep cuts aswell as a bad leg, he seems to be coping well though>
Ruben threw another goblin on the roairing fire. He then limped into the medical tent, carring a wounded soldioer on his back.
"You look like you need atention yourself" Oldur informed
"Im fine" muttered Ruben.
Graham took down the canvas from the now smouldering wreck that was once the command tent. he shoveled it on the huge greenskin bonfire. He amnaged to drag a hulking ork behind and sling it on.
Ruben strolled up to the under construction shelter and started work.

Jet Black Mamba
20-06-2005, 19:48
Mei walked up to Stern, "herr witch-hunter, with my master dead, we have failed. And now we seek work, it appears that your warband fights well. Would you like more warriors? But remember... we fight for a price..." She sheathd her sword and Ahkmed collected his shruikens before joining them, "She is right, we need the money and you could do with the extra fighters. What do you say Herr Stern?"OOC:

Name: Ahkmed Sehkmet
Age: 29
Class: Mercenary
Equipment: Scimitar, Shruikens.
Appearance: Wears a loose shirt, and a belt across his chest with serrated shruikens on it. His Scimitar is at his side on a strip of material which serves as a belt. He wears long, light trousers and heavy boots. In one boot is a straight edged dagger. He has short black hair beneath his turban, and silvery-grey eyes. His clothes are a light desert-camo, except the cloth belt which is a dark purple.

Background: Ahkmed grew up in Arabia, and dreamed of the riches of Khemri. He has vowed to venture there one day and fights as a mercenary to gain funds for his quest. He met Mei when captain Graham hired them both as his bodyguards, and they are now good friends.

20-06-2005, 19:50
OOC: Sena has a few bruises, but nothing serious.

IC: Sena looked at Orgh. "I think we wait for these men to decide what to do, then I think the Witch Hunter will follow them," she said quietly. She shook her head and looked around the Warband...

Yin - Yang
20-06-2005, 23:11
OOC: Thorgi has a few bruises and minor cuts, Drongi's been thumped over the head, but he'll be alright.

[I]"Right manlings, lets get these fires out!" yelled Thorgi. "Drongi, grab some other humans, get a shelter rigged up. Fast" Drongi nodded, and ran off to get some helpers. Thorgi turned to the humans around him "Get anything that could be used to smother or put out fires, and hurry. Can't have this spreading. Move it!" Thorgi turned to survey the carnage, and frowned, before getting to work....

20-06-2005, 23:25
Oldaur can start tending to the dead. <OOC: You assume Oldaur is a necrophiliac?. :P>

Oldaur had been busy for along time, many dead confronted him, the injures on many were horrific. One poor soul had been cleaved in half, only on half was brought to him, the entrails pooled around the Priests heavy studded boots. Many of the others retched at the sight of these poor men so Oldaur had to leave the makeshift gravesite and collect the fallen souls himself. On the way he saw an injured Ruben carrying a fellow injured man towards the medical tent, witch reminded Oldaur of the wounds he had suffered, the arrow wound he suffered from some fool with a poor shot and the large gash cutting the branded rose in his chest clean in half. As well as the many Bruises and broken bones he had sustained. It’s what he deserved for not wearing armour some would say. But he believed that Morr had chosen his time so hiding, wearing armour, feeling pain or being afraid would not change when he would die. Morr had chosen when, Oldaur served him in the meantime. “Come with me Friends, Your heads have gone looking for your hands. They will be together in Morr’s kingdom” He spoke aloud, whilst picking up two free company men who had been decapitated, many of the soldiers found this distasteful and disrespectful. The two dwarfs hard at work found it worth a few chuckles. But the priest was showing nothing but respect and he scowled at the accusations of Odours motives for becoming a priest of Morr. He looked at the bodies of the two headless men. He noticed there clothes and trinkets. These were the two men that took Ruben to the camp, they went back to the fight, they showed bravery “You will be rewarded in the afterlife” After a few hours the wounds were starting to bear down on the young priest. He looked at the graves, so many. Two of them together with black roses carved into the wood of there crosses. He gathered what strength he had left and came back into the camp. Halfway down the grave hill he fell down the hill only to land in the makeshift camp. He was helped up buy Orgh who offered to take him to the Infirmary, Oldaur declined instead he propped himself on his scythe and made his way to the centre of the camp. There he hung two buckets of water on his back, and took a flaming stick from the pyre up the hill again. Many of the men could see him buy a small fire tending to his wounds with water. Soon enough he felt his wounds were pure. But he didn’t leave the hill, and no one dared walk through the graveyard to speak with him

Captain Marius
21-06-2005, 13:31
<Everyone may add +3 stat points to each of their characters, representing the advances they have made following the beach landing and the orc battle. Mamba, I need a statline for Ahkmed; use the basic statline and add +5 stat points as normal. I will post the updated stats when I have everyone's updates :)>

Over the next two days, the devastation was quickly and, under Thorgi's direction, efficiently replaced with the beginnings of a forward position for the Imperial forces. Reinforcements were moved in and a supply train was established. The rebuilding of the Bretonnian camp was underway and watch towers were constructed on the hills. Priestesses of Shallya and Imperial Army surgeons were brought in to deal with the wounded. An outbreak of dysentery was quickly quarantined and the unhappy victims laid to rest amongst their fellow dead.

The warband worked hard with the soldiers and engineers who were fortifying the camp. Their minor injuries failed, and those with more serious wounds began to recover. Oldaur's healing was miraculous; his injuries could easily have become infected, but somehow they were completely gone on the second day. Orgh to was seemingly oblivious of the damage he had endured. He happily lifted heavy loads and gave whatever assistance was necessary to his friends, who rewarded him with food. In truth he had eaten a great number of the orcs and goblins from the pyre, distasteful though many found it.

The Witch Hunter grew increasingly restless. He had spent much time conversing with Sir de la Fleur, who showed no interest whatsoever in joining the construction effort. Stern learned of the Bretonnians' venture on the isle, and indeed made a startling discovery that made him determined to move as soon as possible...

<OK, post stats, current weapons, and what your character has been up to for the last two days. Chapter Three begins soon :)>

Commander X
21-06-2005, 13:55
Edit:Oh, misread 'characters' for 'characteristics'
<Orgh m62 ws31 bs30 s43 t42 w3 i21 a3 ld70 weapons/armour: shield, club, light armour>
<+1 WS, I, and M for chasing Goblins>

For the last two days, Orgh had mainly be busy with lifting heavy stuff around. In the spare time, he had left the camp as sneakingly as possible for an Ogre to explore around a bit and look for more food, preferably something that was more tasty than Greenskins.

The only things he had discoverd during the two days, were in the first place that some types of plant hurt you if you touch them, and that he was not allowed to kill and eat the horses of the knights. Unfortunately the last thing was a bit too late, and the horse had already fled far away and was probably killed by some sort of wild animal by now.

21-06-2005, 15:31
+3 Stats to each Character. That's pretty clear to me, means +3 Stats to Characters, so I have 3 Stats to put on what ever.

