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27-10-2010, 17:24
We're starting an little league Here in southern Ohio. Pretty much all armies are there,(including tons of dwarf players! I broke out the the Ole tomb kings and with some conversions (most still in the works) They were reborn into well dressed dancing undead. For those who don't know what a jazz funeral is, think of the James bond movie "Live and let die". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bdohpu1ZRA

Battle 1 "The day nothing happened at all."

Battle one VC vs Chaos trolls 1000 points

Voodoo Man lvl 3

Larnisa lvl 1 summon skeletons

The Widow lvl 1 mount flaming lance

10 ghouls plus ghast

20 skeletons full command

4 blood knights flaming banner

Chaos trolls

S.lord with lore of Shadows lvl3


2 units of 5 or so trolls

big unit of hounds

Tzeench war shrine

We rolled every Blessed structure in the book, it ended up looking like we were fighting in the Pope's bed room.

We got the odd deployment meaning we had a long way to go to get to each other. That gave me a "Idea". I could back up Make him trec through all thay holy goodness stay out of range of his shadow spells, (a spell that I think is vastly over rated). Let stupidity take it's toll and crush his army in little waves.

We set up across from each other and I see I am out deployed and out gunned by his , way to many points on vampires. Stupid keeping to my fluff.

Turn 1
He moves up. I move back and reposition the Lords counter each other's magic, but I raise some skeletons.

Turn 2 see turn 1

Turn 3 see turn 2

Turn 4
He gets a sniping spell off on my summon vampire but fails to do any damage
and gets withering off on my ghouls

In my turn I get a curse of years on his trolls and a gaze off as well for like 1 wound overall.

Turn 5 see turn 3

Turn 6 Well my plans worked to good! he has been failing so many stupidity rolls his army caught back up with itself. No matter it's the last turn of the game, My turn and it's time to finish this. My skeletons make a long bomb charge into the warshrine, and the blood knights do as well. Did you know those things have a 3+ armor and a 4+ ward with the mark of Tzeench? I bounce off of it, but beat it because my skeletons are a huge unit and i have a flank. It breaks and the blood knights chase it down.

So there you have it. a battle between VC and Chaos where nothing died in close combat.

It felt like a dirty win, but my units couldn't go toe to toe with his and the game became one of who was the master of magic between our lords. The magic phase became a game unto itself as the vampire lord and Blessed of chaos struggled to turn the winds of magic against their foe.

The next battle was with OnG I can promise you more blood knights less vampires Black knights, and a epic brawl with so many units and leaders in one combat we didn't know what to do!

27-10-2010, 17:29
Don't feel dirty about that win, you did what you had to do.

It was boring, but also tactical.

I also agree that shadow sniping spells are lame, especially against armies like VC and TK.

28-10-2010, 17:01
On to battle 2.

After leading his prosession through the holy ground, defiling it along the way. The Shadow man set his sights on the Badlands. The spirits of that land were strong and ste power was needed to bring the everlasting night of undead he Visioned. The Orcs in the badlands had other ideas.....

Battle 2 "Jobs a gud un!"


Ork big boss with the wep of +1 to most stats
Ork boss
Lvl 2 orc sham
Lvl 2 gobbo sham

40 orc boys with sword and board

Huge gobbo unit with 3 fanatics in horde

just as huge squig herd

6 river trolls

2 rock lobbas

2 spear chukkas

a doom diver


Lord with lore of beasts and ether-real

vampire with magic shield and the Black pira...something or another(store one dd or PP)

necromancer with channaling rod.

10 ghouls including ghast

25 unit of skeletons

10 black knights

10 Blood knights banner of flaming attacks

I felt really good about this battle. People don't take calvary anymore and when they do they think that they will break and die first turn. I've learned that they can still be just as awesome as before if used right.

The only terrain that was used this battle was a hill that gave flaming attacks

Set up was as follows trolls on my far left orcs beside them (with the Orc charators in the unit) and gobbo +squig herd on my right with the war machines in the back.

On my left was the blood knights, across from the trolls, the ghouls facing the orcs the skeletons angled to my right facing the gobbos and the black knights faking a angle on the gobbos or squig herd.

Turn one.

Well I had to line my blood knights up in 2 ranks 4 in first rank and 2 in second, because of some trees, this is important later on. I start things off by moving forward, for got about marching, stupid tomb kings. The winds of magic sucked, just 2 dice so that ended my turn.

