View Full Version : 1200pts Eshin Themed Skaven

28-10-2010, 00:19
Righto heres a list im thinking of using, i really like Clan Eshin so thats the Theme im rolling with, a lot of it will be Scavenged from my old SoC list. Another Consideration is that this list will later be expanded to 2500pts as part of the weekend campaign it will be in, and everything here has to remain or be expanded in the bigger list, which informs some choices.

Oh, and there is an extremely high chance of playing the Thrice cursed watchtower scenario too. :shifty:

Grey Seer 290pts
Shadow Magic Trinket, Power Scroll (In smaller Nightrunners)
He is there to level the Tower if anything too hard gets in there, that or turn them into rats... He gets a Bell at 2500, thus no ward items

Assassin 170pts
Warpstone Throwing Stars (In smaller night runners/Gutter Runners)
Dont know about the Stars, suspect they could be good for Stand'n'shoot mayhem or big thing hunting in the style of old skirmisher

Assassin 128pts
Tail Weapon (In tunnelling Runners)
Jumps out and ganks someone, job done

20 Night Runners 168pts
Slings, Champ
Hold Watchtower and sling the **** out of the enemy or wander up to the tower and be a meatshield while the Seer depopulates it :D

40 Night Runners 340pts
Champ, Warp Grinder
Tunnel in and gank gunlines or rear charge, flexibility needed really

6 Gutter Runners 94pts
Champ, Smoke Bombs
Thinking of going poison slings with them instead, they are around to cause trouble tbh. Is Scouting or sneaky infiltrating generally better?

So thoughts? Im already thinking of changing a few things, Night Runner champs dont add much tbh and could be more Gutter runners, or gear like poison slings, which seem to be well thought of despite the crazy cost (I suppose for killing warmachines?)