Sena m50 ws41 bs44 s31 t32 w1 i51 a1 ld90 weapons/armour: longbow, longsword, light armour

Balistic Skill went up for all the archery.
Sterngth and Toughness went up for wrestling the Orc.
Stat Points used up.

IC: Sena looked at Orgh looking for food, other than dead Grobi. "A lost soul in a strange land," she murmured. "The poor being."
She sighed and looked around, her bow ready. She always kept it ready now, not taking part in any of the work, but acting as a look out...

21-06-2005, 18:32
Ruben m40 ws33 bs30 s30 t30 w1 i30 a1 ld70 weapons/armour: long sword, brace of pistols, light armour +3 ws for fighting orks
Ruben lay in the shelter along with the injured while his wounds recovered (thats all hes done
gets +2 bs for archery, and +1 ws for close combat, he has a shortsword and longbow.

Jet Black Mamba
21-06-2005, 20:13
OOC: MEI [+2ws, +1i for combat skills and reactions]
m41 ws34 bs30 s30 t30 w1 i33 a1 ld70 weapons/armour: Cathayan longsword

AHKMED [assuming he doesn't recieve the +3 for battle, if so i'll edit this]
m40 ws32 bs30 s32 t30 w1 i30 a1 ld71 weapons/armour: Scimitar, Shruikens.

Over the past couple of days, Mei had cleaned herself up and spent little time with others. Now employed by the Witch Hunter she had recieved no commands as of yet, but tried to keep him in her line of sight, protecting him was her job. She had really done little else, cleaning her weapons and meditating took up her time, she had not been able to much until now.

Ahkmed had helped clear up the destroyed camp, and he kept an eye on Stern while Mei was unable to. Despite that he was with the warband over the two days he spoke with them little and remained somewhat seperate from them.

Yin - Yang
21-06-2005, 21:04
OOC: Thorgi gets +1 S, +1 WS, and +1T, while Drongi gets + 1 T,, +1 WS and +1 LD. Thorgi has a pistol, axe, heavy armour and a shield, while Drongi has a pickaxe and heavy armour.

Over the two days, Thorgi and Drongi worked hard with the construction of the watch tiowers etc, and when not working they sparred. They could tell that much harder fights were coming, and thought they should be ready.

22-06-2005, 00:10
<OOC: Oldaur m40 ws32 bs30 s32 t33 w1 i32 a1 ld70 weapons/armour: scythe, +3 to toughness due to the healing of his wound>

Oldaur as mysterious, took care of the dead and the gravesite, up on the hill next to camp, many men didnt go up the hill they feared his grim shadow, still a few men went to the top of the hill to pay there respects to the deaad where they found a well kept graveyard with Oldaur sitting in the middle of them sitting quietly looking out into the sky, he didnt speak even when they spoke. Oldaur knew they were there, he was at peach and didnt let petty things disturbing.

Captain Marius
22-06-2005, 12:59
<Here are the stats for chapter 3. I think we have managed to set up the warband quite nicely. Now it's time to get into the main story :)

Witch Hunter m38 ws48 bs45 s37 t39 w2 i48 a3 Ld90 weapons/armour: broadsword, brace of pistols, light armour

Ruben m40 ws34 bs30 s30 t30 w1 i30 a1 ld70 weapons/armour: long sword, brace of pistols, light armour

Graham m40 ws31 bs37 s30 t30 w1 i30 a1 ld70 weapons/armour: longbow, short sword, light armour

Oldaur m40 ws32 bs30 s32 t33 w1 i32 a1 ld70 weapons/armour: scythe

Orgh m62 ws31 bs30 s43 t42 w3 i21 a3 ld70 weapons/armour: shield, club, light armour

Davet Slain

Benson m40 ws34 bs30 s32 t31 w1 i30 a1 ld72 weapons/armour: mace, shield, light armour.
(I will edit Benson's stats when Essia posts his upgrades)

Thorgi m30 ws45 bs30 s33 t43 a1 i21 w1 ld92 weapons/armour: axe, shield, heavy armour, pistol

Drongi m30 ws43 bs30 s32 t43 a1 i20 w1 ld91 weapons/armour: pickaxe, heavy armour

Sena m50 ws43 bs44 s31 t32 w1 i52 a1 ld90 weapons/armour: longbow, longsword, light armour

Mei Ling m41 ws32 bs30 s30 t30 w1 i33 a1 ld70 weapons/armour: Cathayan longsword

Ahkmed m40 ws32 bs30 s32 t30 w1 i30 a1 ld71 weapons/armour: scimitar, shurikens

And now onwards!>

Chapter Three: The Blighted Isle

The rain was incessant. Despite the enthusiasm of the men building a settlement in a strange new land, the constant downpour and overcast skies lent an air of depression to even the most stout-hearted fellow. Only Gabriel Stern truly ignored the weather; he had far more pressing concerns.

It was one week since the battle with the orcs, and the encampment was becoming a sprawling affair. Satellite camps had sprung up around the main base as more and more troops arrived. The second transport fleet had arrived with more men and far more supplies and equipment. There had been an engagement with a group of orc vessels off the coast, but the superior firepower of the Imperial Navy had seen them off.

Scouts had been deployed to rove the surrounding area, and the first thing they had found was the main orc camp only a couple of leagues away. General Grossberger saw this for the threat it was and began the process of forming a task force to deal with it. Stern was offered a captaincy, but declined. He was a Templar of Sigmar and his mission was far to important to delay any longer.

The Witch Hunter gathered his retinue to a shelter he had commandeered. Their numbers had swelled; Mein Ling, Ahkmed and Graham had been inducted properly into Stern's payment, while Sir de la Fleur and his three comrades had elected to stay with the Witch Hunter. There was no going home now; they would seek only to uphold the honour of their names.

"As you are aware," Stern began, "we are not here simply to help old Karl Franz add another state to his name. We are hunting the individual responsible for the uprising in Wolfenburg two years ago. His name is Kheladras the Immortal and he is a black wizard of great power. For his crimes he must be destroyed by the hammer of Sigmar. My sources have led me to believe that he has come to Albion to serve some dark purpose. We must find him and kill him."

"How are we going to find him? This island is hardly small," Ruben complained.

Stern scowled. "The best way to find the bastard is to start looking. Which we will be doing, today. Gather your belongings, we won't be coming back here for a long time..."

<Get yer gear, we're heading out into the wilderness. We'll be walking (except for the knights) but we'll be leading pack mules with our supplies.>

22-06-2005, 14:42
Sena grabbed her supplies and mounted them on one of the mules, whispering to it softly, she took it's reins and said. "I'm ready when you are." She made sure her weapon was easily accessable, then waited.

Commander X
22-06-2005, 14:43
Although Orgh didn't actually have many real possessions, he still took a mule for carrying his food, and if that ran out, becoming it.

In the mean-time he had found himself a nice big metal bucket, and was now using it as temporary helmet. He wasn't going to be hit on the head by those Greenskins or anyone else anymore.

"Mes ready boss." he said, when he noticed the mule really couldn't carry anymore food and was almost collapsing on the spot.