The orcs moved up as orcs do. and shot both ork and gobbo magic missiles Ork mage mis casts and takes a wound) into my black knights, 1 fell. spear chukkas missed and would all game. rock lobbas blasted some skeletons to bits.

Turn 2 Blood knights decalre a charge to the front of the orcs. And the black knights march right through thehill to get close to the orc unit flanks, surprising my foe completely (forgot about ether real movement). I then get the +toughness beast spell off on the black knights and danse them into the orc flank. Combat is rough with me losing one Black knight and 9 orks being lanced and kicked to death. The Huge ork warboss yells to hold and th orks do. Not what I wanted.

The gobbos and suigs are now caught off in nowhere. and the left flank of the orcs is in dangqer. The trolls ain't taking that crap though and slam into the flank of the blood knights. The Orc mage gets the strike first re roll miss hits spell off but kills himself with another miscast. On to the horrible messy combat. The huge trolls waded into the fray and vomited on the blood knights causing 1 wound. The Blood knights on the side, and one who was in the second rank (good random luck there) turned face this new threat.

The 2 blood knights who could raced into the troll ranks ducking the acidic vomit that melted a third who was following behind, and each took an limb off of the lead troll as they rode by. Almost like puppets on a string they turned around in unison they cross paths and raced back beheading the beast. The one troll with wits enought to block them got a knightmare hoof for his troubles.
The Orcs, loving the battle, and the fact the Shaman had splattered his own brains everywhere, attacked with new vigor, yet another black knight fell, as did a blood knight. The Orc warboss having uppercutted the nightmare so violently it's head slammed into that of the rider killing them both in a manner most pleasing to the orks The black knights and blood knights rode rod shod through the ranks of the orc mob sything down green skins left and right seven of the orcs were beheaded by wight blades or simple drained of blood by the blood knights but still they held, enjoying the fight of thier life!

Turn 3
My remaining army moves up with the Necro joining the ghouls and Vampires joining the skeletons who were badly depleted by rock lobba fire at this point. The necromancers 1 dices IoN and gets my bloodknights back up to starting numbers. the rest of my dice go into the transfomation and the Shadow Man's shadow becomes that of a Dragon! The combat still rages on. But now the Numbers start to tell.
The Knights, both blood and black push into the orcs, who refuse to give one inch of ground to the undead, the trolls to lift smooth river rock to try and dismount the armored calvary. They were just to slow, and too few. The knights had already don their gruesom work before the Green skins could lift sword shield of club. The ork having lost 32 of thier number only 8 stood to strike back defiant to the last theOrc warboss ran at the blood knights alone, leaping into the air and clothslining the two knights in the back, crushing their necks in twin headlocks.
Not even that feat could raise the spirits of the orc boys who broke and were scattered by the Black knights. The trolls also had enough fleeing the battle with the blood knights hot on the trail. The Angry defeated warboss yelled for them to get back in the fight, but had to settle for to shiny new pointy skulls and he stomped off.

And that was pretty much that. my dragon and black knights slammed into the gobbos in the last turn, and for the most part fluffed, but still won combat to end the game.

I love raisable calvary and they are fast enough to hit before the big spells go off. Even more so when you can move through hills and danse into combat.

Calvary isn't dead....just undead!

28-10-2010, 18:58
Calvary isn't dead, but the idea that five knights are going to crush a large block is.

Bloodknights are certainly killy enough to be worth it, and when they are raised it can be very tough to finish them off.

01-11-2010, 19:24
Tzeench , looked down on the mortal world and was pleased..well mostly at least. Chaos warriors were sweeping away the kingoms of man elf dwarf and orc, and his daemons swept to and fro, leaking change where ever they went.How dare then a meddlesome Vampire attempt his own claim on the mortal world rallying his brothers Khorne an Slanneesh all three gods turned balesful eyes and massive armies on the upstart.

Battle 3 "From bad to worse"

Things started out bad for me not being able to make it to the mighty Empires games for 2 weeks, after starting it 2 weeks late. I moved back up to Ohio from Georgia and my sister inlaw delights in planning stuff on Saturday. knowing that's my gaming day. Well today I got to get there after things had kicked off and the people who were there were either paired off or not playing. I Challanged to OnG player to get a rematch but he had to go I then threw the gauntlet at the store owner, who was teasing me. His daemons were in second place, first belonging to the WoC Marauder hordes of khorne. I was in deep doo doo.

