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Saul Tarvitz
28-10-2010, 00:21
I'm planning on using this, alongside my Wordpress blog, to chronicle my Trollbloods and Retribution of Scyrah. Had the models for a few weeks now and finally starting to get round to working on them.

Further to asking on the Privateer Press boards earlier on this evening about washing models I sat down with a bowl of soapy water, some clean water, a toothbrush and started listening to 'The Unbelievable Truth' on the iPlayer. Half an hour later I had a pile of shiny metal, drying on a rather fetching red and yellow dish cloth.


Alongside the Trolls and Elves here is the alt. Captain Victoria Haley as she was acquired when I was considering doing Cygnar during the Decision Phase that we all seem to go through on a regular basis. ;)

Basically here is the Trollblood Warpack; pMadrak, Axer, Impaler x2 and a slightly modified Retribution 'Battlebox'; Kaelyssa, Gorgon, Griffon and an as yet unassigned Heavy Myrmidon. Struggling to decide between a Phoenix or a Manticore for this currently.

28-10-2010, 16:30
I look forward to seeing the Retribution models assembled and painted. Quick question that has been on my mind for about six months, size-wise how do the Retribution warjacks compare to a plastic carnifex? I have an unholy union in mind...

Saul Tarvitz
28-10-2010, 18:00
I've no idea how it compares to a Carnifex but the Heavy Myrmidon is currently standing at about two inches at the top of his arm sockets, adding the shoulder pads in will make him even taller.

I been thinking on colour schemes, the Trollbloods will be getting a scheme vaguely similar to the studio one - blue skin and brown leather, but for the Retribution I'm thinking of going for a deep red cloth and light grey armour. Any thoughts?

28-10-2010, 18:10
I think red and white is a more striking combination than red and gray, which tends to look muted from a distance. I suppose if it's light enough it won't matter. Or if you spend some time weathering it, to give it a bit more depth.

Saul Tarvitz
28-10-2010, 23:22
Plan is to dip the models, as I'm not a fan of painting but can't abide playing with unpainted minis. I reckon a light grey with a deep wash over it should work out quite well, unfortunately not really got anything that could pass muster as a test model but I'll see how it goes.

Saul Tarvitz
29-10-2010, 00:45
So this is where we stand at the end of today, partially assembled models galore. Now I want to know, how far through with assembly do you go before you begin painting? Like I've said previously they will be getting dipped but I don't want to be twisting them this way and that to paint crooks of elbows and stomachs.


Also turns out Hobbycraft don't sell neodyniam magnets here, which was nice to find out after a 40 minute walk in the rain.

Saul Tarvitz
30-10-2010, 14:11
Right then, this post was originally due up yesterday afternoon but my girlfriend decided she wanted to go have dinner out and as I've not seen her much this week I went out for steak and ribs. Om nom nom.

First things first, Trollbloods. Nothing interesting here, just built up as they go. This is one of the reasons I love PP so much; quick assembly, little to no cleaning required of mould lines and good strong hold between pieces.


I appear to have put the extra spears on the Impalers on the wrong way round, but I reckon it looks alright. If it proves to be unpopular though I'll spin them around.

Now, Elves. I loved building these guys, the bits go together so well, with little need for pins or filling, though I did use a wee bit of greenstuff in some joints to ensure stability. One thing I found is that those ball and socket joints on the Myrmidons take some getting used to, they give you so much poseablity but you've got to keep an eye on what you do with them. You can get some awesome poses, but these are big bulky machines and you've got to build these with those shoulder pads in mind. I didn't, and the language from my room turned the air blue when I realised I wasn't going to fit the shoulder pads on. Against all advice I've just glued the Manticore together, partially because I couldn't find magnets nearby but mainly because I'm impatient. Any subsequent Myrmidons will be magnetised, but I want to start painting these guys and playing with them soon.

So, we have the 'Hug Me' Manticore, the 'Macarena' Pattern Gorgon and a vaguely normal looking Griffon. As you can tell, I'd figured out how to work the arms by the time I built this guy. The Manticore does look incredibly cool from the right angle, like he's covering his face from an incoming attack, but I can't take a picture of him looking like that. More like a sad child wanting comfort.


Need to catch up with Uni work this next week, so hopefully should be able to start painting next weekend.

02-11-2010, 22:01
Looking forward to see your interpretations of Trollbloods and Retribution :)

Your schemes sounds good. My only comment would be that you just have to make sure that the light grey is easy to make subtle transisitions with. Retribution minis, especially the Myrmidons, tend to have large, uniform and curved surfaces which smooth blending to look good.

13-11-2010, 13:02
cant wait to see some paint on these

13-11-2010, 16:32
Looks like we are getting a nice little PP community on here. Very cool, I think. Looking forward to seeing what you do here.

13-11-2010, 18:47
Nice to see more angry elves but I thought I was the only trollblood+RoS colector

13-11-2010, 19:30
Nice to see someone else doing Trolls on here. Why did you go with the Manticore in the end - I know it's the battlebox - but curious?

Alsharoth - there's at least 3 of us on here.

Saul Tarvitz
14-11-2010, 19:45
First things fist, I suffer from GADD, or Gammer Attention Deficit Disorder and so I'm no longer doing RoS and Trollbloods. The main reason I went for these two factions was because I had the Ret for a while from when I had cash to spare, and the Trollbloods were gotten using a voucher in the PP store. Then I discovered Bartertown and was able to trade and get something different and shiny.

First off, the Trolls were traded for Legion of Everblight; not because they're the new shiny but because they have one the nicest models PP make in their range - the Raek. That and Absylonia is just too cool a Warlock not to play. :D

Secondly the RoS were traded for some Mercenaries. When I got into Warmachine it was the steampunk aspect of a lot of it that really drew me to everything and I think the Mercenaries are amongst the steampunkiest of the lot. I do like the aesthetics of the RoS stuff, but its just not steampunk.

I went for the Manticore Keravin because it seemed like the best option for me, the covering fire and the extra strength swung it over the other two to start.

So today I did some modelling, just washing some figures two Shredders and a Forsaken. The Forsaken is a hell of a complex model when you first look at it out of the blister, but quite quickly I realised how it all goes together. One Shredder and the Forsaken were rather greasy so out came the Fairy liquid and toothbrush.

Now I've got pLylyth, a Carnivean, a Seraph and a Teraph en route in the post as well as pMagnus, a Mangler and two Renegades to follow once my Retribution reach the USA. I'm also buying a small Searforge Commission force off a mate so they'll be arriving soon too.

I'm wanting to paint the Mercenaries in a complentary colour scheme so I can mix and match all my Mercenaries eventually to use all the different Contracts but can't think of anything beyond the light khaki that the Searforge is already painted in and the green of the studio PP Magnus scheme. I'd feel a little bad about stripping the Dwarfs down as the original owner's finished painting them for me, but I would like everything to match. I'm thinking of a drab silver scheme, similar to the Iron Warriors, with different coloured accents depending on the parent Contract - so orange for the Searforge, purple for Highborn etc. Not sure how well that'd work though.