22-06-2005, 17:02
Ruben loaded a mass of spare weapons, food and a tent on his mule. Then grabed a selection of gear for himself. he strolled over to Stern with graham.

22-06-2005, 19:38
Oldaur looked at his mule, it was weak and scared. And for once Oldaur didn’t feel like sending another poor creature to its death, he took it up to the man who had given it to him and handed him the reigns and spoke sternly "Make sure it doesn’t get eaten, I might need it when I Get back" he then took what he was going to put on his mule, witch was a small amount of food, oddities and herbs. And nothing more and tied them to his scythe hilt on his back and his hoods clasp, so they now hung on his back supported buy his own strength. Oldaur didn’t eat much even before he became a priest, and most the food going around was animal meat and mead, witch Oldaur didn’t approve off. He walked in front of the others with his collection of bread and herbs on his back, not before nabbing some bread from Orgh mule ,who was desperately trying to cope with the load being given to it buy the ogre, and tapped him on the side of the leg so he wouldn’t crush the thief stealing his bread, once he made his way to the head of the line of mules he sat quietly looking off into the distance taking bites out of the large hunk of bread, waiting for the other mercenaries and there poor mules.

<<OOC: ive made a decision this undertaker and servent of death is now also a veggie who works for the rspca :P>

Jet Black Mamba
22-06-2005, 20:16
OOC: Mei's I is 33 not 32, just to point out Marius ;) .

Ahkmed and Mei shared a mule, even between them there was little in the way of possessions, and it was mostly food at that. Mei stayed at Stern's side an Ajkmed slightly behind, leading the mule. "We should follow you into the gates of hell if need be." Mei said to Stern as she sheathed her sword across her back, "as long as we get payed" added Ahkmed with a chuckle...

Yin - Yang
22-06-2005, 22:29
"Hah! Mules!" called Thorgi "Dwarfs don't need an animal to carry our gear!" Drongi nodded his agreement, and the two Dwarfs walked up beside Oldaur at the head of the group, shouldering their packs. Both dwarfs kept thier weapons close at hand. They had a rough idea of what was ahead, and the very thought sent shivers down thier spines...

Captain Marius
23-06-2005, 11:06
The assembled warband set off in the early hours, passing the patrols of halberdiers and archers and entering the wilderness of Albion. They had been given vague directions by the leader of the scouts, who was compiling a map of the area. Rumour had it that to the north were ancient stone circles of great power. With no other leads to follow, Stern thought that this would be the most logical place to begin. But first they had to cross the great boggy fens.

The endless patter of rain grew highly irritating. The warband had to keep their weapons concealed to stop the damp making them useless. Those who wore armour were very uncomfortable as the wetness soaked them to the skin. The ground was sodden and even the clearest paths through the fens involved traipsing through a good foot of murky water.

There was muted conversation between the retinue. Stern was silent, totally focused on the mission. Perhaps it was his way of dealing with the extreme discomfort. The four Bretonnian knights rode off in pairs to scout the area and find the most suitable routes. Sir de la Fleur had developed a level of pragmatism here totally at odds with his aristocratic sensibilities.

As the day drew late and shadows began to form, there was an eerie sense that something was watching them. They began to feel nervous; they were exhausted and soaked and wanted nothing more than to rest in front of a warm fire. But there was no chance of that here. At last they reached an island of rocky ground that would serve to keep them elevated from the fens. "We'll stay here tonight," Stern declared. "Get the tents up. Thorgi, Drongi, you're on watch first. Everyone else, eat and sleep. I want to be through this swamp as soon as possible."

<You heard the man. Whoever is on watch gets to delegate the next pair who have to do it. You may see mysterious shadows lurking within the fens, but you can never be certain. The others will need to eat, perhaps tend to the mules, strike up conversation or complain about the Witch Hunter.>

Commander X
23-06-2005, 12:16
"Finally, eatin'!"

Happy now, Orgh quickly took one of the big parcels of the mule, and opened it up. The mule was also relieved with this, and started walking about a bit with the much lighter load.

"Oi, dere was fore bread in dis 'un, now deres tree of 'em."

He looked around a bit, but was very sure there was something missing. Losing his perfect mood, he started eating the other three breads and the fruits that were in it too...

Yin - Yang
23-06-2005, 13:11
Thorgi and Drongi stared into the darkness of the night, distincly nervous. They kept their weapons close to hand, and were always wary and alert. Dwarfs, dwelling normally underground, have better eysight than most species, but he with that advantage they couldn't penetrate the thick, oprresive gloom. Thye thought they could see something, but weren't sure. After what seemed like an eternity, the watch was over, and they went to choose who had to suffer it next...
OOC: Oldaur, your on next watch

23-06-2005, 13:41
OOC: I would of thought you would of made Sena on next watch, :-P

IC: Sena rested that night outside... to her, it felt more natural, but even so, she kept a hand on her blade... the Dwarfs, while honourable, might just kill her and say it was something else...

Although she highly doubted this, they were too honourable to kill in cold blood and then lie about it... no, if they killed her, they'd say so...

23-06-2005, 15:59
ruben and graham had et up a tent and eaten more of grahams special stew. While graham dozed Ruben sat outside the tent aimlessly gazing away. He didnt sleep much anymore as his dreams seemed to turun to horrific nightmares. e had a time ago seen the raid on the beach in a dream, he had also had visins of this swamp. Ruben noticed he was shaking and pulled a blanket around him, he couldnt help it, he dozed off.....

23-06-2005, 17:40
Sorry guys, been away due to work :(

Benson sat down on a log, he is wet due to the constant rain. The days are beginning to become a blur and he is starting to forget the reason for him to be here on Albion.

Trying to focus his mind, He thought about what happened after the battle. Sadly the skinny free company man whom fought alongside him died from a goblin arrow in the throat. He found out later the man was called Johan and had assisted Oldaur in his funeral rites.

His chest wound was minor and only need to be bandaged up, Oldaur even reprimanded him for taking up the priest’s valuable time after the battle.

After that he wandered through the Bretonnian camp, looking for choice loot or valuable, He did found a few rubies hidden in the ruins of a dead knight’s tent. His trusty spear however was lost in the battle and he kept the mace he found in battle, it was lighter than the cumbersome maces used by the Bretonnian men, and he was able to swing it with some precision, He spent some time on the road thinking a name for this weapon and he decided upon Mellie, after his little sister killed by his family’s enemy.

m40 ws34 bs30 s32 t31 w1 i30 a1 ld72 weapons/armour: mace, shield, light armour.
I decided to add 1ws for fight against the orc, 1 to toughness for Surviving and 1 to Ld as he bossed the free company men around(even though they died :evilgrin: )

He suffered some bruises and scratches, with the wound bandaged up, he will be good as new with a few days rest.

Captain Marius
23-06-2005, 19:00
Before Thorgi could get to sleep, the Witch Hunter summoned him outside of the shelters. De la Fleur was there and Sena sat a little way away, her hand tight on her bow.

"How was the watch?" Stern asked Thorgi. "Nothing amiss, though there's something mighty odd about this place," the old dwarf frowned.