He spent gold to up his army by 250 points, I had to get all my gold to reach 110 points, so 140 more points of daemons, yay.

All I had was a manfred the acolyte on a abyssal horror, (vampire riding a bone giant) conversion. to add to my list seeing as non of my ether real units do squat against daemons. The store owner is a vet fantasy gamer out to prove that horde daemons can win.

VC army

Shadow man lvl 2 Lore of beast, roll more attacks for every hit.

Manfred the acolyte on abyssal horror

30 skeletons

10 ghouls

9 black knights

6 blood knights flaming banner


lvl 2 tzeench herald lore of life

lvl 2 tzeench herald lore of beast

20 daemonettes

20 daemonettes

15 blood letters

10 unit of horrors

10 unit of horrors

5 seekers

5 seeker

3 blood crushers

as you can see I'm out manned again, but I'm sure I can, pick his army apart by flying up a flank with all my heavy hitters and rolling it up before the big blocks can reform. Then we rolled watch tower. Great now it's a slugging match, with the tower as a focal point......

The only terrain that really matter was an arcane building that let him channel more dice at the risk of a mis-cast. and stupid quicksand.

I put my ghouls in the building (because what else were they gonna do?) and lined up with knights supporting each flank, skeletons holding the mid and the Heroes behind them. The deamons lined everything up to swamp the tower, with the seekers set to get into my right flank. I had set up in a kind of bowed line to make flanking me harder.

Turn one everything moves up, The black knights move up to the quicksand on my right, the seekers would have to go through it to get them. The lord
backed them up to secure that flank, Manfred flew over there to lure more forces to that side (didn't work.) magic was a noshow with 3 die total when i needed so much more.

The daemons move in for the kill, blood crushers angling up for the blood knights. bloodletters charging the tower and seekers charging the black knights, runnig right over the quick sand, it was I test and the other seekers hitting the black knights in the flank. Magic was good to the daemons
giving them 8 to my 4 dispel and the got a channel in too. I did what i could but some buff spells got through I stopped throne and beast buff spell.

The blood letters failed the charge and the Black knights clung to unlife facing the seekers.

Turn two

Daemones were swarming the tower, and I had to act and fast Manfred flew over to the left unit of horrors to dance his way into combat, the skeletons got ready to take a damonette charge and the blood knights charged the blood crushers. Magic sees my lord turn into a Mountain chimera but miscasting to drain all the dice Manfred needed to get a danse off, Uh oh!
The blood knights clean house but my plan of killing the herald with Manfred, while flanked by blood knights crumble like a pile of beaten zombies!

In the daemon turn the blood letters charge Manfred and the Black knights die, damonettes charge my skeletons who somehow win combat, Thew ghouls are slain by another units of daemonetts who move into the tower. AN Angry Chimera stops anything from over running my flank. Manfred wins combat with his Abyssal horror and reforms . I managed to keep the daemon magic in check this turn.

Turn 3. Well my plan went to hell but I'm holding and won as many combats as I lost. The magic dice for me are still very low so I get off a curse of years IoN and danse off. I learn that daemon dispel scrolls arn't I per army and only IoN gets through. he dumps all his dispel die into my Lord returning him into a petty vampire. Skeletons win combat again, Lucky on my parry saves and unlucky on his ward saves, worse still manfred is killed this turn in combat, although there are only about 8 blood letters left.
the blood knights kill the left unit of horrors and a make a choice to not go after the other unit and angle for the tower.

The winds blow strong for the daemons and a buffed unit of seekers slams into my lord. The daemonettes fighting my skeletons are buffed but still lose to the skeletons, although both their numbers are low at this point. The vampire lord come out of the fight with the seekers bloody but victorious with one wound left.

Turn 4. My lord has a choice return himself into a chimera and risk dieing to a mis-cast or heal up and take on the second unit of seekers. I heal up and get my transformation countered, and fail the charge. the blood knight move into position to take the tower. They ran off the to the wild yonder after busting up the horrors, stupid frenzy. The blood letters finish off the abyssal horror and reform.

