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26-10-2010, 22:31
Looking for feedback on the list. KoS, Masque, and Banner mess with enemy leadership while the khorne elements kill as much as they can. Heralds sit in horror units for channeling and to be bubble wounds while casting their buff spells - and fiends and furies disrupt the enemy.

Keeper of Secrets
Lvl 3, Siren Song, Torment Blade

Herald of Tzeentch
MoS - Life

Herald of Tzeentch
MoS - Light

Herald of Khorne
Armor of Khorne, BSB, Banner of Despair


30x, Full Command

10x, Champion

10x, Champion




6x, Full Command, Icon of Endless War

Comments appreciated, thanks!

26-10-2010, 22:51
I'd give the herald with lore of light, lore of death instead. I think you'd be better off that way.

I don't really like bloodcrushers. I'd take a couple of more units of blood letters to use as a flanking force. And then add some flamers to give you a shooting option.

But in general the whole - leadership thing should work well.

27-10-2010, 03:15
I'm curious why you think I should do the lore swap. Yes death gives some nice character sniping abilities and purple sun ... but the only spell that "fits" with the theme of my army is the -3 ld spell. Light on the other hand gives me an anti-shooting bubble, and I can boost the CC units with a cheap +initiative spell or go total time warp and make them into frenzied killers.

As for the bloodcrushers, I need to test them still - but I was running seekers and flamers instead but I found them to be over hyped and/or too fragile. Beyond that, however, the main problem was nothing was pulling fire/attention away from the KoS, and I want to test bloodcrushers to serve that roll (and be a mow down unit too obviously). Compared to bloodthirsters, I'm paying about 17 points per attack versus the 12 points, but I'm gaining a 4+ armor save, +1 toughness, +1 strength, and gaining thunderstomp. I think it is worth it on paper at least.

27-10-2010, 11:13
First thing that draws my attention is magic in this list. There is just too much of it. Even with good winds of 8+ you will likely be able to cast only 3-4 spells and that will leave most of your casters useless for most of time. I would suggest to drop horrors or atleast combine them to a big unit. Heralds will usually do just fine by followind big letter unit and taking look out sir cover from them. Your Ld bombing strategy can be totally countered with lore of life spell Light of battle lvl2. After that your masque, banner and KoS are pretty useless with their abilities. Ofcourse not all armies use that lore, but here it is gaining lots of popularity and fast.

Neither of your Tzeentch heralds have spellbreaker, so I suggest to get atleast one. For 25pts it pretty much always saves more points than it costs. I suppose you are aiming to heal your KoS and juggers with life, but I would still change it to metal lore. I have seen daemon armies with light and metal do really good work together. Signature spell can oneshot hydras, dragons, stanks and seriously damage knight units that would otherwise be problem for many daemons. Ofcourse you will miss Flesh to stone and heals that way, but so far I have counted on Light lore for buffs and it has been good enough.

Fighting troops look good with furies and fiends to pick warmachines and solo wizards etc. Jugger unit is also quite solid choise but on core choises Bloodletters instead of horrors would be more reliable. Horror units of 10 cannot defeat anything in combat and will likely melt away even if charget by goblins. Support unit of 20 bloodletters to protect some flanks will likely inflict some damage and even win combats. It is also easier to buff them with lore of light there is less troops running around.

27-10-2010, 17:43
The horrors are there for bubble wounds and channeling to get more dice, not to actually cast spells. I only plan on casting 3-4 spells a turn and I'm totally fine with that. We'll see if the protection is unnecessary, and if so I will switch them to more bloodletters or to daemonettes.

And one herald does have a spellbreaker, that was a goof on my part for leaving that out.

As for the Ld-Bomb - no one in my area takes light, mainly because we have a ton of skaven, chaos, and VC players who can't. I'll keep that in mind though in case the meta changes.