"There is magic in the air," Sena whispered. "Ever since I came here I could feel it. Stronger than the Old World. It grows more intense the further we go. I do not like it."

De la Fleur nodded. "We must 'urry through zis cursed place. We are terribly exposed out 'ere."

The Witch Hunter lowered his head. "Get rested. I don't like to push the hired help too hard, but we need to get out of these fens as soon as possible."

With that, the four parted.

23-06-2005, 19:58
Ruben dreams of being lost forever in the swamp, separated from his comrades. He is cold, wet and has a fever. He stumbles in the mud and sees a pair of glowing yellow eyes in the murk. The fen broils and with a whoosh a great shadow looms over him, the yellow eyes staring into Ruben's soul. Then he wakes up.
ruben Climbed out of tentgasping for breath. He sat himself down and took long deep breaths. He heard a noies and instintictivly grabbed a blade lying on the floor. Hew thought he saw a shadow moving through the swamp.
Ruben walked to the inquisitors tent, "Stern we need to talk.."

Jet Black Mamba
23-06-2005, 22:07
Mei lay asleep in her tent, she was greatly tired from the long trek through the fens and had complained greatly about the state of her dress. Ahkmed was really quite thankful that sleep had managed to silence her, and stayed deep in thought just outside. To be honest with himself, he wasn't too keen on Herr Stern, and as far as he could tell Mei wasn't either. Still, who said you had to like your employer?

Captain Marius
24-06-2005, 12:33
The Witch Hunter was less than impressed at being disturbed. "We all have bad dreams, Ruben. Pray to Sigmar that nothing comes of it."

The next day was arduous as they awoke early and immediately headed back into the fens. The weather had let up somewhat and in the far distance they could see the vague outline of mountains. There was still a light drizzle, but they had grown accustomed to the rain now.

There was a constant mild stench of rotting vegetation and lone gnarled trees seemed to claw at them. More than once a grim shadow was seem lurking in one of the deeper pools. On one occasion Orgh, starved to the point of desperation, lunged into the mire and returned with a great spined fish as big as Drongi, which he promptly devoured.

As night fell, the warband set up their little group of tents on another strip of rocky ground and set to with eating and resting.

It was long after dark, with the eerie glow of Morrslieb behind the thick clouds, when Ruben and Benson were on watch. Benson saw a rippling in the water and pointed it out to Ruben. Ruben got to his feet immediately. Something large was out there. Large spines arced out of the water and began zig-zagging towards the camp. A bulky black mass could be seen against the glistening water.

The two watchmen stared, transfixed.

Suddenly Thorgi appeared behind them. "Grimnir's beard!" he cried. "Wake the Witch Hunter, it's a bloody troll!"

And with that, a colossal river troll reared out of the mire and launched its lanky frame at them.

<Ok, a troll could make a meal out of Orgh, so we have a serious problem here. Watch out for troll vomiting. If its fists hit you you'll be lucky not to be KOed. Could be bad if you fall in the water. It's a slippery git so your weapons will glance off as often as not. And also it's flesh is rock hard, and the bugger can regenerate :D Just try not to die :)>

24-06-2005, 12:44
"A troll?" Asked Sena getting up, pulling her bow off her back and nocking an arrow to the string, pulled back and then let go... the arrow flew into the Troll's stomach, but it richoeted off.

"Someone, light a Khaine cursed fire!" She shouted, stepping back quickly, nocking another arrow to her bow tried, and failed, to penetrate the Troll's hide.
She cursed, nocking a third arrow and aimed at it's eye this time. The arrow flew straight, but the Troll moved at the last second and it again bounced off.
"Damn!" She swore loudly, hoping someone was making a fire.

The troll vomited there and then, and only Sena's quick reflexes saved her from getting covered in the stuff. "Damn That Thing!" She said, her anger getting to better of her. She ran away from the troll, which had just vomited again, and again, Sena managed to avoid it.

24-06-2005, 17:26
Ruben dived behind a nearby bush and drew his pistols. He took deep braths before firing 4 shots into the troll who didnt even notice the shots. graham ran out of the tent and began firing arrows at the beast. 6 bounced off arrows later one looky shot went straight up the beasts nostril. It gruntd and collapsed sending water evrywere. The combatants relaxed and walked away, the troll roared and revealed it had regenerated. It go up and charged a graham sending him flying away, crashing into a tent.
Ruben ran away from the camp, iring his pistols in the air, trying to get the trolls atention. hew charged the beast and swung, his sword had no efect, it gave him an uppercut sending him into a pool of shallow water.

24-06-2005, 19:00
"Damn idiot," said Sena. "Build a fire next time!"
She aimed an arrow towards the troll and fired, the arrow flew and was imbedded in it's skin... but it didn't stop living... "damn..."

Jet Black Mamba
24-06-2005, 21:30
Ahkmed leapt to his feet as the troll was sighted, "Mei!" He spoke loudly as he drew his scimitar. The girl awoke and snatched her sword as she exited the tent, seeing the abomination she drew her fine blade and cast the scabbard back into the tent, "The troll must not reach Herr Stern." she stated loudly...
The pair of them ran down towards the towering foe, others around them launched various missile weapons at the beast, but had no real effect, Ruben was smashed away as Ahkmed loosed 3 shruikens at the troll, two bounced off the slimy hide but one stuck into its leg, though the troll ignored it. Growling Ahkmed charged, scimitar held out to one side he ran swiflty at it, swinging his blade round to bear as he neared it. The curved sword glanced off of the troll's scales and Ahkmed attacked in a flurry of slashes yet none penetrated. The troll had lifted one arm and brought it down, crashing into Ahkmed's shoulder he was sent flying and a rotten log was blasted apart as his unconcious form slammed into it.

"You shall pay for what you have done!" Mei screamed, she glared at the looming foe and charged... Her white shoes splashed through the mud, throwing spatters of it onto the hem of her dress, She ran with the sword in two hands, the blade flat against her back. She reached the troll as others began to bomard it again with missile fire. With it distracted, she slashed out at the shruiken-wound, her blade scraping along the scales as she dashed past. She stopped and spun, her weapon scraping along the same line as before. She knew this beast was tough, like one of the stone dogs from cathay, seemingly invincible. But concentrate attacks and you could break through... The attack had left a scratch on its scales, nothing more but she continued to assault the same point. Turning and slashing, changing her grip on the sword she thrusted... again and again she hacked at it. She stopped for a moment, and slide one of her feet along the mud to meet the other, she angled her foot onto its toe and closed her eyes, facing down to the ground. She was facing away from the hulking enemy and in a sudden motion she snapped open her eyes, and turned, slashed along the line once more. The scales cracked and black blood spurted from the gash, splashing across Mei's face. She looked up a its's head as it turned to look down at her. She leapt high into the air and began to swing her sword at it's eye level, "Haaaaaa!" But as the blade neared it, a great hand swept round and smacked into her side, throwing her into the air. She landed with a heavy thud on the soft ground and groaned before falling unconscious...

