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27-10-2010, 14:41
Empire Vs Dark Elves 2,500 Points

This is my first battle report after starting to play Warhammer again after a break of several years when the new edition was recently released. This is about my tenth game and so far have I played High Elves, VC & Skaven.

Scenery: (from top down view point) Two forests running down the left hand side of the board, a shrine building just left of centre, an impassable walled graveyard centre, small shrine enclosed with fences top right and hill on bottom right

Empire Army List:

Arch Lector on War Alter with Speculum, ASF Sword & Armour of Meteoric Iron
Lvl 4 Wizard (Lore of Life) with Rod of Power

Captain BSB with Griffon Standard
Warrior Priest with Great Weapon and Heavy Armour

25 Swordsmen (Full Command) with 10 Handgunner Detachment (BSB here)
20 Swordsmen (FC) (Wizard here)
20 Flagellants with Prophet

20 Greatswords (FC) with 10 Handgunner Detachment (Warrior Priest here)
7 Outriders with Musician & Outrider with Repeater Pistol

Hellstorm Rocket
Steam Tank

Dark Elf Army List: (Apologies, but I’m not sure the exact names of some of the magic items only their more obvious effects!)

Dreadlord on Black Dragon with Pendant of Khaeleth, Killing Blow Lance & Crown of Command
Death Hag BSB with Altar of Khaine
Lvl 2 Sorceress (Reroll 1 round of shooting magic item)

40 Dark Elf Spearmen (FC)
20 Dark Elf Crossbowmen (Sorceress here)

15 Blackguard (FC)
10 Cold One Knights (FC)
5 Dark Riders

War Hydra
War Hydra


My Empire army deployed along the bottom edge L-R as follows:

Pistolliers/Flag/Handgunners/25 Swords/Gswords/Handgunners/Artillery/Stank
Arch Lector/20 Swords/ Engineer

The Dark Elves deployed along the top edge L-R as follows:

Deathhag BSB
Knights/BlackGuard/Spears/Dragon/Hydra/Dark Riders/Crossbows/Hydra

Turn 1: Dark Elves go first and the Dark Riders with the help of their Vanguard mover park themselves an inch away from the Artillery on the hill. The far right Hydra moves directly forwards along with the Dragon towards my right hand flank and the Steam Tank. Everything else moves directly forwards so that our respective infantry blocks are facing off, the 2nd Hydra is lurking menacingly in front of my cannons and the Cold Ones are in a position to maybe charge the Flagellants in Turn 2. My opponent rolls a double 1 for the winds of magic so not much happens here. The Crossbowmen and Dark Riders unleash Repeater Crossbow death at the Artillery on the hill causing… 1 wound!

Empire turn and the Pistolliers march round the shrine which means there are now behind the Cold One Knights… The left most handgunners shuffle forwards to threaten flank charges against the BlackGuard if they engage the larger Swordsmen… This also means there is now a channel for the War Altar to move through in later turns…The only other movement is a charge on the right handflank from the Steam Tank into the Dragon mounted Dark Elf general… The winds of magic blow weakly again (rolled a 4) so not much happens… in the shooting phase I realise I have to clear out the Dark Riders or my artillery are all going to die – The right hand detachment of hand gunners take down 2 and a grapeshot from the cannon kills the remaining 3… Both the mortar and the Hellstorm target the juicy looking unit of Spearmen but scatter and miss… On the far lefthand flank the sneaky Pistolliers unleash a fusilade of hot lead into the rear of the knights killing 3! The Steamtank grinds into the Black Dragon knocking it down to 2 wounds – the return attacks knock off 2 wounds from the Tank…a small win for the tank but the Dreadlord with the Crown is going nowhere…

Turn 2: Dark Elves surge forwards – however the Cold Ones fail their charge against the Flagellants leaving them stranded in no mans land, the two blocks of Dark Elf infantry park themselves in front of the Empire lines and dare them to do their worst. The 2nd Hydra rampages onto the hill and attacks the Hellstorm. The Hydra on the far right charges into the flank of the STank to help out the General. Dark Elf magic is all dispelled thanks to the extra dispel dice provided by my Priests and there is not much shooting as the Crossbowmen’s line of sight is effectively blocked by the Dragon/Hydra/Stank combat in front of them. The Dreadlord is left frustrated as his blows ring ineffectually off the sturdy hull of the Steam Tank, the Dragon fluffs his attacks and only inflicts 1 wound and the Hydra and Handlers fare no better than the General – meanwhile safe inside the iron hull of the Tank the Engineer feverishly piles more coal into the boiler in anticipation of some RnB style ‘Grinding’ in the Empire combat phase!

