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the godfather
26-10-2010, 10:02

Archmage / level 4
Tailsment of presvation / sliver wand 315pts


Noble / Dragon armour / shield / Great weapon
Reaver bow / Tailsment of protection / Great eagle 201pts


30 sea guard / Banner / musiacn / warbanner 400pts

10 Archers / musican 115pts


14 Swordmasters 210pts

14 swordmasters / full command 240pts

14 swordmasters / full command 240pts

5 Ellyrain reavers/ swap spears for bows 95pts

5 Ellyrain reavers/ swap spears for bows 95pts

5 Ellyrain reavers/ swap spears for bows 95pts

Pointy Headed Elven Paladin
26-10-2010, 11:57
Hmm... couple of things. While I like the amount of MSUs you're fielding (there will some trouble with targe allocation for any army without many shooting units) I think the points for the command sections for the SMs might be wasted points since none of the units have depth. I would use those points to by a full command for the archers and used the rest of the points to buff up the Archmage. Also consider maybe trading in a unit of reavers to get 2 Eagles to help with War Machine / Mage hunting duties. I hope that helps.

26-10-2010, 14:31
Can't say I'm wild about the list. Your Archmage looks like a half build, granted he's cheaper but seriously the Talisman and not the Robe? You'd be better off dropping the talisman and looking for another item to give him, maybe a +4 ward?

Your chicken noble isn't that great either, to truly pull it off you need a prince with the Bow of the Seafarer, and he's squishy too. But this guy is still ok if you're careful not to make him throw away points.

I'd rather see BoEF on the seaguard, makes for some good synergy what with all your missile troops.

I'd probably make 2 units of 21 SM's and use the extra points to pimp out your mage.

You could probably do just as well with 2 Reaver units, and buy a RBT with the extra points to enhance shooting, or a chariot.