Yin - Yang
24-06-2005, 23:04
"Grimmners beard, this bastards tough" cried Thorgi as the others attacked it., to no effect. The beast spotted him and Drongi, and moved towards them "Oh shi....." he managed, before it attacked, sending the two dwarfs scurrying for cover. Thorgi grabbed his pistol, and took careful aim. The beast ran towrads him, and he fired. The bullet slamemd into it's eye, more by luck than any skill, and the Troll howled, enraged. It lunged for Thorgi, and only by bringing his sheild up was Thorgi able to block the blow. Even with his stout dwarfen shield (and general stout dwarfishness), the blow jarred his arm. Drongi swung his pickaxe at it's leg, but the blade bounced futily off it's hard skin. The creature swung it's arm around, catching the young dwarf in the chest. Drongi was sent flying, and he slammed into the ground, unconcious. Thorgi visably paled, and gripped his axe. "Nobody does that to my nephew. Nobody. Prepare to die, trollish filth! Kazuk Kazikit Ha! Khazuk,Khazuk,Khazuk!" Thorgi charged forwrad, yelling dwarfen battle cries and expletives.....

OOC: As a note, Thorgi's dwarfish battlecry means "Look out, the dwarfs are on the warpath!" in Khazalid.

24-06-2005, 23:37
As soon as the dwarfs charged at the vile beast two bone pickaxes thundered into its back, with that Oldaur appeared from the mists and lunged at the Troll, ripping his axes from his back before landing graciously on the floor then disappearing back into the mist. The Troll turned as it back regenerated the lacerations leaving the Trolls back exposed to the two dwarfs. From the mist again the axes thudded into the Trolls chest. But Oldaur didn’t reappear from the mist.

25-06-2005, 03:04
Benson reeled from shock from seeing the monstrous troll easily taking down his fellow companions. The troll was huge, muscle and slime covered its thick scales and the force it was capable of with each swing was horrendous. this was not what he was trained for, and he was sure he had no chance if he ventured forth like the downed Drongi and the mercenaries. Suddenly the troll vomited as the elf struck and luckily withdraw before being hit by the corrosive acid.

The smell was overwhelming, and Benson took a few steps back from the beast. The troll noticed Benson and lunged towards him. This was too much. Benson turned and ran.

"Come back here ya cowards!" Thorgi yelled as he saw the retreating manling.

Hey the troll does cause fear you know!

25-06-2005, 03:28
Benson ran back towards the camp, the thought of saving his own skin the only thing in his mind. As he ran he heard the noise from the fight, Thorgi bellowed as the elf Sena cursed. He slowed as he noticed the cooking fire in the campsite. Sena said something about fire and stories of how trolls are afraid of fire surfaced in his mind.

He grounded to a halt as he remembered his companions are still fighting and they needed help. Looking around, he set about tearing strips of damp cloth and wrapping it around his mace, he tried to light the makeshift torch.

“Light, damn it!” he muttered as the cloth slowly begin to catch on fire.

When he was sure the fire was properly lid, he turned around and ran back towards the fighting, as he was about to exit the camp, he found a few torches in a barrel. Cursing, he picked up a few more and ran to assist his companions.

25-06-2005, 13:49
ruben got up an let out a long groan. the troll was some way away now, he ran over to a tent and used its side to rig up a toch and covered it in the last of some ale that he had hidden away before lighting it. Ruben ran towards his friends...

Yin - Yang
25-06-2005, 19:24
Thorgi bellowed after the retreating Benson "You cowardly piece of filth! Get back here!" Benson ignored him and continued running. Thorgi tried one last attempt to get Benson to come back to the fight "Even the bloody Elf is fighting! Are you going to let one of those aroogant sods show you up" Thorgi shook his head and wheeled back to face the troll "Bloody humans..almost as bad as elves sometimes. Right, back to work. Come on you trollish pice of ****! Lets see how you fair against against a Dwarf when he's pissed off!" The troll growled and thundered towards him, but Thorgi stood his ground "Bring it on..I am not afraid to die.."

26-06-2005, 12:49
ruben ran at the troll waving his makeshift torch wildly. it let out a roar when it saw the falame and he hurled the wood at the beast, he then quickly through a pouch of oil, sending flames all over the beasts left arm, it howled in pain and fear....

26-06-2005, 12:56
Sena muttered. "That wasn't what I meant... no fire for my arrows, or anything else, to be effective."
She drew her sword and prepared for combat it would, it seemed, be evidently easier, with the Troll on fire...

26-06-2005, 14:41
Benson ran to the fighting, as he lit the torches he carried in his arms, Offering it to the others as the troll seemed to back away from so much flaming torches.

Commander X
26-06-2005, 16:26
'Oi, 'es bigga dan mes. Dat's no good. Wut now? Oh waits, dere's one of 'im, and, errr, more dan one of wes. Dat should do it.'

After Orgh had finished the difficult process of thoughs required to find out they were outnumbering the troll, he took his weaponry and looked at what had happend while he was thinking. He didn't notice the fleeing humans, or the fallen Dwarf, but he did see that the Troll had stepped on the remains of his fish, which he was going to eat soon. He lifted his club above his head, and ran straight at the Troll, shouting several Ogrish insults at it...

30-06-2005, 19:38
ruben ducked to avoin Orgh, he pulled himself up and ran behind the troll while orgh attacked it, he hacked at the trolls back to no avail.

01-07-2005, 01:42
Benson shouted out a curse as he swung the burning mace at the troll. The first swing missed, producing a spectacular arc of flame and light. The backswing only glanced the scaly beast and the troll took a step back from the sudden brightness and noise coming from Benson's direction.

As the troll bellowed its fustration, Benson stepped in to swing the mace again,
The flaming mace hit home as he felt the bone jarring impact again the troll's ribs. Flesh sizzled as the troll grunted out in pain.

The troll turned and clamped its huge hands around Benson's shoulder. lefting him as it tried to deliver a killing bite. Benson swore loudly as he swings the mace wildly, Feeling panick building up as the pressure from the Troll's grasp increased. In his frantic flailing, he struck the burning mace into the troll's opening maw.

The troll's one remaining eye widened as it screamed and threw Benson, still attached to his weapon into a tree nearby, Benson fell the impact into the tree and slumped at the base of that tree. fighting to remain conscious.

01-07-2005, 12:34
Sena watched Benson take the troll on. "Keep still, beast, I will end your life."
She took her bow and aimed, an arrow pointing at it's face, burning along it's shaft...

As the arrow flew and caught the beast in the thigh, sticking into it's flesh and it howled in pain, turning to the Elf it roared and slammed down against the ground where the Elf had been, Sena, another burning arrow in her bow, had moved backwards just enough to be out of the way of the beast as it crashed. It got up roaring in hatred, and as Sena loosed her arrow, she dived to the side, the Troll caught the arrow in the face and crashed to the ground, Sena drew another arrow and aimed it at the troll's neck, fired... and was rewarded by the arrow bouncing off...