The daemons are closing in and I'm down to just 3 units. Magig is kind to the daemons yet again and I barely manage to counter everything leaving hiom with just 1 dice left. the horror unit casts flickering fire. 6 str 7 hits later my lord is toast Bloodletters move to block the bloodknights.

Turn 5 well the lord is dead and my skeletons won't last long but the 5 remaining bloodletters are my key to victory or a least a draw I think. I blast through the Letters and slam into the tower. But turns out you can over run into the tower so instead of going on a killing spree into the tower and back of the daemonettes fighting my skeletons I stop right at the building, the skeletons are wiped out without the help.

Daemons. free of my lord the Herald casts the big buffing spells on the daemonettes they slam into my Bloodknights and win through combat res. 3 knights crumble.

Turn 5 I reform kill some more daemonetts and crumble away.

Winner Daemons of Chaos.

What went right Skeletons are awesome Blood knights wreak camp as usual.

What went wrong. Should have buffed the ghouls, not left the lord in the hands of fate, Magic phases, not knowing You can't over run into towers, Mis cast and going for the tower when I could have went after the last unit of horrors. Pretty much everything

At least I gave a good showing, and I hope a good read.

Daemons cavorted amongst the corpses of the dead. When their time on the mortal realm was done they faded. The Shadow man slowly opened an eye. Good thing nobody brought a stake or tried to behead him, he though. With a long sigh he set about re raising his entire army from it's shattered remains humming a happy work man's tune

03-11-2010, 20:11
It had seems thing were going so well, His, Armies of the dead shattering both the chaotic trolls and orc hordes of the Badlands. Darkness had desended with his every victory and the Shadow Man had seen his vengence and rightful rulership of fulfilled. The daemons of chaos however had not forgotten his incursion into thier realm to reclaim a lost soul, that of his wife and unborn child. It all came flooding back to him as his form flickered about the ruined tower the shattered remains of his army lay scattered. Once he had been a knight, a knight of the realm. Bound by honor to marry a countess of a rival house.
That had all changed one night while questing for the lady herself. He had met and fallen madly in love with a wood elf girl, and although she would never talk about her past he cared for her deeply. Slighted by this, the other house declared a dept of honor be paid on the jousting field. It didn't take long for the Shadow man, Then named Sir Keitto to prove the master of the field with lance and sword. Non are sure jus how it happened for the jousting match between Sir Keitto and the lord of the other house to turn into a deadly brawl then bloody battle that ended in a long seige. A siege that ended with the other knights joining against him and sacking his castle slaying both his father and bride, who was heavy with child. Broken, maddened by grief, and landless he rode north into the very realm of chaos itself, most said to reclaim his honor in glorious death. No one not even the Shadow Man himself, knows all the horrors faces in that realm of terror, but years later he rode south, with his bride riding behind him.

Cursed beyond all understanding, the newly united couple swept through the lands of the wood elves, their every victory bringing a shadowy twilight that never lifted and a cold wind that always blew. After carving out land from the wood elves bolstered by the growing ranks of the dead, they assaulted the lands of his home Brittonia itself. After reclaiming his "Shattered Keep" and wreaking untold havoc, The shadow man was caught and defeated my both Grail knights and a warhost of wrathful Wood elves. Driven once again from his home, Shadow man had forsook his name and vowed to cover the world in a never ending night, and once and for all wipe the wood elves and knights from the land....

03-11-2010, 20:42
He had to remember, how, how did it feel to be alive, to be a knight. His form shifted and strained under the strain, he lashed about raging dark magic and raw power wildly contorting his form into random shapes of things that did, and did not exist. "Let me help you my love" It was her His wife Isoleal. and she was again his salvation. "Hold still before you tear yourself apart" she said sternly. Her dark almond shaped eyes held his red rimmed stare. "I remember you" A big mess of curly hair" "oh and the bronze skin of the desert folk armored with dark plate, and a angry warhorse that nipped me when ever I got close to you."
"I....I had a lance and a sword, I think?"
"Yes my dear, and a dashing smile as well" She flitted over to him carresing the shadows changing, shaping and moulding. "There, that's you, remember?" The shadow man looked at himself in one of the huge mirrors his wife had hung up down the long hall of his keep. He called it vanity hall. but not when she was around, some things can be worse than death..or undeath. "I remember now, yes I remember!"
As the memories came flooding back, his form solidified. Armor shaped shadows hardened into midnight steel. A huge black sword made of nightmare formed in his hand, a grinning skull shield slung itself over his back. "Don't forget the helm" Isoleal giggled " A knight can't go without that." She groped in the darkness surrounding them shaping a dragon shaped helm then flung it aside. "Never mind that I want to see your face." When the shaping was finally done, she bowed before him. "My lord, where shall we go now?"
"Where else my dear lady? We will go to Brittonia."
"We will go home"