The Empire turn begins with a multitude of charges – Flagellants into the Knights, Lector into the Black Guard with a flank charge from the Handgunners to help out plus the Greatswords pile into the Spearmen. In the magic phase I cast Flesh to Stone on the Greatswords (a recurring theme for the rest of the game). In the shooting phase my Mortar crew high tail it back down the hill so the Cannon can pivot to face the angry War Hydra who is picking bits of Hellstorm Rocket out of his teeth next to them… a low guess followed by low rolling on the first artillery dice succeeds in smacking the Hydra in the face. Sadly it makes its regen save and we’ll never know if I would have rolled high enough on wounds to kill it in 1 shot *sigh*. In Close combat I martyr the full 3 Flagellants who proceed to mince their way through most of the Knights causing them to flee past the surprised Pistolliers. The Arch Lector challenges the BlackGuard champion who accepts (I giggle slightly at this point)..My opponent soon realises the follly of his decision as the Speculum is revealed and the champion is hacked to bits, meanwhile the flanking handgunners avoid the worst of the swinging halberds and manage to bring down a couple of enemy rank and file. Next to them the spear armed elves thwack away against the Stony Fleshed Greatswords with little success only to be badly mauled by the avalanche of Str 5 rerolling misses (Hatred thanks to the Priest) attacks back, but steadfast as they are, they go nowhere – although need the BSB reroll as the roll 11 on their first break test! Elsewhere the STank rolls over the Dragon leaving the Dreadlord on foot and appears utterly immune to any of the return attacks from the Lord and Hydra – Mwhah ha!!!

Turn 3: The Cold Ones rally, The unengaged Hydra charges the cannon crew and the Crossbowmen reposition to fire at the Pistolliers lurking near the rear of the Dark Elf lines… Magic phase is a wash out for the Dark Elves again & the crossbowmen shooting is poor and the Pistolliers are unharmed…In the combat phase the Lector continues to grind down the BlackGuard who inflict a couple of wounds but still lose combat… The Spearmen/GreatSword combat continues much as the previous turn with the elves unable to wound and the Greatswords hacking down vast swathes of Elves but still remain steadfast. The Hydra on the hill minces the Cannon crew and overruns into the unengaged Handgunners who hold!.. The Hydra still engaged with the STank fares less well as it and the Dreadlord once again failed to inflict any wounds…

In my phase the Flagellants charge into the recently rallied Knights and I somewhat foolhardily charge the Pistoliers into the Deathhag and her attendants with the Altat of Khaine – Theres only 3 of them right??!! The two big blocks of Swordsmen reposition to receive the Hydra’s charge once it inevitably goes through the plucky Handgunners next turn. I attempt to cast Flesh To Stone on the Greatswords with 2 dice and roll double 6 *Gulp*… The miscast is not that bad though and I lose a magic level. The Flagellants wipe out the Knights, The Pistoliers get thrashed by the Deathhag (I Hate poison atacks!) but make good their escape – well the ones left alive anyway and the STank wins combat against the Dreadlord/Hydra, the Dreadlord passes his break test but the Hydra (on an 11) does not and flees off the table! Elsewhere the Lector has almost finished off the BlackGuard with the help of the Handgunners and the Greatswords have another turn of mincing Spear Elves who again remain in combat thanks to Steadfast, but their numbers have been thinned to the point that it will probably not apply next turn…

At this point we had to call time on our game and looking with a dispassionate eye it was clear the Empire had the upper hand. The BlackGuard and Spear Elves would have been done for in the next turn, I was confident that combat res (ranks, banner BSB Griffon standard, flank, etc…) would win the day between the Hydra and the 2 swordsmen blocks and the STank would have eventually got the Dreadlord, that would have left only the DeathHag, Sorceress and Crossbowmen against a pretty much intact (minus artillery) Empire army…Victory was mine!

I learnt a lot from this game, in particular bunching my units together to ensure the Lectors inspiring presence, the BSB re-rolls and buffs from my Wizard were able to effect as many units as possible worked very well.


27-10-2010, 15:46
Thanks for the report and congratulations on the win.
I think your opponent might not have been very experienced due to the fact that he has 2 of his hard hitters tied up against a stank. Not taking a better magic defense might have been his first mistake though. You picked the right fights and deserved the win. Double hydras are a mean choice. I play DE myself and never take any. The army has more than enough power and flexibility without monsters.
Keep up the good work, I love reading battle reports.

27-10-2010, 17:22
That steam tank clearly won you that battle.

Silly of him to give you a clear charge, but then again I guess he was stubbon and didn't want to take a cannon shot.

Thanks for the report.