01-07-2005, 19:05
Oldaur appeared from the mist again his slender axes coated in fire. The blades material was as solid as ever as the flames consumed them, but the hilt did not look hot or warped. As Oldaur Stepped on the trolls legs as it tried to raised itself he shouted at Orgh and the others to keep it pinned down, the encircling mercenaries were reluctant to confront the troll let alone try and jump on it, but Orgh was willing he launched himself at the troll knocking it back to the ground, Oldaur stepped over the Ogre until he was buy its neck where he raised his Axes high, loosing his balance as the Troll tried to get up, he fell to the side but dug his axes into the neck of the troll, the flaming liquid spreading inside and around the cut as Oldaur sliced through most of the Trolls neck, Oldaur got up quickly and finished cutting through the broken troll to make sure it wouldn’t regain itself. With that Oldaur watched as the flame fed on the inside of the Troll and the acid and bile in the troll hissed as it touched the flame, with that Oldaur dropped his axes and removed one of his vials of water from his food pack and poured it onto his hand, he cringed as bellows of steam surrounded his hands and escaped into the sky. He left his burning axes on the ground and just covered them in water; the Flaming oil was carried buy the water off the blades and out into the mist

(OOC: sorry for killing it but I really felt the story needed to move on,)

01-07-2005, 21:57
"At last," said Sena, "good job there," she commented to the warrior who had finished it off.

"Set fire to the corpse... make sure it doesn't rise again," she instructed the Ogre, collapsing onto a log...

Commander X
02-07-2005, 10:06

A bit confused, Orgh started piling several big branches on the Troll, and lit it by tossing one of the torches in the heap aswell. When the Troll was burning, he suddenly noticed something.

'Smells like fishies. Wuld it taste like dems too?'

05-07-2005, 20:01
"I Wouldn’t recommend it friend" A voice called from behind the big ogre as Orgh turn around, Oldaur was pointing to the burning corpse of the troll "It does not matter soon it will be a hollow skeleton" with that Oldaur wrapped his burned hands in bandages, and turned to Stern. "You know we should not stay here, Trolls do not hunt alone, there are more nearby, we should leave," with that he herd the clash of two trolls fighting of in the distance "now,"

Commander X
05-07-2005, 20:24
After a sad look at his not-to-be-snack Orgh looked up to the noise.

"Dere's anuva two of 'is kind. Is wes goin' to run now?"

He saw the two Trolls running at him and hoped the answer would be 'yes'.

05-07-2005, 20:32
<were is marius, ive pmed him but had no reply>
ruben returned to the tent, graham was koed and would awake in the morning. "ill go on watch" volunterred Ruben
"cant sleep anyway" he muttered.

Captain Marius
07-07-2005, 16:55

I've had a bad couple of weeks; my house got hit by lightning which has fried everything and this is the first access to the internet I've had since then! I humbly request request you pause the rpg until further notice. I should be up and about again in a couple of weeks, but if it's going to be longer I will keep you updated. Many thanks,


Commander X
07-07-2005, 17:06
<My condolances about your house my friend, I hope it all ends well for you.>

08-07-2005, 02:41
Sorry to hear about your house mate. hope you'll be back soon.

Yin - Yang
09-07-2005, 15:58
OOC: Sorry to hear about that...hope your back up and running soon :OOC

09-07-2005, 18:46
wow im sorry your house got hit. hope it all ends up ok for you.

Captain Marius
14-07-2005, 12:34

Everything should be sorted now :) Time to carry on with the story! You guys coped admirably with the troll scenario in my absence :)>

The clouds began to lighten as dawn arrived at last. The sounds of fighting in the surrounding swamp grew louder. The exhausted Bretonnian knights had slept through the whole encounter with the troll, but now they mounted up and went to investigate as the rest of the warband hastily broke camp.

The mountains on the horizon were far more visible now. "We should be out of this accursed marsh by the end of the day," Stern said as they set off. The warband was muted; several of their number had sustained fairly serious injuries from the troll fight; without a decent rest it would be difficult to recover properly.

<OK, this is a bit of a regroup post so I can get an idea of what's going on again :D If you could all post your characters' current thoughts and any injuries they've sustained, that would be super :) (Don't worry about the injuries, there's a bit of a respite coming up) Cheers folks>

Commander X
14-07-2005, 12:40
<Not sure if you wanted it IC, but for now I'll describe it in here.>
<Orgh isn't injured, only hungry as the Troll stepped on his lunch. He is most likely thinking something along the lines of: "What to eat now he destroyed my food?";)>

14-07-2005, 13:21
Sena, although tired for an Elf, looked over her body to see if she had been hit... after a few minutes of feeling her skin she decided if she was injured, it wouldn't bother her.

14-07-2005, 16:03
Ruben bandaged his minor wounds, he was prety okay. Graham had damaged his head and is feeling a bit dazed.
[glad your back]

Yin - Yang
14-07-2005, 18:45
OOC: Excellent to have you back Marius. As a note, Jet Black Mamba is away on his holidays right now, but he should be back in a day or two :OOC

Thorgi walked along beside his nephew, gripping the haft of his axe tightly. Drongi walked rather more unsteadily beside him, nursing a throbbing headche and more than a few bruises. Both dwarfs were silent for the most part, talking only to mutter about "This Bloody Marsh" or some other minor grumble (not that makes a difference to a dwarf. A grumble is a grumble, no matter how small). Thorgi gazed at the horizon, lost in his thoughts. "What in grimmner have I got the young'un into....the troll could easily have killed him, and who knows whats ahead...if something happens to him, it's my fault." he thought "Damn me, and my wanderlust! Why couldn't we have returned back home to Barak Varr....instead we're stuck out here on this forsaken island and there's a good chance the beardling might come to harm. Well, I won't have that! Anything wants to harm Drongi...it'll have to go through Thorgi Thorgisson first...."

OOC: Drongi's a little wounded from the troll knocking him out, but he'll be alright soon. Dwarfs are very tough. :OOC

15-07-2005, 03:07
Benson followed the others as they began their march again. He felt ashamed that he ran at the sight of the troll and tried to avoid the attention of others. When the troll picked him up and thrown him against the tree, it was unfortunate his head impacted first. Thus explaining the fierce headache he is feeling now.

Benson is suffering from a headache as well as a bruised ego, Good to see your computer is returning to service Marius.

Captain Marius
15-07-2005, 10:55
The warband moved hastily through the swamp. The drizzle was constant and thick clouds hung low. Swirling mists obscured much of the view. The sounds of large creatures splashing around grew ever louder and closer. Benson saw a bulky shadow appear briefly from the mists and felt another chill of fear. Orgh was starving; he was beginning to wonder if the boss would mind if he ate one of the injured humans...

Suddenly de la Fleur appeared with two of his knights. "We are surrounded!" he declared. "Zere are trolls closing in on all sides... they killed Artemis!" The warband came to an immediate halt. Thorgi's face looked like stone; he felt a sense of doom falling upon them. Ruben was confused; in his dream the monster had had glaring yellow eyes, but the trolls squinted from beady red eyes. The Witch Hunter checked his pistol was loaded properly and motioned for the warband to move to higher ground.