19-11-2010, 05:50
Nice job! :)

Aha! I see some nice fluffy story forming now - just like the Shadow Man himself. Is Isoleal the wood elf girl? (just checking, couldn't quite follow that bit)

If Shadow Man is on his way to Bretonnia, he may well be passing close to the wild heaths...?


Shadow Lord
19-11-2010, 08:10
Do I see a cross over between 2 stories taking shape? Would be awesome...good fluff, nice battles!

19-11-2010, 14:19
Yeah she's the Wood Elf girl. It's the typical story of, Don't date that person he/she is different! Kind of like Romeo and Juliet, but if they returned from the dead to get revenge on their houses. Oddly enough I do have a match against Wood elves comming up, I'm afraid of what those tree spirits can do. It would also be a shame if the Red Duke turned Shadow Man's Blood knights, or the Master Necromancer himself brings The whole army under his heel. Anywho Time for another battle report.

23-11-2010, 20:35
"Aw Rats"

A monstrous crow, glided on the hot thermals of the oil black and blood crimson clouds that boiled around it. If the bolts of lighting worried the beast, it gave no outward sign, diving heedlessly close to trees and shattered buildings, Eyes searching, seeking prey it could not find. At long last, with a piercing cry that sounded more like a maddened scream than an avian cry, it wheeled back to the north and glided quickly to the ground.

"Anything my dear?" Isoleal, asked. The huge crow, squawked at her, and seemed to wait for a reply. After a few seconds, it cocked it's head to the side and seemed to think. Then it's form bubbled and roiled consuming the nearby shadows of the forest the warband had camped by. The sharp features of the crow melted like wax, shifting and farming into the the likeness of dozens of animals, and humanoids before molding itself, into The corrupted shape of a fallen Knight. A sword of gray smoke and fire orange hilt took shape on the dreak knight's back. Desecrated symbols of rusted cups adorned the full plate and a black grail was shackled by a thick chain around his neck foul ichor wept like tears over it's brim.

"Rats, Skaven to be exact, my beloved." Shadow man said gravely

"Well I'm not going near them, you know I hate rats. you are the brave and noble knight, chase them off."

"Ha, only with your blessing my lady"

"You'll get my boot if you don't hurry Sir Shadow man!"


Isoleal, lvl 3 forbidden lore vampires

Shadow man dread knight, +2 attack sword enchanted shield

40 spear skeletons

10 ghouls

10 black knights

4 blood knights

2 wraiths and one banshee


Warlord with halberd

Lvl 2 warplock engineer x2

20 clan rats x 3

2 posion wind globideers

10 gutter runners

2 rat ogres with master molders x2

The battle!

The Skaven came over the hill in a long battle line, Giants rat beasts lumbered beside weirdly glowing war machines, while all around the rat men scurried. Shadowman was used to being outnumbered at this point, The ketyto beating skaven was to kill the leader, Most of the time this took the fight out of them. Most. "
"To me Knights, blood and glory to the victors!" His loyal blood knights joined his charge, while the black knights raced off to handle the war machines, followed by the wraiths, who were the sad remains of Isoleal's brides' maids. The Vile skaven's warmachines were the first to claim a kill, this day. A globe smashed into the face of a blood knight, who smiled and licked the green fluid that washed over it's face. The smile was still frozen of it's fanged maw when it fell over dead. Both warplock engineers arced arcane fire at Shadow Man and his 3 remaining knights. Isoleal shattered the arcane bolds like fine glass. Nothing would harm her beloved.

