View Full Version : Question regarding Frenzy and Redirect

28-10-2010, 00:15
Having used Frenzied units intensely lately, the issue of Failed Frenzy Ld Test interacting with Charge Redirection is something I want to be certain of.

Failing to control the Frenzied unit means I have to declare a charge on the nearest viable Enemy Unit (Frenzy, p70) - but I can't find where (if) it says the failed-control-unit cannot Redirect to another if that first Enemy Unit chooses to Flee. (Redirecting the charge, p18)

My gut feeling is that once they fail the control test, they hare off after the closest enemy without a care in the world. Then being able to exert control enough to steer them onto another target seems slightly iffy - they have already evaded your carefully-laid plans!

(Also, on a related note: what's the correct order of action? Declare charge - charge reaction - attempt redirect - roll charger's range dice, or Declare charge - charge reaction - roll charger's range dice - redirect? The first seems more fair, I don't know where I have acquired the second one.)

Thank you.

28-10-2010, 02:29
I wouldn't see why you can't redirect, but your next target would have to be the now closest unit. At least, that's how I'd call it.

As for the order of things, no getting to roll your charge distance until all units are ready to move! Redirect before rolling, just remember that your maximum charge distance is 12" + Movement.