Sena was first to see the shapes coalescing around them. Nine trolls, hunting in a co-ordinated pack, behaviour unheard of in such stupid creatures. The Witch Hunter scowled. "For Sigmar! Kill the beasts!" The warband began to fire their missile weapons...

<Right, hopeless situation here :D Remember how hard a single troll is. Obviously we can't win this, but try not to die or especially get lost in the fog. Feel free to team up with other characters to take on trolls, but remember that the trolls may team up too... Good luck! (And trust me, this isn't the end!)>

15-07-2005, 14:40
"Dwarf friend," said Sena. "I'd try making a fire, unless you want your body to rot in the belly of one of these beasts. 'twould bring your ancestors shamed."
Sena grinned for a second, then aimed her bow at the lead troll, the arrow aimed at it's beady red eye. She fired and the arrow hit home, sticking itself in the troll's eye, half blinding it. She nocked another arrow and aimed at the same one, taking a second before letting loose the arrow into it's other eye, the troll went into a rage, now blinded because of a couple of arrows.
"One half useless, let's just hope it doesn't find it's sence of smell, or we could use that against it." Sena looked around and asked. "Is that fire ready? It would help." She nocked her bow and aimed it at the blinded troll and fired, catching it's left arm, she hoped that with the arrows in it's eyes it would be able to regain it's sight through it's unearthly abilities.

Commander X
15-07-2005, 15:16
'Uh oh, now dere's more dan mes can count. Dat's no good.'

Orgh looked at the shadows coming towards them, hoping they were just looking bigger from a distance. When he noticed the others were shooting arrows and the like to the Trolls, Orgh picked up a big piece of rock, and hurled it towards the Trolls.

They didn't see that - nor anything else the warband was shooting - coming, and one of them got his straight in the face by it. Orgh smiled as he saw the Troll fall down backwards, but the smile was gone just as fast when the Troll got back up after a few moments.

"Uhm, boss, can wes run from dems?"

15-07-2005, 15:48
Ruben stood in a defensive stance next to Grahams strecher. He would defend his freind with his life. "come on you stupid beasts, Whos first" he insulted the trolls

15-07-2005, 17:00
"Ruben, make a fire or die at the hands of these 'stupid' beasts," Sena snapped, aiming another arrow at the troll she's blinded. She let the arrow fly, and it flew straight into where Sena would of felt pain, it's nose, but the troll was too stupid to care about an arrow in it's nose..

15-07-2005, 17:39
Ruben lit a pile of wood and made a blazing fire, "sena take these" he threw her one of grahams quivers full of arrows soaked in a flamable liquid. In his other hand he grabed a torch and ran towards the nearest troll. Instead of attacking he lt two trees making a burning gate blocking the creature for a while.

Yin - Yang
15-07-2005, 22:15
A sense of dread fell over Thorgi as he saw the trolls closing. "Is this it?" he thought "That nameless death in some forgotten land...that I always knew awaited me....is now the time?" he stared sadly at the ground, lost in thought, despite the oncoming trolls. "I guess I've had a good life...157 years. But Drongi.... he is just a beardling.....a mere 64 years. Now is not his time. He has his life ahead of him.......he could travel the world, have adventures, or run a tavern back home. Whatever he wants....he doesn't deserve to die now." he sighed with the slow deliberation of one who is sure that the time of their death has come....and gripped his axe. Dwarfs have never been ones for dying peacefully...and Thorgi and Drongi were no exception. He hefted his axe and shield, and beside him Drongi lifted his pickaxe. Thorgi turned to his nephew "Drongi......sorry for getting you into all this. The adventuring life was never meant for you. And now it's my fault that you'll die out here with your old uncle...unremembered and forgotten." Drongi looked at Thorgi, his eyes beaming "No need for apologies Uncle.......I followed you this way of my own choice, and don't regret a minute of it" Thorgi smiled "Really? Thats good. Well, now we've got that out the way, time to die.." he said, as only a dwarf could. He turned to the troll, and rasied his axe "You see this axe! Prepare to taste it's metal bite!" he yelled. He began to move slowly forward, Drongi keeping pace beside him "We go soon to meet our ancestors, but we are not afraid! For Grungi! For Valaya! For Grimmner!" Thorgi was running now, with Drongi running beside him, swinging his pick over his head "Khazuk Kazikit-Ha! I'm do not fear death!" he yelled "We will be greeted with honor in the halls of our forefathers!" he turned to face his nephew, one last time "See you on the other side young'un. Lets give 'em hell..."

16-07-2005, 05:54
Benson picked up a torch from the fire that Ruben has made. He could not believe his eyes, trolls are not known to hunt in packs but never the less the trolls are making their way up the hill.

"There must be something co-ordinating their attacks, trolls are not known to be co-operative." Benson said to the group as he looked down the hill for someing commanding the trolls. seeing nothing, he shrudded and made his way towards the troll the dwarfs are running towards.

Captain Marius
16-07-2005, 12:28
With the dwarfs in the lead, the warband began to charge. If they could break through the circle then they might have a chance of escaping the monstrous beasts. Sena was lighting her arrows with the fire, but the damp of the swamp was already causing the flame to dim. Still, the burning arrows were keeping many of the trolls at a safe distance.

The dwarfs slammed into a gruesome troll with the force of two cannonballs, hacking and smashing with unrestrained fury. Withstanding the blows, the troll grabbed Thorgi and leaned over him, its mouth gaping wide. With a bestial roar, Orgh launched himself at the troll, knocking it onto its back.

Sir de la Fleur and his two comrades spurred their steeds and charged towards the blinded troll, impaling it with their lances and hacking it to pieces with savage sword blows. Then the mist thickened and the Bretonnians disappeared.

The Witch Hunter was moving to engage another troll with Oldaur and Benson. He blasted the beast with his pistol as the priest of Morr fearlessly advanced, his bone weapons held ready. Benson was shivering with fear, but supported Oldaur admirably. The troll bellowed as a bullet pierced its leathery gut and a stream of corrosive acid sizzled out. Oldaur and Benson charged even as another troll lurched towards them.

Mei Ling, Akhmed, Sena and Ruben were defending the wounded Graham. Four of the trolls were closing on their position and it was only a matter of moments before the fire went out...

<OK here's the scenario; there is one more troll unaccounted for; they will overwhelm us and force us to flee mmkay>

Yin - Yang
16-07-2005, 13:21
Thorgi launched himself on the fallen troll, axe flashing, teeth bared "Time to die!" he swung his axe at it, causing a deep wound on the fallen beast. It made to stand, throwing Thorgi to the side. An inchoerent growl of rage passed Drongi's lips, and he threw himself fearlessly at the troll, embedding his pick deep in its chest. The troll swung its huge fist at him, but he ducked and swiftly withdrew his pick, before lanching himself in another flurry of frenzied hacking. Thorgi pulled himself up, and charged forward again. He plowed into the beast, this combined with Drongis redoubled offensive putting it off balance. The Dwarfs pressed home the advantage, hacking and slashing in bursts of sheer, unrelenting dwarfen fury. "The hour of death is upon us, but we will not die in vain if at least one of you bastards goes with us!...."

