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26-10-2010, 20:54
I played this list against a shooty dwarf list and it fared pretty well. I got lucky on some misfore rolls by the opponent. I like the Skink Skirmishers. Thier goal is to slow my opponent for 1 turn. Being able to march and shoot solved a lot of problems I used to have with them in 7th. They also take up very few points.

Lord: 445 points
Slann (Focus of Mystery, The Focused Rumination, Higher State of Conciousness, Cupped hands of the Old Ones, BSB) Lore of Life

Hero: 440 points
Skink Priest with Ancient Segadon (Level II, Feedback Scroll)

Hero: 100 points
Skink Priest (Level II)

Hero: 101 points
Saurus Scar Vet (Light Armor, Great Weapon, Enchanted Shield)

Core: 270
Saurus Warriors 20 (Full Command, Spears)

Core: 270
Saurus Warriors 20 (Full Command, Spears)

Core: 250
Saurus Warriors 19 (Full Command)

Core : 190
Skink Warriors w/ 2 Kroxigors 16

Core: 84
Skink Skirmishers 12 (Blowpipes)

Core: 84
Skink Skirmishers 12 (Blowpipes)

Special: 360
Temple Guard 20 (Full Command, Ironcurse Icon)

Special: 100
Terradon Riders 3 (Brave)

Special: 72
Chameleon Skinks 6

Rare: 225
Salamander Hunting Pack 3

I think I can afford to drop the Skink Priest that is running without the Steg. I feel like I'd never cast anything with him because the Slann and the other Priest would use all the Power Dice first. Any feedback would be appreciated.