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12-03-2006, 00:00
I have recently seen the Eldar nightwing model on forgeworld and I have never heard of eldar aircraft before. Can anyone point to a good source for fluff on eldar aircraft?


Heru Talon
12-03-2006, 00:03
Try downloading the info for Epic Eldar from www.specialist-games.com there should be some good fluff in that.

12-03-2006, 01:12
Eldar flyers strike fear into the heart of their enemies, including Imperials. The fluff draws that all out for you.

12-03-2006, 02:15
Ok. Anything on their main tactics? I'm guessing hit and run?
Heru Talon- It gets nothing when I search the names of any elar fighters or bombers I know.

Heru Talon
12-03-2006, 03:30
not have some Eldar aircraft in it?

I'd check if I wasn't on 56k...

12-03-2006, 03:58
some of us are on 28kb and still do it... ;)

With that said, the wargame influence shows through once more. 'Flyers' given the unification of transportation technologies under 'anti-grav'? Hmmn...


12-03-2006, 04:43
Here are the bits from the Epic site:

The Eldar are quite simply kings of the sky. Their flyers exhibit a speed which would tear apart the aircraft of other races, were their engines capable of achieving them. The agility with which Eldar aircraft jink, roll, twist and dodge would send all other flyers spiralling earthward in an uncontrollable plummet, and yet the Eldar pilots effortlessly escape from these hazardous, barrelling rolls time and time again, breaking into burst after burst of incredible straight line speed before diving into the next insane series of lurches and falls. Fastest of all, even amongst Eldar aircraft, is the Nightwing interceptor. The Nightwing uses its shocking pace to descend on an enemy virtually unseen, harrying and disorienting its target, delivering the fatal blow with its shuriken cannons and bright lances before escaping with the kind of speed and agility that make the Nightwing virtually impossible to pursue or counter-intercept.

As one would expect, Eldar bombers are exceptionally advanced aircraft. With no need to rely upon the clumsy bombs and missiles used by other races, Phoenixes instead deliver their killer blows in the form of Phoenix pulse lasers with which they burst open armoured targets,
shuriken cannons with which they can easily slaughter and disperse infantry and the deadly Night Spinners with which the Eldar can envelop whole swathes of the battlefield in a cloud of ensnaring monofilament wire. Anything touched by the wire will find itself instantly entangled, choked and then scythed apart by the unthinkably sharp cords, making a hit from the Night Spinners just as hazardous as the explosive or concussive blasts from the more primitive bombs of other races.

All Eldar aircraft are capable of deploying directly from space, though the fragile Nightwings and the more ponderous (though still
remarkably sleek) Phoenix bombers tend to rely upon some of the larger wraithgates when travelling to battle. Vampire raiders, however, typically descend directly from orbit at many times the speed of sound, cleaving through the skies with the ease of a bird of prey. In the early stages of an assault against a planet, the Eldar may find themselves without access to wraithgates, having been forced to close or abandon those gates left on worlds overrun by the younger, usurping races. In such circumstances, an attack will begin with packs of Vampire raiders streaking earthwards to capture gates once lost so that they can be reopened and allow greater movement of Eldar forces. Vampires carry squads of troops within its armoured hull, usually squads of Aspect Warriors, which it can ferry into the hardest fighting or deploy deep behind enemy lines.

12-03-2006, 14:57
Thank you everyone I have the fluff I needed.
Heru Talon- I couldnt find that when I searched thanks.