16-07-2005, 13:57
Ruben pointed to the area were there wasnt a troll.
"mabey we can get out of this yet" he shouted as he picked graham up on his back. Ruben reached for a pistol and began blasting chunks out of the dwarve's troll.

Jet Black Mamba
16-07-2005, 20:42
OOC: Hey, as Yin-Yang said I've been away.

Ahkmed's shruikens were wasted as they bounced off of the scales of the currently un-attacked troll which was headed for them.

Mei's lack of experiance was showing as she paniced at the prospect of being surrounded by trolls... Ahkmed spotted this and realised she would be practically useless in a fight right now. And trolls are faster than they look. He turned back to the troll and gripped his scimitar tightly in both hands, before rushing at the huge beast...

Mei streched out an arm to stop him and tried to call out, but no words came, she just stood silent and took a step forward before realising she would not be able to stop him. She looked at the wounded graham in thought... she made a choice....

Ahkmed reached the troll and slashed out at it time and again, his blade biting through the scales in his fury. Yet the cuts sealed into mere scars and faded. Looking down the troll reached out and snatched up Ahkmed only to lose a finger to the man's anger. It roared and dropped him as he fell down and staggered up again, slicing at the monster once more. But it ignored his futile efforts and plucked a fallen tree-trunk from the swamps, swinging it, Ahkmed was cast into shallow water. He dragged himself up again but a mighty foot came down on his back and forced him down again...

Mei sheathed the sword and turned... running past one of the heavily occupied trolls and out into the fog....

OOC: Mei is still a bit bruised from being knocked out, but nothing serious. Ahkmed was already damaged and is now being beaten-up.....

17-07-2005, 08:36
Benson charged the troll before him, holding the torch in from of him in an attempt to ward the troll away from him. As the troll swung its huge clawed hand at the torch, Benson took the chance and smashed his mace into the beast's hand. He felt the impact with satisfaction as the troll howled out in pain. However the damage was not permanent as the claw began to twist back into shape and the bones rejoined.

Cursing, Benson jumped back as the troll swung back to repay him for the injuries. Although the troll is still a fearsome opponent, Benson was more concerned with avoiding the next blow to think about running away. As Oldaur moved in to attack, Benson took the oppertunity to sneak an attack with his torch on the troll's back. Flesh sizzeled as the troll grunted and turned to deal with Benson. Looking at the burnt out torch, Benson threw the strick at the monster as he moved back while keeping his eyes on the beast.

17-07-2005, 09:24
Oldaur was striking at the troll every time its attention turned to Benson cutting deep into the trolls lower back and tearing it. Many of the wounds regenerated, but the deepest ones bled, As the Troll turned its attention to Oldaur he threw both his pickaxes at the troll, one bouncing off the Trolls thick belly and the other embedding itself deep into its chest, the troll let out a yell as Oldaur dodged a thunderous blow from the troll and collected his axe and drew his scythe, his hands still in pain from the flames from his last battle, he dragged his scythe behind him running as fast as he could stabbing his second pickaxe into the trolls hand then using both his hands to drag the heavy scythe as fast as he could heading straight towards the troll

He suddenly stopped in front of the troll as Benson attacked the troll with fire from behind again, Oldaur swung his scythe as hard as could it it sliced straight through the Trolls Ankle brining it to the ground as it fell the Troll knocked Oldaur off his feet and into the mist

<OOC: Oldaur has been knocked into the mist, he will probably be back but the rest of the troll is probably up to Benson>

17-07-2005, 10:54
Ruben droped the usless, powderless pistol in his hand. He placed Graham down.
"okay mate, trolls are closing in" ruben pressed a pistol into grahams hand. "just incase i dont get back. Ruben smiled and then drew his sword and charged one of the trolls..

Commander X
17-07-2005, 11:11
Orgh was suprised to see he had knocked the big thing over, and even more suprised how hard those little men could hit it. He stepped a bit backwards, tripping over a big branch while doing so.

He got up, several broozes on his back from where he had fallen on rocks. Seeing one of the Trolls knocking away Oldaur, he got angry.

"You's not 'urting friendly humie, me'll get yous!"

Furious, he stomped up to the Troll...

<Feel free to do as you see fit with this Shuya/Essia>

Captain Marius
17-07-2005, 11:33
The situation was untenable. The Witch Hunter saw one of the trolls reach down and pull Akhmed's crushed body from the mire, before ripping the Arabian in two and turning its attention on the others once again. There was no way they could prevail against such foes, but no way to escape from them now. The Witch Hunter considered slipping away unnoticed, but doubted he would make it far alone. With barely suppressed rage, he impaled a troll on his broadsword, withdrawing the weapon in a stream of guts and ichor. The troll screeched but did not seem overly concerned.

The warband was being driven back into a small circle. The trolls advanced menacingly, their red eyes glinting with bestial cunning. Thorgi and Drongi stood before the Witch Hunter, ready to sell their lives to protect their employer.

Suddenly the entire area began to bubble and writhe as the mud and reeds swirled beneath their feet. "Sigmar's Teeth, what now?" the Witch Hunter scowled, staggering as he tried to keep his footing.

Ruben tripped and fell to his knees. Looking into the mud as he pulled himself up, he saw two glowing yellow orbs, like the eyes from his nightmare. With a shout he turned and fled back to where Graham was sitting.

The foul stench of rotting vegetation became unbearable and Benson vomited uncontrollably. Abruptly, huge masses of plant matter and mud coalesced from the fen and stood in between the warband and the trolls. The fen-beasts were built like Orgh, but constantly writhed as they drew form from the swamp. The largest of the beasts gave a high-pitched ululating scream and then the creatures charged the trolls, slamming into them with massive force.

From nowhere Sir de la Fleur and his two comrades appeared. "Come on, we must leave zis place immediately!" he shouted. The warband, battered and demoralised, fled through the swamp. They could still hear the unearthly cries of the fen-beasts and the bestial hollers of the trolls after a mile...

<OK we're running away from the fight, you're exhausted and possibly wounded; we'll all need to help each other if we're going to make it. We'll be out of the swamp soon :)>

17-07-2005, 11:34
ruben blocked the trolls hand with his sword. "come on you b*****, you can do better than this" the troll proceeded to push him to the ground and lifted its hand for the final blow...

17-07-2005, 14:21
Sena fired another arrow at a troll, then noticing Ruben under attack, she fired an arrow into the troll's face, it snorted in pain, and the Elf ran towards the human, another arrow fired at the troll saw it snort in pain and dive at her, Sena was barely quick enough to roll to the side and carry on towards Ruben, pick him up and sling him over her shoulders.
"Asuryan damn you human, can't you weigh less?!" She cursed him.

17-07-2005, 16:28
"thanks, ill be okay" ruben was stubborn as always and insisted on staying in the fight.
"okay human, but stay close to me" Sena alowed him to carry on. He rolled under the trolls legs and hacked behind its knees in a waek area. It fell on its back and ruben hacked at its neck. "sena, fire" he roared.