With a primal War cry Shadow Man slammed into the lead unit of the Rat-men, they were joined by the fallen blood knight who was invigorated by Isoleal though with the weak magical winds that was all she could hope to do with her spells. The blood knights hacked left and right lances, swords, and fangs gleaming in the darkness. Not so Shadow Man. As he braced his lance for the thrust, an intense pain laced through his form. Several tiny Shapes lit bright blue on his armor, Each where a magic missile from the tzeench daemons and burned into his form. Many voices spoke at once into his ear. "I am the one true lord of change, arrogant fool. His form shifted into shadow of it's own accord, and he passed right through the skaven only to solidify in the middle of the wild horde. He was quickly swarmed. Isoleal watched in horror as he was dragged from his horse and pulled down by the frenzied Skaven.

23-11-2010, 21:40
Pain was all around him, pain and mocking laughter, a million, million faces all mocked him. I am the lord of change, you are just a harmless shadow, about to fade away. the faces bit him, and he couldn't breath. 'Who am I, what am I?" He spoke to himself. "Nothing" replied the biting faces. "Nothing at all?" Shadow man asked meekly. He knew something was happening to him, he felt himself leaking out of his armor, then that too melting away. A scream, someone was screaming, "Keitto, My beloved!" That name, it was his true name. Names have power and he had scolded Isoleal, never to use it. "Isoleal?" he called out. His wife. Again she had saved him. This time from the fiendish daemonic trap he had fallen into. The laughing, biting faces were only skaven. "Only Skaven!" he yelled. Bodies flew left and right and Shadow Man heaved himself up. Looking around, he could see his blood knights cutting a swath to him. Only to remained, one was the first blood knight that fell, his face still stuck in that horrible grin. Together they formed up on their lord protecting him from the mass of bodies that pressed in.

"Thank the dark," Isoleal spoke to herself. She would make the daemons pay for this one day. but for now she would teach these vermin hell hath no fury, like that of an angry woman. Snatching at the winds of magic wildly she wailed, her mouth stretching impossibly wide, the magic carrying her deadly voice far across the battle field. She payed no head to the magical backlash and the wind of undeath slew skaven from every unit. These dead souls then were caught when she inhaled, hew maw still grossly opened. Again she exhaled, and the doomed skaven souls poured out. Marching slowly behind the wraiths and black knights.

The Scaven stabbed into the blood knights, Joined by the Warlord himself. While the Shadow Man dealt with the Champion a Blood knight was beheaded by the quick and deadly halberd of the Leader rat. Suddenly huge forms bust through the melee. Somehow The knights had been flanked by Outlandishly Over muscled rat beast. The last blood knight, brought down the first of the beasts with 3 quick slices along it's neck. The second monstrosity caught him full on with a flailing fist. The blood knight tumbled from his horse in a heap. Dead, but still grinning. Shadow man realized he was alone lashed out with sword, fist and shadow. He knew however soon he would be doomed.

"Must I do everything?" asked Isoleal to the uncaring skeleton horde around her. She felt horrible, Her husband was there because she was afraid. That didn't matter now because she wasn't afraid anymore she was angry....very very angry. Wailing and gliding over the ground she left the skeletal spear men far behind and tackled the rat ogre bearing down on the one dread knight. 'Hands off the merchandise!" She yelled as she pried it's hands off of the Shadow Man. She kept pulling calmly, as the Ogre strained and raged against her. With a sicking pop, one of it's arms tore free of the socket. Delighting in her new weapon, she beat the poor creature and the handlers to death. Then joined her husband in battle The Scaven warlord Had managed to sneak up behind the Shadow Man and bury his halberd deep into the back of the Knight. It sneered and it's fallen foe. "Die-Die ugly dead-thing!" A rat ogre arm caved it's head in, as it fished speaking. theyn continued to rise and fall, until both the arm and warlord were a bloody paste. The skeleton spear men had rushed into battle with the Clanrats. Together with the couple, the Skaven were soundly beaten. The back knights and wraiths, along with the spirit hosts had ruined the other side of the battle field. Shadow man watched in awe as the ghostly figures passed harmlessly through sword and shield. draining the poor helpless rat-men. who soon broke and were run down by vengeful black knights who it seemed delighted in slaughtering the terrified Skaven by charging through solid objects.

"They got messy didn't it my love?" Isoleal asked.
"Isoleal....hel....me, can't hol...myself toge.."
Shadow man collapsed, into himself.

23-11-2010, 23:51
Love the battle report, you've balanced fluff and report together very well!